Tokyo asks over 65s to stop driving

With the number of traffic incidents caused by drivers over 65 rising in Tokyo, the police force have pleaded with elderly drivers to hand in their drivers' license.
Tokyo asks over 65s to stop driving
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Businesses have also thrown their support behind the police by offering special incentives for elderly drivers who hand in their license. The program is set to go live starting next month, with material already circulating:

"Have the courage to give up your licence, If you have lost confidence in your driving ... if your family says they are worried about you driving ... please think about handing in your licence."

Offers include better interest rates, free home delivery from supermarkets and department stores, discount on meals and much more.

Unfortunately for Japan, a nation with great automotive heritage, the country has the biggest proportion of over-65s in the world, who, as many of our young fans here will attest, are not the world's best drivers.

Last year over 65s were the cause of over 100,000 traffic accidents in Japan, the figure has doubled from a decade ago.