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Porsche Cayenne Reviews

2016 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S Review

The 2016 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S is the world's fastest SUV. But is it any good?

2015 Porsche Cayenne S Diesel Review

The Cayenne S Diesel is, in our opinion, the pick of the widely popular Cayenne range. Its intoxicating blend of power and performance, mixed in with comfort, space and efficiency is hard to argue with.

Porsche Cayenne Review

Is this the best Large SUV?

2015 Porsche Cayenne Review

The Porsche Cayenne has been subtly face lifted for 2015 with the German manufacturer hoping to keep it atop the performance SUV pile.

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Porsche Cayenne Comparisons

Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid v Range Rover Sport Hybrid: Luxury eco SUV comparison

Ask any tourism expert and they’ll tell you that experiencing something that is both luxurious and also ecologically sustainable is big business. You only need search for weekend getaway accommodation and you’ll find you’re bombarded with eco-friendly options that are designed to make you feel like you’re lessening your impact on the environment...

2015 BMW X5 M v Porsche Cayenne Turbo : Comparison Review

Traditionally, the sportscar concept embraced lightness and simplicity – a less is more approach. Increasingly, though, the makers of the BMW X5 M from Munich and Porsche Cayenne Turbo from Stuttgart – together with Affalterbach arch rival Mercedes-AMG – threaten to burst the conventional ‘sportiness’ pigeonhole at the seams plying extensive feature lists, excess in luxury and extremes of high performance in formulating their range-leading Sport Utility Vehicles...

Luxury SUV Comparison : BMW X5 v Mercedes-Benz ML-Class v Range Rover Sport v Porsche Cayenne

The arrival of a bigger, third-generation BMW X5 styled to please America prompted that we revisit that age old question – are large SUVs lumbering, unwieldy tanks better suited to the bush? (or Bush?) Or are they viable high-rise family wagons? We picked the $100K price point, where the stars align in terms of 3...

Porsche Cayenne News

Porsche Cayenne Coupe spied testing in Panamera clothing

An odd-looking Porsche Panamera-based prototype has been spied testing in Europe, and it’s believed to be a mule for an upcoming coupe variant of the 2018 Porsche Cayenne SUV. Shorter, wider and sitting a lot higher than the regular Panamera, this development vehicle could be hiding the underpinnings of a new coupe-styled variant of the next-generation Cayenne, which is expected to be revealed sometime next year as a 2018 model...

2018 Porsche Cayenne spied in Spain

The third-generation Porsche Cayenne has been spied once again, and this time it's sporting a little bit less camouflage than before. Unlike earlier prototypes, which featured fake head- and tail-light print outs, this latest development vehicle seems to feature production headlamps, while temporary LED tail-lights now grace the rear end...

2018 Porsche Cayenne spied inside and out

The third-generation Porsche Cayenne has been spied testing and, as an added bonus, our spy photographers have nabbed clear pictures of the SUV's interior. As far as the exterior goes, the new Cayenne won't deviate too far from the design template laid out by the current car with the greatest amount of familiarity at the front and around the sides...

Porsche reveals new twin-turbo V8 for Panamera, Audi and Bentley to follow

Porsche has used the the Vienna Motor Symposium to unveil a new twin-turbocharged V8 petrol engine that will power future versions of its Panamera Turbo and Cayenne Turbo models. The new powerplant is part of a range of modular V6 and V8 engines developed by Porsche and Audi, and will soon feature in numerous other Volkswagen Group models from Audi, Bentley and Lamborghini...

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Porsche Cayenne Owner Reviews

2013 Porsche Cayenne Diesel Review

EXPENSIVE BUT WORTH IT This car is now 3 years old and done 63,000 km. It still drives, feels and looks like new. There have been no problems with it. Nothing has broken or fallen off, no squeaks or rattles, the leather shows no signs of wear, the doors still close with a rock solid thunk. This car is so well made you can see where the ridiculously high price has been invested...

2011 Porsche Cayenne Review

Review: Porsche Cayenne $105,000 When the Cayenne was released in 2002 it was somewhat controversial. The car was quite ugly to look at, it felt poorly designed when seated inside, and it didn't drive the way one would expect a Porsche to drive -- SUV or not. Everyone expected something better than the benchmark SUV at the time, the BMW X5, and it just wasn't...

Porsche Cayenne Galleries

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