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Upper-Large SUVs Over $100k

Nissan Patrol
  • Solid as a house and loaded with classic 4x4 charm; outward visibility; comfortable for its years; long range

  • Showing its age in equipment and cabin design; engine and transmissions likewise due for retirement; bounce-about ride at low speeds

Range Rover
  • Superb ride comfort; Effortless V8 diesel engine; Surprisingly nimble in corners; Huge boot with full-size spare; Great presence on the road and in the car park

  • Loads of options, some of which should be standard; Interior starting to show its age; Media system not as good as best in class

Mercedes-Benz GL
  • Great multi-role SUV; very capable on and off road; excellent space and comfort; we will miss your heated cup-holders...

  • Some functionality frustrations with the interior; very floaty ride; starting to show its age

Bentley Bentayga
  • Tremendously usable powerband from the tri-turbo diesel engine; comfortable and capable at any legal road speed; clever off-road tech; 107 colour options!

  • Entry price is exactly that - be prepared to tick some boxes; lovely but not otherworldly inside - there are more sensible options; still not the most handsome machine on the road