The Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC) has received positive feedback from the major Victorian political parties in response to its call for the introduction of a six-month vehicle registration payment option.

In the lead-up to Saturday’s Victorian State Election, the ALP, Coalition and Greens all confirmed they would consider the proposal.

The VACC has campaigned for VicRoads to be allowed to offer Victorian motorists a payment option. Currently, only concession card holders can pay by installments.

Victoria is the only state not to offer all motorists the option to pay by installment.

ALP Minister for Roads and Ports, Tim Pallas, said it was an issue “we think increasingly is a matter that some thought should be given to”.

Liberal/National Coalition Transport spokesman, Terry Mulder, said he was “more than happy” to look at changes to the current regulations.

“I’d like to think that I could do something for people, particularly those who are affected, low-income earners,” Mr Mulder said.

Greens candidate Greg Barber said his party would support a six-month payment option for vehicle registration “provided any extra administrative costs do not jeopardise the current half-yearly option for concession card holders”.

VACC executive director, David Purchase, said he was encouraged by the comments, but continued to challenge the decision-makers.

“Why wait any longer? This could be introduced immediately as the infrastructure is in place and the proposal benefits motorists and small business owners,” Mr Purchase said.

“At over $600 per annum, vehicle registration and the TAC fees payable on the average family car are one of the largest Government levied charges in the household budget: a lump sum payment is a big hit to the hip pocket.

“And why should Victorians be disadvantaged?” he asked. “VACC calls on the next Victorian Government to introduce a six-month vehicle payment option.”

  • bangel

    Wow i thought this was universal ,SA has done it for years by 1/4 , 1/2 . although govt has just anounced reverting to 1/4 or year with no tax disc required .

    • MisterMister

      That’s because everyone in SA is unemployed.

      • bangel

        Correct all the bogans from victoria moved to sa in their crummerdores with no licence or rego , too expensive to live in vic .

  • Andrew M

    Has anyone in Vic tried paying just half of the rego renewal??

    Ive paid the incorrect amount (not by much) on my QLD rego before by mistake, and all they do is send a letter saying the rego period has been adjusted accordingly.

    Surely if you underpaid by half in Vic their system would do the same too

    • Daniel

      Your car wouldn’t be registered, they would still fine you

  • DGS

    If the Vic Government is thinking of letting its citizens pay their rego for 6 months at a time it means they might be planning to raise the cost of rego, and giving people an easier payment plan may ease the rage.

    Stand by to be bled dry.

  • Daniel

    Politics talking about change but then not changing anything, sounds familiar?

    Can someone please give me a logical answer why we in Victoria don’t have this is place? Instead of Terry Mulder, saying he was “more than happy” to have it, how about you just shut up and do it?

    Australian politics would debate the correct way of rolling a ball and never get around to rolling it!

  • qbbroa

    Minister Mulder……….time to act!!

    Minister Mulder
    Minister Mulder
    Minister Mulder