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2015 Hyundai Genesis Ultimate: Week with Review

Mandy Turner - The Correspondent 2015 - discovers that while the 2015 Hyundai Genesis can easily be mistaken for an expensive European luxury car, to own one you don't have to dig quite as deep into your pockets…...

2015 Hyundai Genesis Sensory Review : Long-term report two

When the Hyundai Genesis joined the CarAdvice long-term test fleet we had many of the same questions as you. Is it properly luxurious? How’s the real world fuel consumption with that thirsty V6? Will people stump up $70K for a Hyundai? Having spent several thousand kilometres behind the wheel of the mid-spec Genesis Sensory, the answers are becoming clearer...

Hyundai Genesis Review : LT1

The new Hyundai Genesis is a luxury car that is likely to find its way onto some fleets, and for six months it’s joined ours. If you haven’t had a chance to read our extensive coverage of the Genesis so far – including a twin test with the BMW 528i – CarAdvice’s latest long-termer is a highly noteworthy Hyundai...

2014 Hyundai Genesis Ultimate Speed Date

Hyundai's new luxury contender and I hit up the 'Paris End' of Collins St for a quick birthday coffee with my father.

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Hyundai Genesis Review : E-Class challenger or pretender?

CarAdvice finds out whether the German luxury brands should be worried by Korea's new $60,000 sedan.

Hyundai Genesis Review: First Drive in South Korea

Alborz Fallah drives the Hyundai Genesis in South Korea, an all-new luxury sedan that will redefine perceptions of the brand.

Hyundai Genesis at NYIAS 2014

Tony Crawford takes a look at the Hyundai Genesis luxury sedan at the New York International Auto Show, ahead of its late 2014 release in Australia.

Hyundai Genesis Comparisons

BMW 5 Series v Hyundai Genesis : Comparison review

Some might argue this is a pointless test. They’d say there’s not a chance in a fiery underworld that luxury car buyers entranced by the German badges could be swayed by one wearing the Hyundai ‘H’. Yet if it were accepted that unexpected upstarts couldn’t challenge the Germans, then everyone might have ignored a car that in 1989 spooked Audi, BMW and Mercedes with its remarkable build quality and regal levels of refinement...

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Hyundai Vision G Coupe Concept unveiled

The Hyundai Vision G has been unveiled at a media event at the Los Angeles Country Museum of Art, prior to its public unveiling at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance this weekend. According to Hyundai, the concept car's style is "purposefully understated, despite its size and dramatic lines"...

Hyundai considering Genesis-based SUV - report

Hyundai is reportedly thinking about spinning a luxury SUV off its rear-wheel drive Genesis sedan. Four sources have told Reuters that the Korean automaker is seriously considering a large, luxury SUV based on the rear-wheel drive Genesis sedan. The news adds further weight to CarAdvice's previous story about the potential for a Genesis SUV, which the company's European chief Allan Rushforth suggested was a logical move...

Hyundai Genesis coupe still some way off for Australia

There are still few signs of the overdue latest-generation Hyundai Genesis coupe, with the company’s Australian arm saying there’s nothing tangible in its short-term pipeline.  Hyundai has been saying since 2011 that it would produce a global Genesis coupe flagship in left- and right-hand-drive configurations...

Hyundai Genesis : Korea’s E-Class rival launches from $60,000

The Hyundai Genesis has arrived in Australia as the South Korean car maker’s most ambitious and most expensive model yet. Hyundai’s new luxury sedan is setting out to challenge the likes of the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class with a car that’s not only bigger but features a $60,000 plus on-road costs starting price more like an entry-level luxury sedan...

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Hyundai Genesis Owner Reviews

2014 Hyundai Genesis Review

This for anyone contemplating buying a Hyundai Genesis. First of all. This could be a great car but is only a good car. I have owned this car for approximately 10 months & have done 15000 km. There are 2 concerns - 1 steering and 2 Diff noise from 100k/h to 115 k/h Steering on faster bends tends to go from understeer to oversteer and is quiet unsettling...

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