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2011 BMW X5 xDrive 30d Review

Just to let you, the reader, know: I've never actually driven this car. I am just 13, so I can’t legally drive and am writing this from the perspective of someone whose family has been fortunate to have had two X5s, and who loves reading car magazines and watching YouTube clips about cars. We have had our E70 X5 for about 4...

2015 BMW X5 M50d Review

Ordered this car in late 2014 after considering the Merc ML and Range Rover. The X5 M50d wins out because of its brilliant tri-turbo diesel engine that has monumental 740 NM of torque yet returns under 7L per 100 (on paper). We had this car for more than half a year now and the average fuel consumption is just under 9L...

2014 BMW X5 xDrive 50i Review

My Lease was about to expire on my 2010 X5 30i, the retention manager from the BMW dealer calls me to ask if I was interested in upgrading. I was going to refinance my E70 but because of some negative equity problems I had to put some cash towards the re-finance. He then suggested the Full Circle Program which suited me more...

2012 BMW X5 xDrive 30d Review

We purchased the BMW X5 to replace an XC90 - a car that I maintain is still the most family oriented on the market. The X5 came brand new with all key options (innovations pack, panoramic roof, 20" M-Sport wheels) at a price we were very happy with. We have had it 2-years now (25,000km) and consider it the best car we have ever owned...

2012 BMW X5 xDRIVE 40d SPORT Review

Basically good all-rounder with plenty of kit. Has a brilliant interior with high quality materials. BMW really should make the seven seat option a bit cheaper.

2006 BMW X5 3.0d Review

I waited most of my life to be able to have this driving experience. Comfort goes hand in hand with manoeuvrability, performance and style. As a woman I feel great safety and confidence with handling and driving this car, especially in the dirt. I have increased BMW sales in my area by 400 percent as women trust my judgement and have changed their pre retirement car choices...