It was almost this day (January 29), 125 years ago that the first motor vehicle was patented by Carl Benz. It was called the Patent-Motorwagen and although it had just three wheels, it was and still is regarded as the first car ever to be invented.
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The car featured a petrol two-stroke, 954cc single cylinder engine developing around three quarters of a kilowatt. Later models were then developed to produce around 1kW, or about as much power as an average microwave oven. Top speed was around 10-16km/h, depending on the model (and wind direction we presume), while the brakes were applied only to the rear wheels via a leather shoe brace.

Mercedes-Benz celebrated the 125-year anniversary by giving all of its 260,000 employees a cash bonus. Definite cash bonus figures per employee have not been mentioned, but as long as employees had been with the company for more than one year, Mercedes-Benz has dedicated 125 million euro ($171.7 million) towards distributing bonuses.

Also to celebrate the anniversary, the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart hosted a heart-warming birthday contribution of its own, literally. Take a look at the video below.