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2015 Suzuki Jimny Sierra Review

The Suzuki Jimny Sierra is a unique offering in a booming segment of baby SUVs. It's no pretender, though.

Suzuki Jimny Sierra Review & Road Test

Enjoy life outdoors without breaking the bank Model Tested: 2009 Suzuki Jimny Sierra; 1.3-litre, four-cylinder, petrol; five-speed manual; SUV - $20,490* Options Available: Metallic Paint $475; Alloy Wheels $800 (Fitted) CarAdvice Rating: Words by Matt Brogan Pics by Brendan Nish In one form or another the humble Suzuki Jimny Sierra has been with us for close to 45 years now, and true to its origins, remains a simple, no nonsense, light-weight 4WD offering honest value and tenacious off-road performance...

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Suzuki Jimny Sierra Off-road Quick Review

The Suzuki Jimny Sierra is the most affordable serious off-roader you can buy. Let’s just put this out there - this isn’t a car that we’d want to drive on a day-to-day basis… unless our commute consisted of a rugged track littered with rocks, boulders and all other sorts of slippery crud...

Suzuki Jimny News

New Suzuki Jimny to debut in 2016, will stay small and off-road focussed - report

The next-generation Suzuki Jimny, or Jimny Sierra as it's currently known in Australia, won't deviate far from model's history of being small, cheap and off-road capable. Dale Wyatt, sales director at Suzuki UK, has told Top Gear: "The next Jimny will be an evolution. It will follow the same recipe. When you see it you'll know it's a Jimny...

Suzuki Jimny Sierra returns with ESC, tweaked specs and pricing from $20,990 driveway

The Suzuki Jimny Sierra is back on sale in Victoria sporting new wheels, a revised interior and the belated addition of electronic stability control (ESC). Pulled from the Australian new car market after failing to comply with new mandatory ESC laws introduced in November 1, 2013, the four-wheel-drive Suzuki Jimny Sierra is back with new 15-inch alloy wheels, a new meter cluster, new seat upholstery and a newly restyled steering wheel...

Suzuki Jimny steering recall : more than 1200 baby SUVs affected

More than 1200 Suzuki Jimny SUVs have been recalled in Australia due to a fault with the baby four-wheel-drive's steering system. The recall affects a total of 1288 Suzuki Jimny models built between May 7, 2012 and March 24, 2014. The reason for the recall is due to a potentially defective fastening bolt located where the lateral rod and axle housing meet...

Suzuki SUV spy photos : new Suzuki Jimny?

Our photographers have spotted this Suzuki SUV testing in Europe and we suspect it's the production version of the Suzuki iV-4 concept from the Frankfurt motor show last year. Although the iV-4 concept was seen as a replacement for the rather old Suzuki Jimny (current generation has been around since 1998), the size of the vehicle in the spy photos may even suggest this is a Grand Vitara replacement, another car in the Suzuki lineup that has been around for some time (since 2006)...

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Suzuki Jimny Owner Reviews

2000 Suzuki Jimny JX (4x4) review

Most reliable car/'Beep' (too small to call it a Jeep) I have ever driven! I have had it 15 years and this is the first time I have had any trouble. It's old now and I dread parting with it. The Jimny has got me through snow, mud, floods and mountains. The body has remained without rust even though I live within 3km of the sea...

2015 Suzuki Jimny Review

I bought the Jimny new, in March 2015. First thing I did was to take out the rear seats, and fit a "storage" system that would hold all I need for trips by myself, swag-camping along the way. As long as you "get it", you cannot be anything other than rapped with these little beasts...

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2015 Suzuki Jimny Sierra Review

2015 Suzuki Jimny Sierra Review

Suzuki SUV spy photos : new Suzuki Jimny?