Cost of Owning a Supercar Part 2

A few months ago I wrote an article detailing just how expensive it is to own a supercar and to my amazement many people emailed me asking for more costs and some more info - since I don't exactly own a supercar, its relatively hard for me to come out with figures (Ferrari/Lambo mechanics are not exactly the friendliest bunch of people).
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I guess the fact that there is a review of the Pagani Zonda on our website might have given readers the idea that my garage is filled with expensive cars - not the case, that review was kindly provided by

So it remains a fact that for most of us, the dream of supercar ownership is simply that, a dream. But for the lucky few who can afford a supercar, you can be assured that the initial outlay is only the beginning of a very expensive love story. Sports Car Market magazine has a very interesting article detailing the life of a 1998 model Ferrari 550 Maranello, from its original purchase all the way through to its 3rd and current owner.

Extracts from the article break down the cost of just a few things:

  • 15,000-mile service, two rear tires, and an oil, filter, and coolant change for $2,665.70 (~$3,500 AUD).
  • at 20,618 miles, an annual oil and filter service and new rear tires added $2,386.60 (~$3,100 AUD) to the expense column.
  • a service at 21,358 miles for dash lights, rattles, and a radiator R & R for coolant leaks closed the year out at $2,078.82 (~$2,700 AUD)
  • at 25,607 miles, the steering box, power steering rack, and rear shocks were replaced, and the wheels were aligned for $8,641.69 (~$11,200 AUD).
  • seat control switch and wiper blades at $1,366.43 (~$1,700 AUD).

For those who are not actually scared of these figures and are looking at buying a SuperCar (more specifically a Pagani Zonda), have a look at Super Car Investments, but for the rest of you who feel ill at the thought of spending 3,500 for 2 new tyres and a minor service make sure you read the rest of the article at Sports Car Market Magazine.