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by Karl Peskett

In one of the shortest tenures in Holden’s history, Chris Gubbey has been replaced as GM Holden’s Chairman, and Managing Director.


Nothing untoward here, as Gubbey has been appointed GME Vice President and Managing Director, GM Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Stepping into the new role is 44-year-old Mark L. Reuss, Executive Director of Global Vehicle Systems and Integration. Reuss (above) has been named GM Asia Pacific vice president, and Chairman and Managing Director of GM Holden.

Nick Reilly, GM Group Vice President and President of GM Asia Pacific, had this to say:

“This is a fairly unusual move for GM. As a general rule, GM doesn’t move executives after such a short time, especially in such an important market as Australia, but Chris’ unique expertise in working within partnerships and in developing countries made him the ideal candidate to grow GM’s business in Russia at this critical time. Mark is the ideal replacement for Chris. His extensive leadership experience, as well as his product engineering and manufacturing knowledge, will be hugely beneficial to GM Holden. His previous work on global programs and systems integration are very appropriate for Holden’s future.”

Mr Reuss’s 25 year stint with GM has seen him responsible for GM’s production studios, Executive Director, Architecture Engineering and GM Performance Division, and Executive Director, North American Vehicle Systems and Architecture.

He has a Bachelor of Engineering degree in mechanical engineering from Vanderbilt University in 1986, and Masters in Business Administration from Duke University in 1990. He is a certified Industry Pool test driver on the North Course of the famed Nurburgring and has earned his license for Grand American Road Racing.

Mark Reuss begins his role at Holden from 1st Feb 2008.

  • Reckless1

    That’s great news for Holden.

    This current guy wasn’t doing GMH any favours at all.

  • greg

    I hope this new manager can fix GM Holden Daewoo billion dollar problems, the (GM titanic) big ship is sinking real fast, and sooner or later should hit bottom, the whole company is so tarnished, will or can they gain back some respect as they lost me years ago and made it even worse when Holden included Daewoo crap in the line up….

  • Myke

    Jeez that was quick, he only replaced Mooney in August. In that time the line up didnt change much, hope the new guy brings Vauxhalls back.

  • Captain Mainwaring

    Sounds like the dance of the desperates. Why would you haul a guy out of such an important slot after only five months? Do they have a long-term strategy?

  • Andrew M

    was the response to the daewoos here perhaps the reason for this? and to bring someone to try and restore some pride and respected vehicles?

    if so its good that holden has evaluated the response to daewoos and may actually listen to the consumers.

    it may be cheaper for them but if they arent getting the turnover they forecast then it was a pointless exercise

  • Duck

    Good! It might stop holden making daewoo’s or make them alot better!

  • Elitist

    Whats this? Holden hires another American?

  • Dennis

    Looks like they are shifting the seats on the TITANIC.

  • Bret

    Holden doesn’t make Daewoos, they just sell them, and Daewoo even fit the Holden badges for them.

    Holden doesn’t “hire” any of them. GM USA appoints them!

  • Masynee

    With an engineering background hopefully he will take a dim view of the current Daewoo’s on offer and do something about it.

  • Duck

    Why did they have to change the commy picture to this……….yuk!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wheelnut

    Why can’t the GM of Holden be an Australian. I mean Who else knows what Australians wants in a car better than an Australian.. For example: I’m sure if an Aussie was in the top job the first thing s/he’d do is drop the Daewoo

    They know what a car needs to look like and how well it needs to be built inorder to survive our harsh rugged environment.

    It seems we are good enough to help design build cars for the rest of the world but as yet we are unable to run our local car manufacturing company.. which seems a bit weird

  • http://http//myvision.iuplog.com John Mansfield

    I worked with Mark many years ago in Flint. His dad was number 2 in GM. I’m sure this is a stepping stone to something bigger.

  • Doug

    Hope this site is still alive as going by the mail last letter is 2009.
    I purchased a Holden Astra twin Top (not a cheap car ) in 2007 or should say leased it. I have now been made redundant from my job (9/02/10) & need to pay it out,however on top of this my Astra developed a squeeky roof and an alarm going of all the time until reaching 100KLM so my wife took it to our local dealer, Launceston Holden (9/02/10) who have worked on it nearly every day till the end of the day friday 19/02/10. On picking up the car she was told it was still not fixed and that nothing could be done untill Wednesday 3/03/10 and not only that but the roof now doesn’t work nor can you open the boot. This I find unbeleivable as not only have they stuffed up but they then gave my wife an unsafe car to drive, where is duty of care and where is quality?
    I have always been a Holden supporter and have ignored remarks made by others about this dealership, however after experiencing first hand what has been said am now (if this car can be fixed )seriously thinking going one of the japanese brands.

  • Uriahdonahue

    i have a 1988 chevy k1500 love my truck but i cant get any parts u dont make alot of the important parts like a torsion bar x member or even a steering collum and many others thats crappy i may just have to by ford from now on realy dont want to but i can get all the parts for them once again dont want to but i may have to