by Brett Davis

Hans Stuck, Volkswagen test driver and ex-F1 driver, has recently revealed Volkswagen Group is planning to discuss a possible inclusion into an upcoming season of Formula One.

Apparently, a “strategy will be discussed” next month about what part, if any part, of Volkswagen Group could get involved in Formula One; either Porsche, Audi or Volkswagen.

As far as a time frame goes, speculations say VW Group would likely make an appearance at the start of the 2013 season, which is when major new F1 rules and regulations will be in force.

We’ll have to wait until November for the outcome though. It certainly would provide a nice spin to the championship if another major German manufacture became involved. And it will attract more fans. We’ll keep you updated anyway.

  • andronicus

    PLEASE let this happen.
    Porsche or Audi would be preferred but any entry would be appreciated.

    • Shak

      An entry from every major Auto group would make this series a whole lot more enjoyable. Imagine the likes of GM, Toyota, VAg and Ferrari competing.

      • Andronicus

        I would be happy to see Toyota not return to the F1 ranks personally although they have had some success with fast accelerated cars recently….whether the driver wanted it or not.

        It was a pit to see BMW go….and i dont think GM would be much use either.
        VW would be a welcome addition. Personally, i think TATA group should enter the fray via Jaguar. Would be nice to see them racing again. And definately a chinese entrant down the track (pardon the pun).

  • Steve

    cant wait, seems like vw group is getting more into motorsport in general.
    also why does it have to be audi or porsche. why not use one brand for the works team and rebrand the engine for customers. i always wondered why ferrari didnt/doesnt rebrand its customer engines, sauber ect, as maserati or alfa romeo. or toyota could have supplied its customer engines as lexus.

  • Al Juraj

    It needs to be competitive. F1 lost Toyota, Honda and BMW, which got replaced by three teams that are hardly significant. They’re way off the pace it’s dangerous, as evidenced in that stupid defensive stunt done by Kovalainen such that it sent Webber flying to destruction in Valencia.

  • Mad Max

    The easiest and cheapest way for VW to get into F1 would be to buy up Cosworth or to fund Cosworth as Ford did for many years. The engine is resonably competitive as seen in the back of the Williams. It just needs proper funding. It would save VW years and tens of millions of dollars developing an engine from scratch.

  • Fred

    During the 2010 Paris Motor Show, Porsche chairman Matthias Mueller made a statement hinting to a possible Porsche return to Formula 1. Specifically, Mueller stated that either Porsche or Audi would compete in Le Mans while the other would turn to Formula 1. Previously, Audi’s motorsport boss Wolfgang Ulrich had already stated that Audi and Formula 1 “do not fit.”

  • It’s true

    you mean the dangerous driving from mark webber that sent him in to the wall. 12 years in formula one and zero championships to his belt .