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City to coast cruising in a Chelsea Truck Company Black Hawk

Until recently here in Australia, if you were going to customise or modify your Jeep Wrangler, chances were you'd turn it into the ultimate off-roader. For certain fans of rugged, ready for anything machines, the Wrangler is a logical choice. Whether it’s covered in mud crawling through the bush, or sparkling clean cruising by the beach, for fans of the open-top 4WD it doesn't get much better...

Jeep Wrangler Freedom Review : Off the beaten track weekender

The Jeep Wrangler Freedom is an off-road star. This special edition is inspired by Jeep's military history. It's tough, eye-catching and a lot of fun.

2012 Jeep Wrangler: Review

The 2012 Jeep Wrangler continues an American tradition that has captivated a cult-like following since the Second World War.

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Review

You don’t come to the Rubicon Trail in 4x4 gear off the showroom floor - unless it’s a Jeep Wrangler with a Rubicon badge on the side of the bonnet...

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City to coast cruising: Chelsea Truck Company Black Hawk Jeep

Chelsea Truck Company Sydney is now open for business. You may have heard of Kahn Design and Project Kahn and Chelsea Truck Company is another arm founded by British Automotive Designer Afzal Kahn. Having started in the UK, it turns Jeep Wrangler, Land Rover Defender and Mercedes-Benz G-Class vehicles into bespoke masterpieces...

Jeep Wrangler Review: off-road with the special edition Freedom

Rescues and rock climbing, Tegan Lawson takes the special edition Jeep Wrangler Freedom off the beaten track with the Sydney Jeep Club for its Grease Monkey Jeepers weekend.

Jeep Wrangler News

Jeep Scrambler name to be used for new Wrangler ute - report

The new ute based on the next-generation Jeep Wrangler will reportedly wear the Scrambler name. According to the team behind JL Wrangler Forums, and posted on their newly minted site Jeep Scrambler Forum, the Scrambler name will be revived for the ute version of the new Wrangler. The forums' administrators have also posted screenshots reportedly taken from the Fiat Chrysler's internal ordering system...

2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited leaked undisguised from factory floor

A photo of the next-generation Jeep Wrangler Unlimited from the factory floor has been posted online months ahead of the car's expected debut. This image was posted in the Jeep subreddit by LGTIII, although it's not clear how the Reddit user came into possession of this photo...

2018 Jeep Wrangler two-door spied

The next-generation Jeep Wrangler two-door has been spied ahead of its debut later this year. We've seen quite a bit of the Wrangler Unlimited and the new Wrangler ute during the next-generation four-wheel drive's development phase, but this is the first sighting in a while of the two-door model...

Jeep Wrangler Pickup ute rendered

The generally well-informed fans at JLwranglerforums.com in the States have done some rendered images of the 2019 Jeep JT Pickup, to be spun off the new-generation JL Wrangler. The 'Wrangler ute' will lob about one year after its Wrangler SUV siblings, with production to begin at Toledo in September/October 2018, following a major FCA investment...

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Jeep Wrangler Owner Reviews

2011 Jeep Wrangler Sport (4x4) review

Have had this car since new and it now has 170,000 kilometres on it. It is the most reliable car I have ever owned – not one single issue. Starts first time – every time. On sealed roads, it is average at best and reversing can be a challenge (that spare!) but get on a dirt road and nothing will stop it or keep up with it...

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2018 Jeep Wrangler two-door spied

2018 Jeep Wrangler two-door spied

Jeep Wrangler Pickup ute rendered

Jeep Wrangler Pickup ute rendered

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