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Medium Vans

Renault Trafic
  • Comfortable second-row seating; Standard steel bulkhead; Large cargo area for the crew van class; Pleasant driving dynamics

  • Still no auto option; Renault lacks Toyota or Hyundai's vast dealer network

Ford Transit Custom
  • Effortless diesel-auto drivetrain; Plenty of pulling power; Good gearbox logic; Now with optional driver's side sliding door and tailgate; Awesome customisation potential with extensive paint finishes

  • Expensive for what you get; No rear-view camera and/or parking sensors fitted as standard; Media system still behind the times; Ride a bit unsettled - laden or not

Mercedes-Benz Vito
  • Nimble enough around town despite capacious load space; plenty of options that aren't ridiculously priced; interior ambience improved

  • Satellite navigation system doesn't feel anywhere near high-tech enough; 'sea of black' interior is a bit drab; load space needs a better non-slip surface

Hyundai iLoad
  • Gutsy turbo-diesel engine; fuel economy; safety; car-like driveability

  • Centre lap-type seatbelts; fixed centre bulkhead; tailgate clearance