Toyota says it has increased the performance and environmental friendliness of HiLux’s 3.0-litre Turbo-diesel engine. Technical changes to HiLux’s common-rail turbocharged and intercooled diesel engine have increased power by 6kW and made the engine compliant to Euro IV emissions standard.

The improved Toyota 1KD-FTV engine will be fitted to all HiLux 4×2 and 4×4 diesel models from August 2006 production. The performance and environment upgrade for HiLux Turbo-diesel is part of a raft of HiLux technical, safety and specification changes due from August and October 2006 production.

ABS anti-skid brakes are standard equipment on high-grade HiLux SR5 models, and optionally available on HiLux SR and WorkMate. Improvements to Toyota HiLux Turbo-diesel models (from August 2006 production) also include the adoption of 15-inch steel wheels (in lieu of 14-inch steel wheels) on SR-grade 4×2 models.

The recommended retail prices for HiLux Turbo-diesel now starts at $29,590* for the 4×2 SR 3.0-litre Turbo-diesel. In addition, Toyota has included some additional specifications across HiLux 4×2 and 4×4 SR and SR5 grades.

From August 2006 production, all HiLux SR5 grade models will have front foglamps and all SR grade models (Quad Cam V6 and Turbo-diesel) will have body-coloured front bumpers. Two new exterior colours will be offered for all HiLux models from August 2006 production: Charcoal Grey and Cascade Blue.

Interior upgrades for HiLux include adopting hard-wearing vinyl floor covering for WorkMate and Double Cab SR-grade models, and a rear-seat centre headrest for all Double Cab models.

In addition, Toyota has deleted the deck guard frame on all SR5-grade models, to improve appearance. HiLux SR5 models have a Sports bar as standard equipment. The limited-slip differential will be standard equipment on all Double Cab SR5 models and optional (linked with ABS anti-skid brakes) on SR models.

  • george

    Great car and perfect working tool. I will order few more. Its a perfect for our business and futeure plans.

  • Marg

    It is the best vehicle that i have come across. Its smooth and powerful. The only minus of the hilux sr5 is the small wheels. They should have put bigger wheels on it… Say 19″ rather than a 15″ – I mean i payed over 50grand for the car and now Ive got to go out and pay 2grand for 19″!

  • Lisa

    Won’t you change the gearing though putting bigger wheels on it? It will make it slower!!!!!!!

  • Marco

    I changed the 15″ for 17″ and my truck looks lots better now! It’s a pretty powerful engine and the new wheels haven’t made it slower.

  • Johnno

    Its not the rim size that is small, its the outside diameter overall that is small.

  • warren

    hi have 2006 toyota sr5 hilux 3.0l diesel looking for power have been told to put a chip in it do you have any tech tips for me cheers

  • Ford Escape HYBRID – Wah Ha Boo Hoo

    Yeh Warren chip it or a tuning box. 20% more power 30% more torques, and better fuel economy. The plug in modules are easily fitted by anyone who can drive a spanner.

  • James

    Hi i have a 09/06 diesel Hilux dcab 4×4 it drives very well, the only problem i find with it is i believe it has a very high fuel consumption rate. I get around 11.5 litres per 100km, the toyota dealers i have spoken to tell me this is normal but when you look at a toyta website they are saying you should get around 9.5 to 10 litres per 100km

  • commonrail

    How do they get away with it!

    I have a fleet of work vehicles. The oldest one has just done 100,000Kms.

    The vehicle has started to loose power, idle roughly, stall and has become too dangerous to drive.

    I have just been told that the problem is that the fuel has contaminated the common rail diesel engine and that the engine is too sensitive to the low grade diesel we have in this country. We may or may not have low quality fuel in this country.

    It seems to me that the car manufacturer is avoiding the real issue. A company which sells cars in Australia should have systems in place which can deal with the fuel in that country.

    After all you couldn’t sell a TV without the correct plug or the ability to receive the broadcast.

    I have done a google search and it seems that this story is wide spread and well known. The mechanic knew all about it.

    The manufacturer has said they will not cover the cost of the required repair. Well, this really is not good enough.

    I want to contact all people who have had this problem. If anyone knows of any legal action which involved this problem I would also like to hear from them.

    By the way – I do not fill up at a discount fuel store.
    I can be contacted at this email account:

  • Kolipodnaem

    Toyota has never disappointed my company! I am a customer for life!

  • Zapoznanstva

    I’ve had one of this babies ever since they came out and I love it!

  • Коли Под Наем

    NICE. The perfekt

  • daniel lewry

    i have a 2006 deisel hilux and the motor has blown i have bought a motor motor out of a 2010 model but my mechanic said it wont fit i have done some research and some peaople said it will work just need to change the computer or just use the old injectors can you help

  • http://yahoo amang

    hi i have hilux 2*4 deisel model 06
    my quesion( 1 liter deisel to haw km way?