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2009 BMW M3 review

M3 drivers have no friends." – Jeremy Clarkson "[The] M3 is one of the most perfectly balanced machines ever created by man." – also Jeremy Clarkson It was the same old story, told many times before... Young man buys Porsche. Young man finds girlfriend. Young man marries girlfriend. Young man sells Porsche...

2009 BMW M3 Review

It isn't often that one gets the chance to talk about the cars that have made an impression on one's life... I have a four-door E90 BMW M3. It takes my breath away every time I drive it. The motor is a masterpiece and is coupled to the DCT gearbox that marries the usability and comfort of a full auto with the hard edged racing-style performance of an affordable supercar...


My M3 coupe is a Jan 2012 registered car. Finished in Mineral White, it includes the Competition package. The vehicle is amazing. Having previously owned a 335i, I can dispel the myth that the M3 is just an upgraded 335i. It is a totally different car altogether. Around town the car performs brilliantly. The ride is firm yet comfortable...