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Upper-Large SUVs Under $100k

Toyota Landcruiser
  • Excellent V8 engine makes light work of tough duties; Super capable off-road; Terrific unladen ride; Massive tray and great payload; Made for work

  • Lacking a lot of creature comforts; No rear-view camera or parking sensors; Media system is 1990s spec; No automatic – which is a big downer

Nissan Patrol
  • Solid as a house and loaded with classic 4x4 charm; outward visibility; comfortable for its years; long range

  • Showing its age in equipment and cabin design; engine and transmissions likewise due for retirement; bounce-about ride at low speeds

Upper-Large SUVs Over $100k

Range Rover
  • Classic boxy shape holds true to the brand; luxury lounge-like interior; sumptuous leather throughout; remarkably dynamic for its size; powerful V8 if not monstrously so

  • Can be hard to tell from the outside that this Range Rover is more special than the others; frustrating and slow infotainment system;

Mercedes-Benz GLS
  • Plenty of cabin space and comfort, despite second row not being as spacious as we'd like; street presence ensures it makes a statement; diesel engine is the pick of the range

  • We don't think it is the S-Class of SUVs; ride can be a little stiff around town with some body roll; cosmetic upgrades might jar with some buyers who wanted more expansive changes

Bentley Bentayga
  • Tremendously usable powerband from the tri-turbo diesel engine; comfortable and capable at any legal road speed; clever off-road tech; 107 colour options!

  • Entry price is exactly that - be prepared to tick some boxes; lovely but not otherworldly inside - there are more sensible options; still not the most handsome machine on the road

Lexus LX570
  • Mammoth standard equipment list and a reasonable price for a large luxury SUV; off-road capability with proper low-range and hardcore bits from Toyota; comfortable seats in all rows; electric third-row adjustment; very family-friendly

  • Ladder-frame chassis and air suspension makes for wobbly dynamics; needs to be in Sport or Sport+ for passable body control; V8 petrol only - no diesel or hybrid option, and fuel use is on the high side

Infiniti QX80
  • Vast, plush cabin; smooth and powerful V8 engine; commanding road presence and driving position; ride comfort

  • Colossal thirst for petrol; ‘polarising design’, to be generous; wooly steering with slow rack; fussy instrument fascia and aged infotainment