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Australia's cheapest new cars

Looking for a new car on a small budget? Here are eight of the cheapest new cars available Australia-wide, right now. As you would expect, they are all micro or light cars and, unless otherwise stated, the price excludes on-road costs like registration, stamp duty and CTP. If you shop around, though, you can find great drive-away deals and special offers...

Sydney to Brisbane road trip : Driving the 2016 Suzuki Celerio

The 2016 Suzuki Celerio may not be the first car that comes to mind when planning a return road trip from Sydney to Brisbane. However, CarAdvice videographer and editor, Brett Sullivan, wasn't daunted by the idea of driving one of Australia's cheapest and smallest cars on a 2000km round trip along one of Australia's busiest and longest highways...

2015 Suzuki Celerio Review

Australia's equal-cheapest car, the Suzuki Celerio, is a charming little runabout...

2015 Suzuki Celerio Review

One of the most affordable cars on the market has arrived - the all-new Suzuki Celerio has misers in mind.

Suzuki Celerio Comparisons

Nissan Micra ST v Suzuki Celerio : Comparison Review

Nissan's re-jigged Micra goes up against the Suzuki Celerio carryover champ in this battle for bargain-basement supremacy...

Suzuki Celerio v Mitsubishi Mirage : Comparison review

Snobs are not welcome here. Through the ages micro cars that are slammed by many as uninspiring tin cans on wheels have actually afforded their owners the best of simple pleasures. While cars that are the automotive equivalent of King Island double cream can steal people’s cholesterol-filled hearts, models that use simple, stripped-bare ingredients can provide more than just basic sustenance...

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The continued decline in micro cars

No vehicle segment has had a bigger fall from grace this year than the one comprising the nation’s smallest cars. According to VFACTS data, sales of micro cars are down 31.3 per cent this year to 10,132 units. They fell an even more significant 40.1 per cent in November, to 618. This equates to market share of just 1.0 per cent annual, and 0...

Suzuki iM-4 SUV revealed in production form through new patent images

Suzuki’s latest compact SUV may have just been revealed in its final production form, if this set of leaked patent application images proves to be an authentic preview of what’s to come. Unveiled in March as the iM-4 concept, the renderings shown here reveal that the showroom model’s styling will not stray far from the original show-car’s looks...

Australia's cheapest cars to operate

The recently launched Suzuki Celerio replaced the Alto in showrooms earlier this year, and now has replaced it as Australia’s cheapest new car to own and run, according to the RACV. The motoring group’s annual running costs survey found the ($12,990 drive-away) Celerio manual costs $97...

Suzuki Celerio brake issue rectified, cars go on sale March 1

The 2015 Suzuki Celerio will go on sale from the start of March, with the company rectifying the car's high-profile braking issue. CarAdvice tested the new Suzuki Celerio before the car was pulled from sale over the brake issue - which saw cars fail to stop under full braking pressure at high speeds - that was discovered by UK media...

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