by Brett Davis

Mazda is revealing more details of what is likely to be the new Mazda RX-9 set to follow in the footsteps of the old Mazda RX-7. There’s also more details revealed on the 16X engine, which is now well into the development stages.

The new model will be a strict two-door coupe unlike the recent Mazda RX-8 four-door arrangement. It is also expected to use Mazda’s new 16X rotary engine which is said to be ‘quite a bit bigger’ than the current twin-rotor design.

Mazda’s own website has a detailed description of the new motor. Key points include the introduction of direct injection technology – a first for a petrol rotary engine, aluminium side housings, 1600cc capacity instead of 1304cc of the 13B RX-7 and RX-8 engine, and new engine dimensions with increased stroke and reduced rotor width for improved thermal efficiency and more torque.

Japanese reports also say the new motor could use an electric supercharger to bump power figures to around 225kW. Reports from Autocar also say the car should weigh around 1250kg, making it a true light-weight sports car much like the late Mazda RX-7 coupe generations, with proper sports car power.

Rumours say the car should be in production by 2013.

Rendered image: Autocar

  • ozmazda

    Sounds great that Mazda are looking at getting back to a hot fast 2 door rotary….and 2013…hmmmmm the year I turn 50…what a great present…. lol

    • jimbob

      *comment removed – personal insults not allowed*

    • Jester

      if they make this, and the specs are as staTed – I’M BUYING IT.
      Hope they make it look really aggressive, with performance to match – C’mon Mazda, we are all looking forward to the next generation of rotaries.

  • ozmazda

    did I miss something intelligent…lol

  • Hector

    looks like mazda are jumping on the bandwagon along with the FT-86 boys

    smart move. direct injection should make the thing very fuel efficient.

  • Flying High

    If they build this and the thing still cant match a WRX or Evo, then it is all a bit pointless. The rotary has often been a lot of promise, with a desert like thirst, but little on delivery. Lets hope this all improves with this model. The render is not exciting really. Sort of reminds me of a Mazda 929 Coupe from the late 80s in some ways.

    • Hung Low

      A 20 year old RX7 will still give a WRX a run!
      As for Rotaries being a lot of promise, 3 outright Bathurst 12hr production races in a row, banned from Lemans 24hr after total domination of the race with the unbelievable sounding quad rotor 26B. They are good circuit engines but can be a pain for a daily driver.

      • Flying High

        Sounded like you were going to get to a point. But then you didn’t.

        • Hung Low

          Talking about pointless, your little bit about it looking like an 80’s 929 confirms that you really are flying high! sike!

      • kaido

        I am a daily driver for 5 years and I love it!

  • Shak

    Mazda as long as you guys get the design right, it probably wont matter whats under the hood. The looks and sounds that a Mazda Rotary with RWD make will sell them in droves. Please dont screw it up!

  • j

    All I can say is, that weight figure is pure journalism guess work. I highly doubt it’ll be that weight.

    And what is an electric supercharger? Capacitors attached to an electric motor? Or an electric powered pump?

    • Acfsambo

      An electric supercharger is one that is driven by an electric motor rather than the crankshaft. So basically an electric compressor. allows the supercharger to be used only when it is needed and not draw power from the engine to drive it. A different approach to the supercharger attached to the new 5L FPV motors which use a clutch system to turn the supercharger on and off.

    • Devil’s Advocate

      What makes you think it will not make that weight? That was about the weight of the FD RX-7 and with Mazda’s latest weight saving techniques as used in most of their current cars it is not out of the question. ie, high strength steels etc. Especially if rumours about it being based off the MX5 platform are true. Mazda have been one of the most aggressive main stream companies of late when it comes to reducing ‘body in white’ weight.

      Either way, it would have to be something special to beat the FD in the looks department which IMHO is one of the best looking cars to ever come out of Japan and is one that holds it’s age very well. Especially considering it is almost 20 years old. Such an awesome looking car, however it was a bit ‘hard core’ for most people, but it made no appologies for that. That is what made the FD so good.

  • gt6

    Is the RX-7 nameplate been sent to the grave??
    Or does the RX-9 nameplate allow for a slightly larger “Grand Touring” type body shell and at a later stage a tighter, more lithe RX-7 body shell based on the same architecture??

    • Shak

      Well the son of the head engineer for the RX-7 has said that if Mazda revive the name he wants to make it a hardcore as the original model. He wants to do it right. So they wont revive it until they are ready with the new Sky rotaries Sky tranmissions.

  • Luke

    I think it looks awesome, hope it makes production!

  • My Cars Called T-Rex

    Cool the evolution of the rotary engine has been long overdue.Be interesting to see what the final power and torque output of the 16x will be compered to the 13b.

  • Fenno

    Torque will be the deciding factor here. I had an RX8 and although the numbers stacked up (177kw), the seat of the pants sensation of sportiness was somewhat lacking due to the complete lack of torque (216nm).
    My new diesel Polo feels brisker even though it isnt.