BMW was recently caught undergoing final testing on the street in the new 2012 BMW 3 Series sedan. The car will feature a new body design, a range of new engines and plenty of EfficientDynamics technology.
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BMW's EfficientDynamics is all about preserving as much power from the car as possible, using regenerative braking, engine stop/start and a number of aerodynamic enhancements to help air flow over, under and through the car.

One of the interesting new technologies said to come with the next-generation 3 Series is the introduction of a three-cylinder turbocharged engine. Power figures are yet to be confirmed, however, outputs between 110kW and 125kW are likely.

The body and undercarriage of the new 3 Series will also feature 'air vent control'. This uses a system of air ducts which open and close for best flow through the radiator and wheel wells. If the engine doesn't need immediate cooling, ducts in the front end will close, directing air more efficiently through and around the car.

Judging by these images, which are as revealing as ever, the new 3 Series will take on the same design philosophy as the current BMW 5 Series. It features a more squinted front end with a pronounced upped grille fascia and nose. It also gets a similarly designed bonnet as the 5 Series, with the sharper arrow line down the middle.

The 2012 BMW 3 Series is expected to be unveiled some time towards the end of this year, with sales taking kicking off in 2012.