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by Brett Davis

Rumour has it Bugatti is thinking of making a Bugatti Veyron successor with even more power and more speed. The new model will also feature an all-new body said to be inspired by the original Bugatti Veyron concept of 1999. This concept was designed by the current head of Bugatti design, Walter de Silva – former SEAT head of design.

The new car will have a top speed of 434km/h… in case the first edition wasn’t fast enough with its 408km/h top speed. The engine will be based on the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport’s 8.0-litre quad-turbo W16 motor, showcasing around 895kW of power and 1500Nm of torque.

Reports also say the next-generation Bugatti Veyron will be lighter than the current model, featuring more carbon fibre composite structures, thinner glass and lighter wheels which will help bring down the car’s overall weight by around 100kg; all helping the car achieve 0-100km/h in under 2.5 seconds.

Since its launch in 2005, around 304 Bugatti Veyrons have been sold. The sales figure is deemed high enough to prompt a second generation by the sounds of it.

The new Bugatti Veyron will supposedly debut in 2013 and then go on sale some time in 2014.

  • paulh84

    OWNED! Check out my $2M SEAT. Awesome!

    Definitely prefer the current shape. The front looks like a koalas face.

  • Hung Low

    Now that is what I call freaking ugly at any price!

  • Hendrik

    Ignore the 10 year old photo.

    VW made a loss of $5.6m per car on the Veyron, so I’m not buying into this story yet.

    • bob

      your saying that VW has lost 1.7billion dollars on the whole veyron project. I hate to be cast doubt on your figures, but……

      • Reckless1

        And still the myth that VW loses money on the Veyron project persists amongst the mindless…..

        As a businessman, I can see why VW would be keen to continue losing money hand over fist by making a new version – not.

  • http://autosleek.net/ Tom Harte

    It kind of depends how you define a “loss”.
    The Veyron has been immeasurable in building the Bugatti brand, and will benefit the brand for future (profitable?) models.

    The $5.6m loss per car is, i’m assuming, down to the cost of R&D, which I imagine would be a sunk cost anyway. And the technology Bugatti / VW has developed will lay a strong foundation for any future models it develops.

    The immediate monetary loss on the Veyron is, in my mind, short term.. The investment made now will be worth Bugatti’s while in the not-too-distant future.

    • Reckless1

      VW don’t lose money. Period.

  • Octavian

    Modern retro design, pretty cool but it’s quite dissimilar to what Lamborghini is designing for the future, which is just modern. No blue please.

  • Shak

    Any idea how many Veyrons are slated to be made at the end of the cars life cycle?