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2016 Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV Review

In a market where most cars support decisions of the head, is there still room for the Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV, which is firmly driven by the heart?

2015 Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV Review

The 2015 Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV gets some worthy updates that edge it closer to the class leaders.

2015 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Distinctive QV Line Review

The Alfa Romeo Distinctive QV Line is pitched as a softer version of the full-fat Quadrifoglio Verde hot hatch. Does it stack up?

2015 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde Review : first drive

Driving the latest Alfa Romeo Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde in Italy isn't just fun, it's a religious experience.

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Alfa Romeo Giulietta Videos

Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV stars in world-first opera performance

Never one to follow convention, Alfa Romeo has celebrated its 105th anniversary by producing a video with a twist starring the Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde (QV). When we first heard of this quirky idea, there were a few raised eyebrows and skeptical expressions. There's a Giulietta QV, an opera singer and professional race driver at Phillip Island in what's believed to be the world's first car-powered opera performance...

Five-door hot-hatch comparison : Volkswagen Golf GTI v Peugeot 308 GT v Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV

Read the article here. The Volkswagen Golf GTI has long been the preeminent hot-hatch for keen drivers. But what if you’re after a European small car with a little extra spice, that isn’t the Volkswagen? What are some alternatives? And how close can they get to the benchmark GTI? Taking on the Volkswagen Golf GTI today, we have the Peugeot 308 GT and Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV...

2015 Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV Review

http://www.caradvice.com.au/313311/?yt_desc - Read the article here. Driving an Alfa Romeo in Italy, isn't just fun, it's a religious experience if you're behind the wheel of the latest Alfa Romeo Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde. The latest Alfa Romeo Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde still manages to trump its rivals when it comes to style, character and sheer pizazz...

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Comparisons

Fun Car Mega Test: CarAdvice readers join us at MotorWorld to test 17 'hot' cars under $60k

We assembled 17 of fittest 'fun cars' under $60k at Sydney Motorsport Park at the recent MotorWorld event and there you, our readers, into the test seats. And we gave the mega test field a spin ourselves. Together, we decide what's hot, what's fun and what is exception value for money...

Volkswagen Golf GTI v Peugeot 308 GT v Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV : Five-door hot-hatch comparison

The term ‘hot-hatch’ is commonly used to describe a hatchback that straddles the line between performance and practicality. Some skew closer to performance than practicality, while others veer the other way. What happens when you have Volkswagen Golf GTI money, though, but don’t necessarily want to blend in with the tartan-clad German crowd? That’s where the French Peugeot 308 GT and Italian Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV step in...

Renault Megane GT 220 v Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV : Comparison review

The Renault Megane GT 200 hatch is an intriguing French rival to the Golf GTI...

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Alfa Romeo Giulietta News

CarAdvice podcast 44: Our CEO didn't want to buy a Toyota HiLux, but he did

Broadcasting from a company get-together in Albury, NSW, just about the whole editorial team is on this week, with Mandy, Paul and Tegan Lawson leading the panel. Mike Costello joins us with car news to talk about Volvo saying diesel engines are unviable post 2020, meanwhile, Audi is standing by diesel power, for now...

Alfa Romeo Giulietta, Mito won't be replaced, next product steps unclear

The Alfa Romeo Mito and Giulietta hatchbacks will not be replaced, Reid Bigland, head of both Alfa Romeo and Maserati, has confirmed. In a conversation with Autocar, Bigland stated that while the Mito and Giulietta would remain in production "for the foreseeable future", no replacements were being planned for them...

Facelift fails: The worst styling updates of 2016

When brands update their cars, sometimes the stylists get it wrong. Facelifted models are supposed to add some flair to an existing model - to bring it up to speed with its competitors, or harden up some edges that may been looking a little limp on the original model. They can be massive, major overhauls, or nips and tucks and tweaks to minor aspects of the car's design...

2017 Alfa Romeo Giulietta detailed ahead of October debut: Super, Veloce badges return

Initial pricing and specifications for the updated 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulietta range has been revealed ahead of the new hatch’s Australian launch in October. Starting at $29,900 plus on-road costs (+$900) for the entry-level Giulietta Super variant, the updated range receives revised styling treatments, upgraded equipment levels along with higher-quality interior trims and finishes...

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Alfa Romeo Giulietta Owner Reviews

2016 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Veloce TCT review

Alfa Romeo want the people driving their cars to be part of the driving experience – not distance them from it. I get that car companies may be only responding to progress and customer demand, but there is nothing like really 'driving' a car. I like to know that the engine is there when you stick the boot in. My car has the TCT (in Alfa speak, twin clutch transmission)...

2014 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Progression JTD-M Review

This is my first Alfa and my first small diesel. I have owned it now for 18 months and have completed 30,000km. I love this car. I especially love the handling, the performance and the fuel economy. Initially I didn't like the Anthracite colour but it has grown on me over time and now I really like it...

2014 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Progression 1.4 Review

The best car I have owned. Superb reliability and durability with reasonable service costs. Love the DNA, handling acceleration and 1000km per tank of predominantly motorway driving. Excellent night vision on low beam. TCT transmission smooth and intuitive with latest mapping. Make sure your dealer upgrades the mapping at service if not done already...

2014 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Progression 1.4 Review

After two weeks traipsing around Europe relying on red open topped double decker buses as our transport, my partner and I were very much looking forward to getting on the roads ourselves. Six months earlier back home in Sydney I booked a small premium vehicle online. An Audi A3 was featured but I knew that was not necessarily what we were going to get...

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