If your car doesn’t have a name, it’s in the unloved minority.

According to an online poll by UK website WeBuyAnyCar, 53 percent of motorists give their vehicles a name.

The most popular name? Betty. Followed by Betsy. Then Bess, and Bertie. Clearly there’s something about the letter ‘B’ for car namers, with Bertha and Bob also inside the top 10:

  1. Betty
  2. Betsy
  3. Bess
  4. Bertie
  5. Daisy
  6. Bertha
  7. Meg
  8. Charlie
  9. Herbie
  10. Bob

The name Harrison was also especially high among Ford drivers.

The poll of 3000 vehicle owners found that women are more likely than men to become emotionally attached to their car, with 60 percent naming their rides compared with 41 percent of men.

Irrespective of gender, one in four admitted to shedding a tear when saying goodbye to their car for the final time.

First cars, blue cars and red cars are the most likely to get names, while grey cars and green cars more often remain nameless.

The poll also found that car names are very personal. Only 12 percent of people chose to pass on their car’s name to its next owner, and just two percent of buyers chose to stick with the inherited name.

One of the best names uncovered in the poll was ‘God’, as the owner said of his car: “it moves in mysterious ways”.

Do you have a name for your car? Let us know in the comment section below.

  • Skeeter

    I wouldn’t consider 53% to be a majority

    • oneplus

      If you think 53% isn’t a majority, then I think you need to redo year 2 maths lessons.

      • Skeeter

        i know what a majority is, i also know that 3000 car owners that answered the poll is a measly amount and the results couldve easily gone the other way.

  • Martin

    This is too funny. My friend named his old magna, Betty. But I think that was after Ugly Betty. Haha.

  • david suzuki

    i heard that tiger is a quite common name for a car here in aus followed by jessie.

    • Rob

      Yep, my 05 golf is called tiger. For more than just the obvious reason. More specifically because I thought it was the best and then it broke my heart and ruined its reputation.

  • http://www.lowmileageengines.com Chryslerengine

    I named my car Baby,it is just like my child.

  • toxic_horse

    I have had ‘Danger Mouse’ corolla panel van
    ‘Big Bird’ Kingswood Wagon
    ‘Brown Dog’ Brown Camry

  • BF_XR6

    Haha, I was wondering about this the other day because i have named all but one of my cars and the one i didnt was a hoodoo car.

    1984 Holden Gemini – Charlotte
    1993 ED Ford Falcon – Amber
    1995 EF Ford XR8 – No name
    2006 VW Polo GTI – Constance
    2010 Ford Fiesta Zetec – Isabella
    2005 BF Ford Falcon XR6 – Faith

    Plus my 2010 Kawasaki zx6r – Bethany

  • Falcon_crazy

    First car ‘Jack’…was a Subaru Dl wagon – cant say why it was called that on the web..

    First Falcon – Henry of course. Next Red XF was Bluey (Monza Red) First Ute, AU Falcon was ‘Kel'(Ned Kelly)..upgraded quickly to BA RTV – ‘Ned’ which i still have and my FG Ute – Captain Thunderbolt – nicknamed ‘Bolt’ – seems i have a thing with bush rangers…looking for anem for my T6 Ranger at moment!

  • filippo

    I once owned a Nissan NX-R which I named Christine (after the Stephen King book) because it tried several times to kill me in mysterious circumstances.

  • lauren

    I have a Mazda RX8 called Oliver – because it drinks like Oliver Reed

  • Snowman

    My car is called ‘Wiggy’ – only because of the number plate

  • Wayne Kerr

    A guy at work names his silver Skyline “Wingman”, it has an aftermarket spoiler and he claims it gets him laid.

    • Luke

      “A guy at work”, huh?

    • Peter

      I’ve rarely met a girl remotely interested in bogan cars, although it doesnt stop me buying them. My latest (“Jaggy”) is spectacularly unsuccessful in attracting young women, it generates interest only from guys, and I’m not even curious to go there.

  • Hooda

    Does “brown box that rolls” count?

  • Tom H

    My silver Audi A4 is named Audrey.

