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2016 Honda Civic VTi-LN Review

It's a car that stands out from the pack, but does the Honda Civic VTi-LN have the goods to take on this competitive segment?

2015 Honda Civic Hatch Review

The updated 2015 Honda Civic Hatch has arrived. Does it improve on the formula?

Honda Civic Review : VTi-L sedan

The updated Honda Civic offers some good points, but doesn't prove a standout performer in the competitive small car class.

Honda Civic: Lifestyle Review

The release of the Honda Civic Hatch DTi-S in 2013 marked a milestone for the Japanese manufacturer. It was the first first diesel-fuelled model released by Honda in Australia. It also features Honda’s ‘magic seats’ making it a standout in its class due to the versatility of its cargo space.

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Honda Civic Videos

2016 Honda Civic VTi-S Review

The new Honda Civic sedan isn’t far off – but we’ll be waiting a little longer for the new hatch. Sales have slowed with just over 4300 Civic hatch and sedans sold last year compared to segment leader the Toyota Corolla with more than 42,000. There’s no denying the Civic hatch is starting to show its age and needs a makeover...

Honda Civic sedan and coupe : Detroit Auto Show 2016

Read the article here. The tenth-generation 2016 Honda Civic sedan has just been unveiled in California, and it has a much bolder sense of style in an attempt to bring the carmaker back to its sporty roots. According to John Mendel, executive vice president of Honda North America, “This tenth-generation Civic is quite simply the most ambitious remake of Civic we’ve ever done”...

Best Cars For Dogs : We take a look at three

Tegan Lawson takes a sub-compact SUV, small wagon and a hatchback down to Clovelly dog park to see which works best for carrying your family dog.

Honda Civic Magic Seats

Tegan Lawson demonstrates the versatility of the back seats in the Honda Civic DTi-S.

Honda Civic Comparisons

Toyota Prius vs Honda Civic Hybrid Road Test

Update: We drove the new Toyota Prius for three months. Read our experience with the car:Prius Review Long Term I often get criticised by some of my ‘greenie’ friends about polluting the environment with my day job. So I’ve thrown my lead-foot towel in for a fortnight to figure out what the deal is with this Hybrid malarky...

Honda Civic News

2016 Honda Civic sedan pricing and specifications

The all-new 2016 Honda Civic sedan will hit Australia in June with a starting price of $22,390 plus on-road costs. That opening point marks a $1400 premium over the 2012 launch price of the outgoing Civic sedan range, although the line-up currently begins at $18,490 before on-road costs...

2017 Honda Civic spotted in Melbourne ahead of Australian launch

The 2017 Honda Civic sedan has been spotted in Melbourne ahead of the Australian launch next month. An all-new fastback-style shape gives the Civic sedan a very modern look, even when parked next to a 2016 Honda Jazz - arguably a modern looking car itself. Despite having all its badges covered in tape, we know this is the RS specification as we saw the exact car at the media unveiling last month...

2017 Honda Civic is 'back to its basic roots as a sporty car'

The new Honda Civic goes back to the sporty roots of the original model and the brand’s core DNA of creating fun cars to drive, the Japanese brand says. Speaking to CarAdvice at the unveiling of the new Honda Civic RallyCross race car, Honda America’s Senior Vice President and General Manager, Jeff Conrad, admitted that Honda had gone through some troubled times of late...

2017 Honda Civic hatch revealed in patent images

Patent images said to be of the tenth-generation Honda Civic hatchback have been posted online overnight. Honda gave a very clear indication of the five-door's style with the Civic Hatchback Prototype at the recent Geneva motor show, but it wasn't entirely obvious how many of the show car's styling elements would carry over into the production version...

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Honda Civic Owner Reviews

2012 Honda Civic Review

Life is about compromise. We were all set to get a Golf. After all why wouldn't you? We couldn't quite get the GTI though. All we could afford was the TSI. I tried telling myself it's a turbo AND supercharged. But really what it was saying was more akin to country AND western. It wasn't Gram Parsons, nudie suit wearing, rocked up country either...

2013 Honda Civic Review

Honda messed up. Back in 2010 their UK built, base model Honda Civic hatch hit the Aussie market with a price of over $32,000 or almost $35,000 if the buyer wanted an auto. When comparing to the perennial market leading Toyota Corolla hatch, Mazda's hero 3, or the up and coming Hyundai i30, all of which could be had for less than 25K for similar equipment, there was little wonder why it was a flop...

1996 Honda Civic Cxi Review

If you are looking for a cheap run about or second car look no further! You must get a manual though! I have owned this car for about the last 5 years, from 164,000 ks to 265,000 currently Car makers don't make cars like this anymore! This is my daily driver and has been very reliable over my ownership, I get around 7 litres for 100ks...

2012 Honda Civic VTi-S Review

This Honda Civic Hatch manual is now 2 years old and has travelled just over 24,000 kms. Very well made and considered excellent value for money.The Civic Hatch has a delightful 6 speed gearbox and the clutch has a very smooth action too. Spacious and very comfortable on longer trips. Very economical averaging approximately 7...

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Honda Civic Galleries

2017 Honda Civic details revealed

2017 Honda Civic details revealed

2016 Honda Civic VTi-LN Review

2016 Honda Civic VTi-LN Review

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