Playseats Red Bull F1 game seat

Really want to be a racing car driver but couldn't be bothered forking out the funds required to do so? Game controller company, Playseats, might have developed the answer. Simply called the Playseats Red Bull F1 game simulator, this contraption promises to bring all of the sensations of car racing to your living room.
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It certainly looks like it can. Playseats in the Netherlands also managed to score a contract deal with Red Bull Racing which has kindly sponsored the gaming seat. It features an F1-style driver's seat and accurately simulated drawn-back driving position. Makers say the seat is also compatible with most steering wheel and pedals products currently on the market.

The system is fully adjustable and caters for G27-style gearshift set-ups and features a stitched vinyl covering for that racy look. The Playseats Red Bull F1 works with any gaming platform including Playstation 1, 2 and 3, XBOX and XBOX 360 as well as home PCs.

Playseats company owner and founder, Fernando Smit, recently announced the product, saying,

"The time that people raced, perched on a kitchen chair with a racing wheel clamped to the table, have been gone for some time now. But the new Playseat formula takes virtual racing to a completely new level. The interaction with the racing game is unrivalled. The user feels every bump in the road surface. People will experience the race as if they are real racing drivers."

The Playseats F1 does come at a cost though. It will be available from May this year with prices starting at 950 euros ($1350). A sponsor-less version will also be available from 827 euro ($1175).