Mazda6 production to end in the US

Production of the Mazda6 at the Ford/Mazda AutoAlliance International plant in Detroit will cease after the model's current life cycle. The Mazda6 is produced at only three different plants around the world, AutoAlliance International in Detroit, US, the company's Hofu plant in Japan, and a plant in China.
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The AutoAlliance International plant is run by both Ford and Mazda, and the Mazda6 is the only Mazda currently built at the plant. Mazda has announced it is studying future plans for AutoAlliance International and is yet to confirm any future models to be built there.

As for the next generation Mazda6, Mazda has said it would be built at the company's Hofu plant in Japan. The new model is scheduled to be in production during mid-2012, featuring Mazda's new SkyActiv technologies. These technologies promise to improve fuel consumption with lighter components and more efficient powertrains.

Despite a large market share in Australian, the Mazda6 hasn't been doing too well in the US over the past year. Sales dropped 53 percent from May 2010 to May 2011. The company also reported a $US102.6 million ($96 million) loss at AutoAlliance during the last financial year which ended in March.