Lamborghini Espada explodes on start up

A 1974 Lamborghini Espada has literally blown up in the US after its owner tried to start the engine. Miraculously, nobody was injured during the incident.
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It's a bit bizarre, but according to reports a 51-year-old man went to start his classic Lamborghini supercar in the garage which weirdly caused a large section of the car to ignite and burst into flames. The flames then spread throughout the garage and into the house, burning the entire first floor of the home.

The owner managed to escape the explosion unharmed and gathered his mother and dog who was inside the home at the time. All three then had no choice but to watch the garage and house burn until fire fighters gained control.

To add even more salt to the wound, the owner of the house had only just finalised the sale of the home just before the accident occurred. As for the Lamborghini, unfortunately it's just a burnt crisp, vaguely recognisable.

Safety workers are still assessing the situation and are yet to find the specific cause of the fire.