You know I really don't like Lancers all too much, its mainly because there are far to many Lancer Evo wannabes around, if only mitsubishi would follow Subarus example and bring out a turbo charged Lancer that would sit below the Evo to compete with the WRX, I'd suspect the wannabe lancers will die off.
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Nevertheless, the GSR lancer that once filled that gap is no longer in production, not to worry, the new 2008 Model Lancer is all but confirmed and ready to go. Mitsubishi are doing what Mitsubishi do best, ignoring the internet media. So they haven't invited any internet journalist along to the media launch that was held recently. Perhaps its mainly due to the fact that Mitsubishi knew that no internet journo could keep his/her mouth shut till december as requested by Mitsubishi.

However, Mitsubishi has a leak who has given all the information to AutoBlog, so all the specifications have been released on the internet for all of us "not important journalists" to report:

  • Wheelbase: 104 in.
  • Track, f/r: 60 in./60 in.
  • Length: 178 in.
  • Width: 71 in.
  • Height: 55 in.
  • Curb Weight: 2,800 lbs.
  • Engine: 140hp / 135ft-lbs. 2.0-liter I-4
  • Transmission: 5-speed Manual or CVT

The leak suggests that these are the specs for the ES or SE model. You will note that Mitsubishi has given up on the Auto gearbox and has instead only giving CVT transmission as a choice for those of you who prefer comfort over masculinity. If we compare the width of the Lancer (71in) to its rivals, the Honda Civic (69 in.) and Mazda3 (69.1) you will notice thats its going to be a relatively large car!

Official photos are sure to pop up on the internet anyday now!