• Carl

    “The worst he could do was 8.1″ LOL

  • Simon

    Here I was thinking saab has been long forgotten, they never advertise, they are no where to be seen? whats with that?

    I am considering buying a Spec.B liberty in by mid year, but I think i\’ll have to take the authors advice and go see this thing in action.

    How is the warranty? Is saab going to be here to honour their warranty? I don\’t trust these small companies!

  • No Name

    Yeh Carl I had to read it twice. Nice car though but from other tests I’ve read its not in the Audi/Merc/BMW field. Come on GM pull yer finger out and sort the handling.

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au/ alborz

    No Name, you’re right, its not in German territory, mainly because it doesn’t have the badge, most peolpe would rather a BMW badge than a SAAB one for the same price.

    Although you have to remember SAAB give you a whole lot more as standard while the Germans will have u ticking more boxes than a passport application.

  • No Name

    Right there Alborz. Suppose if you want a drivers car then buy the BMW, if you want more buttons to play with and the exclusivity then the Saab your thing. I’ve always admired Saabs but the interiors since GM took over appear to be plasticky.

  • SteveR32

    Simon – Don’t do it…..

    The cars look amazing and may drive well to begin with but they really are sub-standard cars in every way (bar exterior aesthetic treatment).

    My previous car was a 9-3 Vector which I kept for just on three years. Lost 15k on my residual value. (Here’s hoping the R32 will hold up its value a little better!)

    Thats a pretty big hit to take on a car that isn’t all that flash to begin with.

    Go check out www dot saabcentral dot com and take a look at all of the issues owners are having. Not worth it IMO.

  • turbin


    You’re right, the early 9-3s (2003-04) weren’t too crash hot. My 2006 Sportcombi has had a few minor issues and they were fixed no-questions-asked. Otherwise it has been a blast. You say you lost $15k, based on what purchase price. Any residual above 60% is doing OK these days given the bum has fallen out of all used values. But, yes, Saabs don’t do as well as the (soulless) Germans in this regard.

  • SteveR32

    Hi Turbin,

    The 9-3 Vector was my second venture into a lease aggreement. I know lease agreements very well and know my residual values well. Trust me… my residual value would have been a fair value for any other car. I know the used car market died on its ar$e in recent times. But not to the tune of (over) 15k.

    Problem lies in the second hand market. NOBODY wants a 3 year old Saab. That includes wholesalers.

    Another reason for the shocking residual values is the discounting Saab dealerships provide. They aren’t selling all that well at the moment so we are seeing fairly large discounts….especially on demonstrators. Feeding that depreciation even more.

    I sold my car and swore I would NEVER buy a Saab again.

    PS Go to www dot saabcentral dot com

    Plenty of good tips to avoid (ridiculous) repairs. (eg. don’t use cleaning agents on internal linings as they peel…….. yes…peel)

    All the best with your car though mate (serious)

  • SteveR32

    Ps Yes you are right the 03/04 models were not all that flash.

    Mine was a 2005 model. They replaced the first one (2004) for being a lemon. (thats for real too)

    I still had issues with the second one, though not nearly to the same extent as the first. (buttons still peeled, auto tranny wasn’t smooth, sunroof had a mind of its own sometimes etc.

    I know the cars very well as I have been a very active member of that Saab forum. I know the cars have vastly improved. I just don’t beleive they have improved “enough” when compared to other cars out there and felt the need to tell others out there before they potentially went through the same trap I did.

    Again – all the best with yours! :) *fingers crossed for my new one too!* :)


  • http://www.trollhattansaab.net Swade

    Simon, do it.

    i.e. go check it out. Not enough people do. Make up your own mind, but that 2.0T engine is well worth a look, the new look is a killer and whilst some will criticise the handling compared to the lauded BMWs, I guarantee that one run through some twisties would have you hard pressed to believe you’re driving a wagon.

    Just check it out, then buy what you want.

  • Mofo

    dont believe Swade, Simon

    he works at a bloody Saab dealership

  • James F

    Great article (very thorough)..

    Personally, ive never liked the aesthetics of the Saab – in and out.. The exterior is a little like 911 in that over 30 years – its a distinctive look (one which Ive never liked for Saab). I am not a fan of the interior either for this new one.. sorry..

    For me, I would rather buy the Liberty GT as you mention even though Saab technically has the better name.

    I think Saab need to look forward to give us (the driver) more!! my pennys’ worth anyway.

  • James F

    Last post: sorry – didnt finish the sentence with 911… I meant to liken the saab to 911 in that both cars have kept the fundamental shape for 30+ years!! thats all..

  • Duck

    Never knew it was based on the GM Vectra platform, but hey u learn something new everyday!

    It looks terrific on the outside, just wonderful!
    Would be nice if there was more power!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And yes as we all know the dash looks pretty old, takes u back to 1999 or 2000!

