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Honda was founded in 1948 by Soichiro Honda and continues to be the second largest manufacturer in Japan. The company has developed a reputation for innovation and sporty, high-revving engines over the decades, though in recent years has been more focused on 'green' technologies than sports cars. Honda currently sells more than 10 models in Australia, including both a hatchback and sedan wearing the famous Civic nameplate.

Honda Reviews

2018 Honda Civic Type R review

The Honda Civic Type R has arrived in Oz to try and nab the crown as King Of The Reasonably Priced Fun Cars. But first, we see if the front-drive Nurburgring lap record holder's hotness translates to local roads and track.

2017 Honda Civic RS hatch review: Long-term report six – farewell

Our three months in the 2017 Honda Civic RS flew by, and now Matt Campbell doesn't want to give it back.

2017 Honda Civic VTi hatch review

The Honda Civic has received rave reviews for refinement and drivability, but how does the entry-level 1.8-litre perform? Paul Maric finds out.

2017 Honda Civic RS hatch review: Long-term report five – country driving

For this long-term update on the 2017 Honda Civic RS hatch, we handed the keys to Sam Rawlings, our video production co-ordinator. Here's what he thought of it. The long weekend was ahead; I was swapping the misery of Sydney for the peacefulness of my hometown of Orange and I needed a car thanks to my own being out of action...

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Honda Videos

2017 Honda Civic RS hatch review

See the full article here. I’m going to miss my 2017 Honda Civic RS hatch. Notice how I’ve called it mine? That’s because, after living with it for the past few months, I’ve got to know it really well. And I wish it was mine.  ...

2019 Honda Urban EV concept

The retro-styled Honda Urban EV concept has been unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show this week, giving us a taste of what to expect from a production version confirmed for 2019.

2017 Honda CR-V range review

See the full article here. Welcome to the latest iteration of our Range Review series, where we walk you through key members of an important new model range. No need to get off the couch and over to your nearest car dealer for that... The candidate this time is the new Honda CR-V, the fifth generation to wear the badge since 1995...

2017 Honda Civic VTi-LX v 2017 Hyundai i30 SR Premium comparison

When it comes to excitement, Honda's Civic has, the brand admits, been in need of a kick in the pants. This latest generation certainly shows the brand is serious. Thing is... Hyundai's not messing about, either. A challenger brand it may still be, but as our tests show, the i30 is as deserving of your dollar as any Japanese car...

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Honda Comparisons

2017 Honda CR-V v Volkswagen Golf Alltrack comparison

Car reviewers usually determine which cars to compared based on the vehicle ‘segment’ they occupy. Medium SUVs take on medium SUVs, small hatches take on small hatches, and so on… Yet we know based on buyer data, and personal experience alike, car buyers don’t always think in these terms...

2018 Honda CR-V range review

Welcome to the latest iteration of our Range Review series, where we walk you through key members of an important new model range. No need to get off the couch and over to your nearest car dealer for that... The candidate this time is the new Honda CR-V, the fifth generation to wear the badge since 1995...

Small hatch comparison

For all the hoo-ha about booming sales of SUVs, the so-called 'small car' segment remains the market's most popular, still accounting for almost 20 per cent of all new vehicles sold in Australia. Of this, the majority are hatchbacks instead of three-box sedans, which draw people in based on their improved practicality and generally less conservative design approaches...

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Honda News

Honda: Affordable sports car "very desirable", more RS models on the way

Honda’s local boss says an affordable, compact sports car to support the Civic Type R would be “very desirable” for the brand. Speaking to CarAdvice at the Australian launch of the Civic Type R, Stephen Collins, director of Honda Australia, said the company is looking to make its line-up sportier...

Honda CR-V Hybrid ruled out, EVs on the radar

Honda's local boss has ruled out an Australian introduction for the CR-V Hybrid shown in 'prototype' form at this year's Frankfurt motor show, but the brand hasn't turned its back on bringing electric vehicles Down Under in the not-too-distant future...

Kobe Steel falsification scandal may impact Toyota, Honda, Nissan, other Japanese marques

Kobe Steel, a key supplier to the automakers and other heavy industries, has admitted it shipped products with falsified inspection certificates for at least a year. The certificates are meant to confirm the product in question meets specifications agreed to by both Kobe Steel and the customer...

Honda 'baby NSX' patent revealed as Gran Turismo video game racer

The Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo has been leaked this week, looking very much like the 'baby NSX' patent renderings that surfaced a couple of years ago. Posted by Carscoops, the images taken from the new Gran Turismo Sport video game - which launches October 17 - show the concept in the 'car select' menu, which wears the Sports Vision Gran Turismo name...

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Honda Owner Reviews

2017 Honda Civic VTi-LX review

As a 13-year-old car fanatic, the concept of writing a car review and publishing it on the Internet was never one that really crossed my mind. I read CarAdvice news and reviews daily, and even write for my own personal blog – but that's nothing like writing my own reviews...

2001 Honda Civic Type R review

I purchased my Honda Civic EP3 Type R back in 2010, and even though I couldn't drive a manual, I still purchased it. And learnt how to drive manual very quickly. It came with Japanese rego stickers and the JDM E-tag system still attached. I was going to purchase a Honda S2000 but my left knee didn't fit without me contorting like a freshly-baked pretzel, so I went with the EP3 Type R...

2000 Honda Civic CXi review

I purchased this little beast as my first car. I got the car with 167,000km on the odo and I am the second female owner. This car has served me well since I bought it in 2014. Learning to drive it in accordance with how the acceleration and handling worked was a long journey, especially after learning in a Mazda 3 SP23. Two doors is often a struggle...

2007 Honda Jazz GLi Review

Sometimes things are not what they seem. Within the confines of their covers, hidden virtues reside, unseen from casual glances and glossed over by superficial eyes. As the axiom goes; “do not judge a book by its cover” because a book’s sketchy facade may mask a surprising performance from an eloquent engineer of words...

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