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Volkswagen was founded in 1937 and became famous for the Beetle (which was designed by Ferdinand Porsche). Today the German company owns Audi, Bugatti, Skoda, Lamborghini, SEAT and Porsche. Volkswagen has managed to grow its marketshare in Australia substantially over the last decade to take 9th position ahead of Honda with models such as the Golf, Passat, Polo, Touareg & Tiguan. Volkswagen aims to become the world's largest manufacturer and currently sells 14 different models in Australia.

Volkswagen Reviews

2015 Volkswagen Amarok Core Review

If you're after a barebones dual-cab four-wheel drive, Volkswagen has you covered with an affordable Core edition...

2016 Volkswagen Multivan Business Speed Date

Stockholm, Sweden. It was a brief sojourn in the Venice of the North, but I still got a chance to get down to business in the back seat of this big van, because that’s where the action happens.

Volkswagen Transporter T6 Review

The new-generation Volkswagen Transporter has arrived with more efficiency and more technology.

Volkswagen Multivan Generation Six Review

The heritage-inspired Volkswagen Generation Six van harks back to the original Microbus, but brings plenty of modern day technology.

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Volkswagen Videos

Ford Fiesta ST v Volkswagen Polo GTI Comparison Review

City cars are enjoying a resurgence in Australia this year, with sales at their highest levels in recent history. Sharp prices, lots of equipment and high quality have been hallmarks of the newest arrivals, while performance hasn’t been forgotten either – as is the case with the reigning champion, the Ford Fiesta ST and the newly arrived Volkswagen Polo GTI...

Five-door hot-hatch comparison : Volkswagen Golf GTI v Peugeot 308 GT v Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV

Read the article here. The Volkswagen Golf GTI has long been the preeminent hot-hatch for keen drivers. But what if you’re after a European small car with a little extra spice, that isn’t the Volkswagen? What are some alternatives? And how close can they get to the benchmark GTI? Taking on the Volkswagen Golf GTI today, we have the Peugeot 308 GT and Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV...

VW Golf 90 TSI Comfortline Review - Read the article here. Volkswagen Golf 90 TSI Comfortline hatch review The Volkswagen Golf is a critical darling, and we’re often asked why. It’s a good question. Indeed, it’s rare to see a Golf of any stripe losing in a comparison test to one of its small-car rivals...

Towing with Volkswagen Amarok TDI420 Highline - Read the article here. Towing capacities can be a confusing subject. What do the weights mean in the real world? If you have a small SUV, it will likely have a 750kg unbraked capacity - which means pulling a jetski is within your range...

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Volkswagen Comparisons

Nissan Navara ST-X v Volkswagen Amarok Highline TDI420: Dual-Cab Comparison Review

It's no secret that dual-cab utes have long gone beyond being mere tools-of-trade. A significant proportion of private buyers in the segment are opting for highly-specified versions with equipment lists to rival a premium passenger car. The onus on comfort is telling...

Ford Fiesta ST v Volkswagen Polo GTI : Comparison Review

Rarely has Volkswagen’s iconic GTI badge been so humbled as it was in November 2013 when we last put the go-fast Polo in the ring with the Ford Fiesta ST. The big-name fighter with all the pomp and pedigree was made to look overpriced, under-equipped and lacking fun factor compared with the featherweight upstart that so resoundingly reminded us that simplicity and greatness are not mutually exclusive...

Volkswagen Golf GTI v Peugeot 308 GT v Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV : Five-door hot-hatch comparison

The term ‘hot-hatch’ is commonly used to describe a hatchback that straddles the line between performance and practicality. Some skew closer to performance than practicality, while others veer the other way. What happens when you have Volkswagen Golf GTI money, though, but don’t necessarily want to blend in with the tartan-clad German crowd? That’s where the French Peugeot 308 GT and Italian Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV step in...

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Volkswagen News

Volkwagen to return Suzuki shares, but Japanese carmaker not without fault

An ongoing dispute over the failed alliance between Volkswagen and Suzuki has been settled this week, with a London court handing down a decision that sees the carmakers exit with wins and losses each. The alliance, first announced in 2009, was originally promised to focus on the joint development of “innovative and eco-friendly budget cars”, allowing both companies to expand their presence in emerging markets...

Volkswagen Golf cabriolet update unveiled

The Volkswagen Golf cabrio has been given a mild visual makeover and upgraded mechanicals, and will debut in the flesh at the Frankfurt motor show next month. On the outside, Volkswagen says that the revised Golf cabrio is "easy to identify by [its] considerably sportier front bumper, the striking side sills and sporty accents on the rear bumper"...

Australia doesn’t love utes – it loves pick-up trucks

I call a ute a ute. I don’t call it a pick-up. I don’t call it a truck (although I like the macho nature of the word truck). It’s clear, however, that the word 'ute' is being phased out of car company marketing chit-chat, and it could well be that buyers are following the same path...

Volkswagen Tiguan to gain "coupe" variant - report

Sources are claiming that the second-generation Volkswagen Tiguan will spawn a third variant, a five-door five-seat "coupe". Anonymous informants have informed Autocar that the new Volkswagen Tiguan will offered in three distinct body styles. The first of these is a five-seat standard-wheelbase model, which will have a body that's around 30cm longer than today's car...

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Volkswagen Owner Reviews

2015 Volkswagen Amarok TDI420 Dark Label Review

Although a weekend warrior's ute, the Volkswagen Amarok poses a value proposition to those otherwise inclined to purchase a premium SUV. With comfort and convenience features to rival many premium SUV manufacturers, the Amarok will both carry and tow more than significantly higher priced vehicles in the SUV segment...

2015 Volkswagen Golf R Review

One week with my Golf R and loving it. Practical. Check. Fast. Check. Comfortable. Check. Anonymous. Check. I have owned many cars and this is the first to balance all of the above perfectly. Whether you tootle about town incognito or carve up hills roads at maximum attack the R is at home...

2013 Volkswagen Polo GTi Review

It’s fair to say Volkswagen’s 5th generation Polo GTI has been well received since its launch in 2010. Consecutive 'Bang-For-Your-Buck' awards from Motor Magazine and a sharp sticker price sent initial waiting lists on the longer side of 12 months...

2013 Volkswagen Polo GTi Review

  It’s fair to say Volkswagen’s 5th generation Polo GTI has been well received since its launch in 2010. Consecutive 'Bang-For-Your-Buck' awards from Motor Magazine and a sharp sticker price sent initial waiting lists on the longer side of 12 months...

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Volkswagen Golf cabriolet update unveiled
2015 Volkswagen Amarok Core Review

2015 Volkswagen Amarok Core Review

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