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2003 Hyundai Getz Review

Coupé, that's what VicRoads classes my Hyundai Getz as. Now, when you think of coupé, you immediately identify it with adjectives like sweeping lines, flowing, smooth, exhilarating, speed, or at least the sensation thereof. The reality of the Getz couldn't be more contrasting...

2006 Hyundai Getz Review

Getz review For most automotive enthusiasts the love starts with childhood exposure, I love a big block 8 cylinder because I once helped move a homes contents with a dually chev c20. That mildly worked 7.4 ltr sung so magically I was lured like sailors to the rocky reefs by the sirens of old. Never as any vehicle at full revs been able to match that crescendo...


Very Bad Warranty Service At Booths Motor Group North Gosford Purchased in 2010, a Hyundai Getz which has done 25,000 kms, When I purchased the car back in July 2010, I noticed a Noise coming from the top of the engine. I discussed with Booths Motor Group at North Gosford my concern at the noise which was intermittent at first...