The New York Taxi and Limousine Commission recently launched a contest for proposals for the 'Taxi of Tomorrow' design. Designs submitted around the world were judged by the citizens of New York city, who were asked which design they would like to see hitting the streets.
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The winning entrant has now been announced. It comes from a Turkish designer and is called the Karsan V1. Before submitting entries, each designer had to abide by certain criteria including coming up with a taxi that was environmentally conscious, one that was able to accommodate the disabled and a cab that was small enough to scoot around busy city streets.

The Karsan V1 managed to fulfill all of the criteria most effectively, the survey concluded. It features twin slide out ramps for easy wheelchair access, a unique and efficient luggage space compartment where a front passenger seat would be - as there is none, and a panaramic glass roof design for that open-air feel. It also offers four seats and ample interior room using a typical van layout.

The Karsan V1 can also adopt either a petrol engine, hybrid combination or a completely electric powertrain that can be mounted in the rear engine compartment, behind the rear axle.

Around 66 percent of those surveyed voted in favour of the Karsan V1, saying it was a good overall design that they would like to see on the roads. The New York city council will now take into consideration the survey results, but it wont announce definite plans until the end of the year.

Take a look at the video below for a more detailed overview.