  • jaycar

    I nearly baught a Sportcombi. They are a great drive, and it feels very safe, and the features are well above its competitors in the same price range. But the RESALE – if you lease one, you are lucky to get the residual back if you do 20K’s a year. Saw a 2003 model with 115K’s for $18grand. That stopped me signing the contract. And the insurance is at least $500 more, and the service costs are huge compared to an Audi, or Subaru for that matter. They are for the person who doesent mind pouring money down the drain for individuality…

  • SteveR32

    Agree Jaycar.

    Was a very painful 15k mistake.

    Don’t do it guys.

    The R32 was worth it tho! :)

  • Duck

    They just didnt want to show of with there 1-100 times……….thats all!

  • Duck

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^Meant 0-100km/h times

  • Duck

    Should be a six speed auto for the price. You get that in a Holden SS ($46,990) or cheaper Skodas

  • Ethan Silk

    Good review…

    i did drive the 9.3 and the 9.5….

    what a piece of shyte they were…

    tarted up vectra’s!!!!

    over priced and under delivered…

    if there is one thing i can commend them on, it would be their safety record… simply they are one of the most safest cars you can drive, more so than Volvo!

    but seriously i’d rather have a slightly underpowered but ultimately a better put together BMW 3 series than an over priced tarted up vectra!

    i also drove the current 3 series in manual guise and oh my god does it handle and i mean insane driving… the saabs cannot compare… period!

  • Frugal One

    Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to expensive, underdone, poor resale, FWD, owned by GM, to many little problems/faults etc etc should i go on?

    Wake me when its back and owned by Swedish hands again



  • Flying High

    The only way to buy a Saab is go and test drive it, listen to the Sales man gaff about what a great car it is – mention you want all the options it can possibly come with watch the sales man smile and then say you will think about it and walk away. Guaranteed the sales man will call you back three times and eventually offer you a ridiculously low price as compared to the first price you were offered.

    If you buy it, then expect to hold on to it till it dies 20 years later, because no one will ever buy it from you.

  • washaero

    Whoever is considering a Saab, I highly endorse the mark. I’ve had four and presently own a ’92 900 Turbo ‘vert and an ’06 9-3 Aero Sportcombi, which has been nearly flawless in my nearly two years with it. Had an ’02 9-5 Aero Sportcombi that was a fine car as well.

    Can’t say that about VWs I’ve owned…will never do that again. VWs continue to have significant quality issues — a well documented fact.

    However, drive a Saab for yourself. Don’t let others influence you — it’s YOUR decision afterall!

  • Ebbot

    I must agree with all of you who recomend a test drive. And dont make it a short one go for a trip an test the car. (You should do this with every car you thinking of buying)

    Complaints aboit this car being a vectra are silly. Most cars today share platform but differ a lot.
    The Saab in my opinion give you a lot. Foolproof handling, acceleration that is better in real world than on paper (se review), quite goog fuel economy and smart engenering that helps your everyday motoring.

    Most importan its the safest carmaker on the market. The 9-3 has superb rating for sedan, combi and vert. No other has that. The 9-5 also have the highest standard and that is achieved with 10 year old construction. BMW are the even close?

    People who test drive – usually buy one…

    says it all

  • Flying High

    I test drove a SAAB 9-3 back in 2004, but I bought a Suby Liberty GT. The Suby was cheaper and a FAR superior vehicle in almost every regard save for the 300 function trip computer you find in the SAAB. No SAAB for me thank goodness, Suby over SAAB anyday.

  • andy

    Hi Guys

    Ive owned a saab before (900 aero). Great car but very expensive to repair. Just test drove the new 9-3 aero wagon on the weekend and am going back next week to look again. Now if your purley a BMW fan then dont read this next part cause it will only upset you. This car made the BMW three series look like a toy. All bmw can say is we have near 50:50 weight dis so it’s a drivers car. But to get a three series thats decent then you will need a second morgage. But the saab actually handled better. Acclerated faster (not 0-100 but from 40-100 my goodness).It really is a personal thing but groing up in FWD cars i just think the RWD’s are a handfull. I have to say this though. A subaru libety better than a 93 taking the price into accouant then i aggree…..But i’m not giving my money to the Japanese until the learn that killing wales whilst lying about it is wrong. Go hunt them just stop bloody lying about it.

  • Duck

    Frugal One, whats wrong with GM?

  • Frugal-One

    2 Things

    1.The VE Comm. ute is not avail. witt a BENCH SEAT

    2.They should NOT own SAAB.

    Thats about it!



  • Stephen

    I’ve got a MY07 93 Vector Sport and love the car!! This is my 4th SAAB, prev one being a 2001 95 Aero (black beast & awesome performance & great stereo. Never had big issues with any of my SAABs. This one will sit on 150km/h, but feels like you are doing 100km/h. How about using 6.7L/100km on the highway @ 120km/h in real life. Not everyone wants a SAAB, and that’s partly why I like the brand. I don’t want a BMW 3 series, or Subaru like everyone else. Also, look how out of date 5yr old Jap cars look. Give me a SAAB anyday.

  • carl

    help my voice recognition wont dial any thing saab 93

  • carl

    keeps saying voice not recognised