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Road Tripping the Philippines: Tackling Manila's peak hour, a US Air Force base and an active volcano in four Ford SUVs

I'm stuck on a bus... and I've been stuck on this bus for five hours. Five hours! I'm on the island of Luzon, in the Philippines. Luzon is the largest of the 7641 islands that form the archipelago that make up the Philippines.  It's also the most populous, with some 53 million people calling the island home...

2017 Ford Escape review: Quick drive

Ford has refreshed the mid-sized Kuga SUV with a new look and a new name - this is the 2017 Ford Escape.

Destination Drive: Caves Beach getaway in the 2016 Ford Kuga Titanium

Destination Drive: Put simply, this is something you can do in any car. Whether you're excited about your new car and are looking for inspiration, or whether you regularly hit the road and cruise around, this series is for the love of driving and to provide ideas for those occasions when you want to enjoy your car and the places it can take you...

2016 Ford Kuga Titanium Review

The 2016 Ford Kuga medium SUV range is one the best you can buy, but sells poorly next to the Mazda CX-5 and co. We don't know why. Here we test the Titanium variant.

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Road Tripping the Philippines: Tackling Manila's peak hour, a US Air Force base and an active volcano in four Ford SUVs

Read the full article here. I’m on the island of Luzon, in the Philippines. Luzon is the largest of the 7641 islands that from the archipelago that make yup the Philippines.  It’s also the most populous, with some 53 million people calling the island home...

2016 Ford Kuga (Escape) facelift and Ford Edge : 2015 LA Auto Show

A facelift for the Ford Kuga, known as the Escape in the USA, brings the styling into like with Ford latest SUV, the Everest. We also take a look at the Ford Edge, an SUV that may step in to replace the Territory in a few years time.  ...

Ford Kuga Video Review

On the road in Ford's best mid-sized SUV contender yet.

Ford Kuga Comparisons

Medium SUV Comparison : Ford Kuga v Mazda CX-5 v Subaru Forester v Volkswagen Tiguan

Sun, sand, surf... Australians love nothing more than going to the beach. Unless of course it’s a Saturday afternoon where we drape ourselves in team colours and cheer on our side to either cross the try line or kick through the middle posts...

Medium SUV Comparison : Jeep Cherokee v Mazda CX-5 v Toyota RAV4 v Nissan X-Trail v Ford Kuga v Subaru Forester v Hyundai ix35 v Honda CR-V v Mitsubishi Outlander v Kia Sportage

Assembled for this mega-test are 10 models that represent one-third of total SUV volume in Australia – and that’s without including sales for the newest contender here and catalyst for this test, the Jeep Cherokee. It looks bold, it’s available only with petrol engines (for now), and it’s priced under $40,000 to compete with the mainstream...

Ford Kuga News

Ford Kuga recall still not confirmed, despite numerous reports of engine fires

Ford Australia has still not committed to recalling Kuga 1.6 models — unlike in South Africa, where it has done so — despite several engine fires being reported locally. Instead, Ford Australia says it is still speaking with affected owners (several of whom we have referred to higher levels of the company) and "investigating" whether it needs to call-in all Kugas with this engine for a fix...

No Ford Kuga recall in Australia for now

Ford Australia says it is investigating a fire that destroyed a Kuga 1.6 compact SUV in Queensland last week, but has not yet issued a wider vehicle recall. Ford’s South African division last week announced a recall action on about 4500 Kugas after numerous reports of spontaneous fires starting in the engine bay, speculated to be a result of poor coolant circulation...

Facelift fails: The worst styling updates of 2016

When brands update their cars, sometimes the stylists get it wrong. Facelifted models are supposed to add some flair to an existing model - to bring it up to speed with its competitors, or harden up some edges that may been looking a little limp on the original model. They can be massive, major overhauls, or nips and tucks and tweaks to minor aspects of the car's design...

2017 Ford Escape pricing and specs: $28,490 SUV to replace Kuga in Australia

2017 Ford Escape announced for Australia with $28,490 starting price New front-wheel-drive, 1.5-litre Trend model Reduced pricing on most models The Ford Kuga is dead, long live the 2017 Ford Escape, says the company's Australian arm. Keen watchers will know, of course, that the Escape is the SUV currently sold in Australia and Europe as the Kuga...

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Ford Kuga Owner Reviews

2014 Ford Kuga Review

On a recent trip to the USA I won the Rental Car Lottery. As the attendant at the rental counter handed me the keys I think I may have wet myself a little as I read “2014 Ford Escape” printed on the keyring. Well aware of Fords reputation for outstanding chassis balance, ahead of me lay four hours of tight, twisty roads, crawling up and over Colorado's independence pass from Aspen to Pikes Peak like the Rocky Mountains central nervous system, all without another vehicle in sight...

2015 Ford Kuga Review

Ford's globalisation of its product range has brought the death knell to local product. From Fiestas to Focus or is that Foci? and now Mondeos and Mustangs, the products are a global car on a global platform with one aim, to reduce costs. I recently chose to trade in my trusty Focus XR5 for a Ford Kuga Trend. I chose the 2...

2015 Ford Kuga Titanium (AWD) Review

Warning to all Kuga owners. We thought long and hard about getting our Titanium Kuga Diesel automatic. After three long months of waiting, we had it for a week before it got a flat tyre. That was three weeks ago and we are STILL waiting because there are no Continental 235/45 R19 tyres to fit the vehicle in Australia at the present time and no-one can tell us when they will be coming into the country...

2014 Ford Kuga Titanium (AWD) Review

I enjoy driving this car but have had lots of trouble with the electrical system (radio, rear camera etc) shutting down when the outside temperature gets 'too high' as in over 35 degrees. Ford tells me this happens with all Kugas and that there is no fix for it at this stage. I have also had problems with the sat nav not producing the correct address and having some lag...

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