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2016 Ford Falcon XR6 Sprint Review

This is the last time you'll ever see a new Falcon launched in Australia. What a perfect way to send it off — with almost 400kW of power on overboost, it's the epitome of torque and thrust.

2016 Ford Falcon XR8 Sprint Review

It's the final Ford Falcon. Does the Falcon XR8 Sprint have the goods to offer a fitting sign off?

That time I built the Mad Max Interceptor

Mad Max: Fury Road is seeing tremendous success at box offices around the world. And one particular element has hugely excited fans of the franchise - the return of the XB. I would have been about 10 when I first saw Mad Max. It was the cinematic choice of an older brother of a school friend, the grainy VHS providing both fear and excitement in spades...

2015 Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo Ute Review

Maintaining its role as the Falcon's flagship performance two-door, the latest Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo Ute is entertaining but far from sharp...

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Ford Falcon Videos

2016 Ford Falcon XR6 Sprint and XR8 Sprint Review — Exhaust note and burnout

Read the article here. It's the final Ford Falcon ever. The Ford Falcon XR6 Sprint and Falcon XR8 Sprint are final, special edition models that produce 370kW and 400kW of power respectively during overboost. In this video we take them for a quick drive and you can hear the engine and exhaust note of the mighty XR8 Sprint...

Mad Max Interceptor - sights and sounds from the build project

Read the article here. The last of the V8 Interceptors. "She sucks nitro... with Phase 4 heads! 600 horsepower through the wheels! She's meanness set to music and the bitch is born to run!" James shares some photos and videos in a build diary of his Mad Max Interceptor build project...

Ford Falcon FG X XR8 - Visiting a Falcon Fanatic

With the launch of the Falcon FG X, Ford invited Falcon Fanatics from around the country to come and see the car, but not everyone could make it. So we're on our way in a Ford Falcon XR8 to see a very appropriately named Falcon Fanatic, Ozzie, who was busy working that day, to get up close and personal with the new FG X.

Ford Falcon FG X Range - What the Falcon Fanatics think

With the official launch of the Ford Falcon FG X, Ford invited eager Falcon Fanatics down to Avalon Airport to see the new car. We ask the people what they think of the FG X range.

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Ford Falcon Comparisons

Which car should I buy for country driving? Large car or small car? : Ford Falcon v Holden Cruze

When reader Cammie emailed us with a simple question — should I buy a big or small car for country driving? — we knew that there was an opportunity to prove or dispel the myth of how well a small car performs on country roads in comparison to a big car...

Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo Ute v Holden Ute SS V Redline : Comparison review

Ford and Holden. Good start. Ford and Holden utes, at the beach. Getting even better...

Ford Falcon XR8 v Holden Commodore SS : Comparison review

History dictates that (power) wars don’t end in draws. When the Ford Falcon XR8 arrived in 1992 it made an identical 165kW of power to the Holden Commodore SS and with 388Nm of torque listed a crucial 3Nm ahead. From either side of the trenches the two 5.0-litre engines threw grenades until Holden used Yank weaponry in 1999 with the 220kW 5...

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Ford Falcon News

Ford Falcon XR8 Sprint donated for Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund: Build 1/750 manual XR8 Sprint up for grabs

Ford Australia has donated the first production Falcon XR8 Sprint to the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund) to be auctioned for charity. Money raised from the vehicle auction will go toward the JDRF Artificial Pancreas Project, which aims to automate insulin pumps and help improve therapies and to provide a 'technological cure' for type 1 diabetes (T1D)...

Falcon Sprint badge beat out Super Falcon, Phase 6, Phase 8 for final special

The final special-edition Ford Falcon has now been revealed and we spent some time behind the wheel this week (read our Falcon XR6 Sprint and Falcon XR8 Sprint reviews). And, while you've seen the Sprint name splashed liberally across CarAdvice over the past couple of days, Ford had tested a number of other names that were (thankfully) discounted...

Ford Falcon Sprint extensively tested in Detroit, Arizona and Germany: 200,000km and over 1000 dyno hours

Ford Australia has detailed the extensive engineering process involved in bringing the Falcon Sprint range to fruition, despite the fact that only 1400 units will be built. The Falcon XR6 Sprint and XR8 Sprint models were engineered by a team of 15 in Melbourne that worked on the car for almost two years...

Falcon Sprint a head-to-head Clubsport LSA rival: "Our car is $21,000 cheaper than the competition"

This week in Australian motoring has been both sad and exciting, with Ford Australia releasing its final and fastest-ever Falcon. The Falcon XR6 Sprint and Falcon XR8 Sprint both mark the culmination of almost two years of engineering between a team of 15 engineers...

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Ford Falcon Owner Reviews

2005 Ford Falcon XR6 Review

Car and Driver labeled the XR6 the 'budget BMW' and I couldn't agree more. Ford offers an incredible package for the money, who else gives you a straight six, rear wheel drive and a luxury car ride with off the lot prices starting in the high 30's. This is my second Falcon now, my previous car was an AU Forte, which proved reliable for the 18 months I owned it...

2015 Ford Falcon XR8 Review

This is the bang for buck bargain of the century.. Many dealers are selling at $55k driveaway for a car that is essentially the $77990 R-Spec GT from 2012. The XR8 sprint has been released but dealers are gouging customers for $70k-$72k driveaway.. The sprint has 2.9% more power and less than 1% more torque for $15k more!! Performance data puts them line ball also...

2015 Ford Falcon XR8 Review

This is a most exciting car - powerful, incredible handling and braking- a phenomenal big sports car yet I can still use it as a 'standard Falcon ' for my business as a Real Estate Agent...

2007 Ford Falcon Review

I have a penchant for fast sedans. Preferably silver and 6 cylinder, thank you very much. I can trace the roots of this specific oddness back to the early 90's when my dad purchased a silver 1986 BMW E28 M535i. To me, at 10 years old, the Beemer was an absolute revelation. My car obsessiveness started at a far younger age however this was the first car that truly hooked me...

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Ford Falcon Galleries

2016 Ford Falcon XR6 Sprint Review

2016 Ford Falcon XR6 Sprint Review

2016 Ford Falcon XR8 Sprint Review

2016 Ford Falcon XR8 Sprint Review

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