Lexus GS450h now for hire

We recently road tested the Lexus GS450h and if our road test was anything to go buy, for the world's first proper luxury hybrid car, the Lexus GS450h is one hell of a car. Fortunately, we aren't the only ones who share this feeling. A company in Melbourne have been so taken by the GS450h that they've decided to use it as their hire limo car.
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EcoLimo has picked the GS450h for many reasons, one of them being the remarkable fuel economy of 7.9 litres/100km.

"The service will be priced to be directly competitive with other limousine or hire car companies, It shouldn't cost more to choose the green alternative. People who care about the environment and are interested in reducing their impact on it can feel confident they have made a good choice without compromising quality or comfort." said Mr Don Pyke owner of EcoLimo.

Lexus Australia is obviously well taken by this move and have therefore produced their standard response:

"The GS450h is an outstanding vehicle, Ecolimo will allow more people to enjoy the benefits of Lexus hybrid drive, and expose people to the comfort and luxury of our vehicles.At Lexus, we are dedicated to the concept of hybrid technology, and to see more Lexus hybrids on the road is a fantastic thing. We can guarantee this will not only be helping the environment, but will be an unparalleled experience in terms of vehicle quality and performance." said Lexus Australia divisional manager Scott Grant.

Although I am a big fan of both Lexus and Toyota for their continued support in advancing hybrid technology, I do have to ask myself once in a while, that for a company which tries so hard to come out as the Green and environmentally friendly company, why is Toyota still selling Land Cruisers?

These V8 lane hoggers are not exactly up to Toyota's standards for environmentally friendly vehicles. Its a big shame to completely forget that Toyota and Lexus do have their dark side which they quietly seem to ignore!