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2017 Audi R8 Spyder Review

Lighter, stiffer, faster – the second-generation Audi R8 Spyder dials up the afterburner on the flagship, rag-top supercar formula.

2017 Audi R8 V10 Review

The Audi R8 V10 is both capable of incredible performance but also being driven every day. With signature Audi performance and precision, it's an engaging supercar.

Forza Horizon 3 for real: super cars, muscle cars and the 12 Apostles

Forza Horizon 3 is one of the most anticipated video games to be released this year, and – thanks to Xbox – CarAdvice got a sneak preview of the game and some one-on-one time with one of the key people behind it, all while taking in the gorgeous views and divine roads of Victoria's surf coast in a selection of performance-car perfection...

2016 Audi R8 Review

Naturally aspirated V10s are all but dead, but Audi has kept the dream alive one more time...

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Audi R8 Videos

Audi R8 V10 Plus v A3 1.0 TFSI comparison

Read the full article here. Audi's heap-topping R8 V10 Plus is eleven times more expensive than the carmaker's most affordable A3 small car, the 1.0 TFSI Sportback. But is the big-dollar supercar actually eleven times better? We pit them head to head in a wide variety of tests to find out.  ...

2017 Audi R8 Spyder Review

Read the full review here. Does the 2017 Audi R8 Spyder bridge the chasm between polite, everyday civility and circuit-ready ferocity just as its Audi Sport maker promises? It surely does. Thing is, it's a deceiving car and you might have to dig like a prospector to unearth the drop-top supercar’s golden talents.

2016 Audi R8 V10 Plus Review : International Launch

Read the article here. One thing that has always struck me every time I’ve driven an Audi R8 on track in Australia is just how incredibly easy a sportscar it is to drive fast. That thought comforts me on my sighting laps as I get a firsthand look at the elevation changes, blind turn in points and significant elevation changes of this daunting Portuguese circuit...

Headlight Comparison : Laser v LED v HID Xenon v Halogen

It wasn’t that long ago that headlights were a no-thought-required feature. All cars had them and no one really paid them much heed unless they failed or were shaped in a particularly ugly manner. Halogen Reliably generating light with the limited resources at a car’s disposal was a problem for early automotive engineers...

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Audi R8 Comparisons

Audi R8 V10 Plus v Audi A3 1.0 TFSI comparison

The latest R8 V10 Plus, with an incredible 449kW and 560Nm from its naturally aspirated 5.2-litre V10, is the most-powerful road car Audi has ever devised. On paper, it's also the quickest. But power and pace comes at a price: almost $390k – $389,616 to be exact – before on-roads or before you even think about ticking any options boxes...

Headlight Comparison : Laser v LED v HID Xenon v Halogen

Modern headlights are a technology that is hardly explained or discussed. It's mainly due to their complexity and also as it's no where near as sexy as say power or torque figures, but when it comes to night time driving, a set of well positioned and operating headlights can be life saving. There are four major types of headlights used in modern cars today, the most basic of which is Halogen...

Audi R8 News

Audi R8 V10 Plus Neuberg Edition headed Down Under

Audi Australia has announced a limited-edition version of the R8 V10 plus for the Australian market. Just 10 examples of the Neuberg Edition will be offered, with a starting price of $402,500 before on-road costs. Named after the home of Audi Sport – Neuberg, Germany – the all-wheel drive supercar brings a number of unique design elements to the table...

Audi R8 V10 RWS: Limited edition rear-wheel-drive V10 missile coming to Australia

Audi has taken the wraps off the incredible looking and sounding rear-wheel drive Audi R8 V10 RWS, and it's coming to Australia. Limited to just 999 units (available in both Coupe and Spyder), the rear-wheel-drive Audi R8 V10 RWS weighs 50kg lighter than its quattro sibling and pumps out an impressive 397kW of power and 570Nm of torque...

Audi confirms R8 RWD, RS4 Avant, autonomous concepts for Frankfurt motor show

Audi has teased a number of new vehicles it plans to reveal at the Frankfurt motor show this week, including a pair of autonomous concepts, a rear-wheel drive version of its R8 supercar and the new-generation RS4 Avant...

Audi Sport reveals R8, TT Performance Parts

Audi Sport has taken the wraps off a range of Performance Parts for the TT and R8 this week, offering numerous styling, aerodynamic and mechanical enhancements. Claimed to "take dynamic handling to a wholly new level", the Audi Sport Performance Parts for both models cover suspension, exhaust, exterior and interior products, all of which can be retrofitted to current R8 and TT models in Germany from "late summer 2017"...

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