  • need a new car

    1989 VN commodore wagon (with a bench seat and column shift) – Stella – after the 9 slabs of Stella Atrois it carried to schoolies.

    2002 BA xr6 – Sophie – after a good looking but bitch of a manager… same went for the car

    2007 Ford Focus – Strawberries – well because it was red and it was the then misses car. Best car I’ve lived with in my short life…

    2000 Barina SB City – Deadmau5 – After a passimg comment from a drunken work mate saying it looked like a mouse and that it almost got me dead while exploring what it could do down a dirt road.

  • Andrew

    I must be hanging out with a particularly unemotional people because nobody I know names their car. I’ve owned many myself and the thought of giving them names never even crossed my mind!

  • Brodzilla

    I had a 1989 Red Honda Prelude; Rhonda.
    1995 EF Falcon wagon; Wags.
    1993 Blue Honda Prelude; Luda
    2008 Black Subaru Liberty; Vader.
    And we call our ski boat ‘jenny’ after forrest gump.

  • Grammar Nazi

    My mate has a black Yaris hatch called ‘Gary Coleman’.

  • Carl

    I have a 1973 Fiat 500 with the registration plate GW155, and hence somebody called it GWISS since the early 80’s and it stuck.

  • bob

    I had a Diesel Gemini which was called Beatrice


    kudo’s to the guy who thought up “zoe” for an electric car..Zero Omissions Electric…

  • http://CarAdvice The Salesman

    Yes, we give our cars names. But, there is one name that is universal. What every car is called (regardless of make) when it wont start or breaks down?

  • Lox

    Our Fiesta is called “Fez”
    The XB falcon is “Patches” (coz of the paint – being restored)
    The XC was “white trash”

  • Greasy

    I’ve got 98′ black ford f150 extended cab named Fluffy

  • Andrew

    My Silver 05 Lumina is called “Christine”,
    My brothers Red 03 SV8 is called “Hienz” (big red)
    My Mums 09.5 Atomic Green SS is called Penny Wong.

  • Bob

    1998 White Ford Festiva – Eugene, named by a friend (nerdy uni car, nerdy name)
    2002 Silver Ford Focus – Fritz, named by the same friend (He was German and needed a name starting with “F”
    2009 Blue Ford Territory – Thomas (the Tank Engine)
    2010 Brown Ford Territory – Fidel (the paint is called “Havana”)

  • Ian

    Thank heavens for this study – thought I was the only looser who named their cars.

    1984 Ford Falcon – Valmai
    1990 Ford Telstra – Tommy
    1997 Magna – Magda
    2005 mazda3 Sp23 – Molly
    2010 Golf GTI – Veronica

    And I have been guilty of sheeding a single tear when departing with a couple of these cars. Cars can be an extension of yourself…personality and lifestyle. When letting go of a car its like closing a chapter of your life.

  • Jessica

    My black on black 2011 Honda CRV EX-L is named Ramona, while my 2003 Honda Accord EX is named Rhonda… get it rHONDA. Buwahaha 😉

  • Tierney

    I had a astra estate called tiggy mostly to do with the reg.

    my ford KA was names raphael after the ninja turtle, as KAs look liek turtles

    and my current car is a peugeot 206 and hes call willy (after groundskeep willy simpson)
    hes from glasgow.

    i am just about to by a suzuki vatara in white, which i may call barbie or something very 90210.

  • Car Fanatic

    I don’t know anyone who names their car. I must hang with normal people.

  • Em

    My first car toyota hilux named quaffy , next came a holden nova name x_plode, next came holden barina named bubblez, next came 1995 mitsubishi lancer named shylo, next came an 04′ lancer named arielle, and im about to pick up my next baby which is an 04′ nissan xtrail maybe ill call it bruce or bruiser or tank lol

  • Em

    Ive only just turned 20 lol doing alrite on a maccas wage

  • Chris Rippon

    my landcruiser is called Buddy, he a good mate and takes me anywhere

  • Vicky_bricknell

    my car is called betsy, i never realised it was one of the most popular names…

  • Stella Love


  • Maxie

    I have a 93 buick century and named it Rosa, Rosa Parks, because it seems like she likes to park rather than driving