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Renault formally established in 1899 grew from France across Europe and eventually to Australia in 1999 with help of the Nissan alliance. Renault internationally focuses on high levels of service and support for their customers. Currently there are 7 models available ranging from the Clio to the Koleos. The Renault-Nissan alliance has been a major strategic advantage for both companies over the last decade.

Renault Reviews

2015 Renault Clio RS200 Review: Sandown Raceway weekender

Dave puts the Renault Clio RS's F1-derived DNA to the test in another weekend warrior shakedown at Sandown Raceway...

2015 Renault Trafic Review

The 2015 Renault Trafic is a bigger van with a smaller engine. Can it work? Matt Campbell finds out.

2015 Renault Clio RS200 Review: Long-term report two

Two months into our French affair with the Renault Clio RS200, things aren't all rosy...

2015 Renault Master L1H1 Review

The big Renault Master van has just had a heart transplant. Matt Campbell finds out if it's fit for the market.

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Renault Comparisons

Large van comparison: Fiat Ducato v Ford Transit v Mercedes-Benz Sprinter v Renault Master

Big white vans may seem bland to the majority of road users on the market, but these ubiquitous boxes on wheels are the lifeblood of thousands of businesses across Australia. Removalists, courier companies, stevedores and provedores use large vans such as these on a daily basis, so we’ve assembled four of the big players in the market to see which is our pick in terms of practicality, performance and payload...

Peugeot 2008 v Renault Captur : Comparison Review

So, you like French brands. You like SUVs. You like the idea of personalising your car to be unique and to stand out from the crowd. Well, you haven’t really been spoilt for choice -- until now. That’s because there are now two models on the Australian market that will tick all of those boxes. They are the all-new Renault Captur and the recently refreshed Peugeot 2008...

Light Van Comparison : Fiat Doblo v Renault Kangoo v Suzuki APV v Volkswagen Caddy

What’s the cheapest way to get into a new van? Here are four examples, from four different nations, for your consideration. For about the price of an entry-level small-segment hatchback, you can clamber into a new Italian Fiat Doblo (actually made in Turkey), French Renault Kangoo or German Volkswagen Caddy (Polish built)...

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Renault Owner Reviews

2015 Renault Megane RS 265 CUP Review

Test drove golf gti 7 (had a golf 6 gti) ford st, Opel OPC they do not come any where close to the Megane RS sport in terms of performance, road holding, thrill of driving even looks and value for money. The GTI 7 is too tame and was not as responsive as the Megane. The OPC felt a bit too heavy and not as fast I thought it would be...

2014 Renault Clio Rs 200 CUP Trophy Review

The Clio RS 200 cup trophy is a fun car to drive, whether it be around town or on the open road. It allows you to drive sedately or use sport and race mode when you want a different driving experience. I have now done 11000kms and my average fuel economy has been 8.64L/100km using premium unleaded...

2011 Renault Megane Privilege Review

The common misconception that Renault's products are unreliable, flimsy and an all round generally bad experience have been proven wrong for myself when i purchased this 2011 Renault Megane Privilege. This car represented great value at $29,990 for the time it was on sale. it came standard with feature such as leather, sunroof and other little standard features that i struggled to find in similar cars; a...

2010 Renault Megane Renault Sport 250 CUP Review

Renault Megane Renaultsport 250 Cup review We turn the spotlight on the Renault Megane Renaultsport 250 Cup and ask the questions to which you want the answers. But there's only one question that really needs answering -- would you buy one? What is it? Renault's feisty 2.0-litre hot hatch. If you fancy an EVO or STI, do yourself a favour and have a good, long hard look at one of these...

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Renault Videos

2015 Renault Clio RS track day review - Sandown Raceway

Read the article here. Renault likes to think of its RS cars as having DNA that comes from the racetrack but translates to the road. Well, today, we’re going back the other way, taking the city-dwelling Clio RS to Sandown Raceway for another CarAdvice weekend warrior track test… Now my voice might not be the best today but luckily it’s not about me it’s about this...

2015 Renault Megane RS265 - secret storage hatch

Read the review of the Renault Megane RS here. The Renault Megane RS may not be the most practical new car on the market but the three-door hot hatch is home to some unique storage solutions. Apart from a deep center console bin and large space inside the glovebox, the Renault Megane RS also has two super-sneaky cubby holes tucked under the front floor mats...

Renault Kangoo Crew Review: Black Market Roasters week with

Situated on the main road that leads down a long, meandering hill, away from the hustle and bustle of Sydney's Eastern Suburbs and into the quiet beachside suburb of Clovelly, is a popular local coffee shop called TopHat Coffee Merchants. A bright red Renault Kangoo Crew pulls up and out jump cafe owners Angus and Jess Nicol...

Renault Megane RS275 Trophy Review

CarAdvice heads to Tasmania for the first local drive of the latest incarnation of the French car maker's halo hot-hatch, the Renault Megane RS275 Trophy.

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Renault Galleries

Renault Sandero RS 2.0 revealed

Renault Sandero RS 2.0 revealed

Renault Duster Oroch ute unveiled - UPDATE
2016 Renault Megane spy photos

2016 Renault Megane spy photos

Year of the niche Euro brands?

Year of the niche Euro brands?

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Renault News

Renault Talisman name confirmed for new mid-size sedan

Renault Talisman - that's the name of an all-new mid-size sedan from the French brand that will make its debut on July 6 in Europe. The new Renault model is expected to be a global replacement model for the Latitude (which is currently sold in Australia, and is built as part of a joint-venture between Renault and Samsung in South Korea) and the European-market Laguna model, which has been sold in Australia in the past...

Renault-Nissan notches 250,000 EV sales

The Renault-Nissan Alliance has now sold in excess of 250,000 electric vehicles in four-and-a-half years, since inception. The alliance between the French and Japanese titans reached the milestone a few weeks ago. Between the two brands, it accounts for half of the EVs sold worldwide. Sales are growing, too...

Renault Sandero RS 2.0 revealed

The Renault Sandero RS 2.0 made its debut today at the 2015 Buenos Aires motor show. Renault says that the first ever RS model to be built outside of Europe is powered by a 108kW engine. It's highly likely that this 2.0-litre engine is very closely related to the 105kW/198Nm unit employed in Latin American Dusters and other Renault models...

Renault Duster Oroch ute unveiled - UPDATE

The production version of the Renault Duster Oroch ute has been unveiled overnight at the 2015 Buenos Aires motor show. Unlike the concept car, which debuted at the Sao Paolo motor show in October last year, the production ute features smaller wing mirrors, framed door windows and no plastic cladding for the fenders...

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