Are we seeing the first signs of the new political broom sweeping through the NSW transport authorities? NSW transport minister Gladys Berejiklian and roads minister Duncan Gay have just announced that a new Integrated Transport Authority will be set up to integrate all transport agencies, including the RTA. This not only means a number of jobs could be cut from the system but we could also see major changes in the way the RTA operates.
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The new authority will integrate the back end of agencies such as the RTA, State Transit Authority, Rail Corp and Sydney Buses, and revise the focus of these agencies so that they concentrate on customer service and front line duties while the new transport authority will take care of the bigger issues, such as long term planning and policies. Miss Berejiklian announced,

"This means Rail Corp, Sydney Buses, the RTA and other transport agencies will no longer be responsible for major procurement, long term planning and policy – instead they will focus on service delivery."This means fewer people in the back office and more on the front line as our state grows and our transport services grow with it.""It’s about getting rid of a dysfunctional structure with duplication and poor communication and replacing it with a streamlined agency which plans and delivers for all transport modes."

Mr Gay also spoke about how changes could affect the RTA at the announcement made earlier today, saying

"You will not see the RTA the same after this process. You will not see roads the same, you will not see transport the same. This is a major integration of what we're doing."

The new Integrated Transport Authority will be made up of six departments, all of which will be overseen by Mr Gay and Miss Berejiklian: Customer Experience, Planning and Programs, Transport Services, Transport Projects, Freight and Regional Development and Policy and Regulation.

Changes will take place over the next 12 weeks which will include putting on six new executives to lead each department.

We'll be sure to keep you updated on any of the RTA's changes.