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BMW 2 Series Reviews

2017 BMW M240i review

The BMW M2 may have stolen all the headlines, but perhaps the best of BMW's sports coupe lies a little further down the range. James takes a spin in the 250kW BMW M240i.

2017 BMW 2 Series Review: M240i and 230i

Is the BMW M2 too hardcore for you? The new M240i and 230i are there for the buying...

2015 BMW 218d Active Tourer: Week with Review

The team in Melbourne drive the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer...

BMW M235i Convertible Review

The BMW M235i Convertible represents fast and fun ragtop motoring. But who is it really made for?

2015 BMW 2 Series Active Tourer Review: LT1

It’s hard to imagine a BMW that doesn’t have a direct connection from the engine to the rear wheels. Then again, not too long ago it would’ve been hard to imagine a BMW that was a mixture of a hatch and a people-mover. But as the first front-wheel-drive BMW MPV, the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer breaks all sorts of conventions, for all the right reasons...

2015 BMW 2 Series Convertible Review

BMW chops the top off its coupe 2 Series; creates a convertible that slices up country roads brilliantly...

2015 BMW 228i: Week with Review

CarAdvice's resident shooter Tom Fraser spends a week getting intimate with the BMW 228i...

2015 BMW 2 Series Convertible Review

The 2015 BMW 2 Series convertible is perhaps the only real option for an open-air sporty German cruiser on a budget, but is that reason enough to buy one?

2015 BMW M235i Review

BMW injects some LSD into its flagship (for now) 2 Series, the turbocharged six-cylinder M235i...

BMW 225i Active Tourer Review

Torque steer and front wheelspin... We test a BMW with a big difference.

2015 BMW 2 Series Review : 228i Coupe

The BMW 228i Coupe is sparkling little two-door that delivers benchmark ride and handling at this end of the market.

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