• Aussieitalian

    Elegant and timeless, and with the amazing Citroen ride characteristics it should sell a lot more.
    Mind you, it’d be nice to own one here in Oz as it’s a bit more unique on the road than some other more common euro-marques.

  • Shak

    i have said it before, and ill say it again. there is nothing wrong with this car. It is ATECO’s pricing policy and the total lack of marketing on their part that stops this beauty selling in much higher numbers. Compare it to the Stupid Laguna and i think we all know which is the much MUCH better car.

  • Rocklord

    I’ve always wanted to know who the heck actually forks out the dough for a Citroen, maybe consider one, yes, but to actually buy one sheeesh!

    • Aj

      I own a 2009 C5 and I can tell you they are one of the most beautiful and comfortable cars on the road today. The quality of the finish, stunning looks that makes heads turn and the amazing beautiful hydraulic suspension that make bumps feel like air.
      I love my car because its different. Its the same size as a commodore/falcon/camry but I can tell you, once you drive it you will change your mind–but then again most Australian buyer will stick the the common three mentioned.
      On the other hand, I do agree with the comment about ATECO. I really hope the distribution of Citroen changes some time in the future.

  • Shak

    Question: What does the Chevron Button in the fifth picture in the Gallery do? Is it like an M Button?

    • http://volkswagen Mal

      Would it hook you up to the nearest Citroen workshop? In the same way the SOS button would alert emergency services to any dramas via satellite communication. Of course we’d never see a feature like that down here.

    • Nasal Explorer

      Ejection seat button, clearly.

  • Baaron

    I’ve always considered this and still do one of the more beautiful cars on the road. I think it’s over priced though hence the lack of them on our roads but that may be a good thing as when I do see one I always stare in awe

  • Cupid Stunt

    Great car. Shak’s right I’ve driven the Laguna which is no where as good as this. The version I drove did however have awful steering response. I trust this was unique to to the 1.6 diesel otherwise it’s a serious flaw.
    I’ve no doubts about buying one if I could, better than the wife’s A6. really it is.

  • bangel

    Certainly has the looks , three quarter rear view is very audi .

    Still linger doubts over reliability , but my ladies 206 gti has been no problem with 55k on the dial .

    Hell every one has a horror story about every car on the road , maybe its the unlucky monday car that some peple get .

  • ScottB

    It’d be doing a lot better if it wasn’t so damn expensive out here. Citroen’s a budget brand in Europe.

  • Bimmerc

    It is very nice car indeed, it can atually give a run for Passat.
    The price is bit high though, and the depreciation is just astonishing!

  • Andrew

    I can’t help but think that Ateco misread the market in bringing only diesel models here. There’s nothing at all wrong with diesel but surely at least one petrol variant would have put the C5 in a lot more people’s comparison set.

  • Aj

    Anybody know what bronze/brown car is in the first picture? (the smaller ones) – Its not a C5

    • ads

      That is the new Citroen DS4. It just debuted at the Paris Motor Show. I personally think it looks awesome.

  • CK

    We have had our 2009 C5 2litre HDi for 32000 trouble free km and love it. Effortless cruising and supreme comfort, well worth the money we paid for it as there is so much standard on the car that the only options you may wish to add are surplus bling.

  • Bill

    Thanks CK for the assurance. I have just bought a C5 last month, done so far only 500km and love it. Agreed 100% with your comments. The level of equipment definitely justifies the asking price. The hydraulic/pneumatic suspension alone would worth 5,6 thousand dollars, and no other manufacturer in the world would make this superb suspension. I want to thank Citroen for being innovative and brave to produce this unique set up, making the auto world richer and more interesting for motorists. Someone in this forum has asked who would actually fork out the money to buy this car, well until you own and drive it, you won’t realise how good it is, this car put a smile on my face every time I get into it, it reminds you that you are not in a Commodore, not in a Falcon and not in a Camry. Live with the car for a few days before you comment on it. A fair ask i believe.

    • http://caradvice Phil

      I hear you Bill. Not denegrating the quality of commodore, falcon or camry/aurion in the least – but you feel good driving a European marque (albeit probably a lesser one) – and people do stop to talk and inspect it because its a little different. The only thing I’d add to my earlier ‘review’ now I have driven it for 3 months is I find the steering somewhat vague compared to my previous car. Otherwise, terrific.

  • http://caradvice Phil

    Just took delivery of my new C5 just over a week ago. Really is something different and very well optioned for the price – everything that opens and shuts (bar functional cupholders!). A real concern however must be for those who bought theirs earlier this year and haven’t enjoyed the substantial drive-away deals currently on the C5(I did fortunately). It instantly de-values their earlier purchase and sends a message that PSA vehicles (including Peugot which are being discounted heavily) are ‘cheap’. I wholeheartedly agree with comments about the lack of decent promotion by ATECO. They could do more, especially on free-to-air TV.

  • Bill

    I agree with comments on the lack of cup/bottle holders in the C5. There are a few storage bits here and there but not the properly placed 2 cup holders for the front occupants. Well with any car there are always one or two things you are not happy with even with those costing $100,000 plus. On the fuel side, my C5 is currently consuming 9 lit diesel/100km city driving. This is a far cry from my 05 Prado (sold)which drank 16.5 lit petrol/100km.

  • Previous Lemon Owner

    I had a Citroen C5 (2004). It was the most the worst car I have ever owned. Based on this terrible experience, I have been scarred for life and will never buy another Citroen again, ever.

    The gimicky electronics were extremely unreliable, breaking down regularly. The suspension, although nice when it worked was extremely unreliable, with the car lowering itself regularly at odd times, like when driving out of the car park so it would become stuck. I took it to at least 3 Citroen dealers to repair and it cost me approximately $3,000-5,000 per year to repair from year 3. The reverse mirror fell appart one day when I was driving, as did a part of the bumper bar and the drivers side door skirting. I ended up giving it to a relative. Recently they told me it had broken down again and the repair bill was $8000, for a car which I don’t know if you could sell for that much second hand now. A complete lemon.

    I will never ever consider buying a Citroen again, ever.

    I hope they have sorted out their reliability issues, but I doubt it.

  • Steve

    I have just got rid of my c5 diesel automatic,and my advice is if you have a c5 you should do the same and cut your losses.
    I will never by this make ever again as this company knows that the problem is there and choose to put ther head in the sand.

    A couple of years ago a friend of mine told me the company he was working for ordered 8 c5 saloons and within 3 months all had been returned with the same problem.
    windows with a mind of there own
    anti pollution defective
    automatic gear box defective
    anti theft device defective
    and so on and so on.

    all of which my own c5 had the same messages.

    Shame on you Citroen.

  • Zeller

    I owned a 2004 C5 2.0L petrol for 6 years and agree with the above two comments. The list of problems I had to deal with both large and small would be too long to detail here. Yet despite that last May I traded it in on another C5, a 2010 3.0L diesel Exclusive , hoping that surely the factory had improved quality.
    I can tell you that the quality especially the electronics seem much improved.
    I’ve now driven 40,000km without any problems at all.
    I live in the country and the 3.00L C5 is a beautiful long distance touring car.
    Niggles ; lousy storage space, tachometer too small , central control panel & buttons dated looking, air conditioning controls fiddly to use.

  • Pete

    I’m surprised at the comments about quality – I’ve bought 4 Citroens and they’ve all been great cars with good build quality and extremely reliable.

    The first was a Xantia 2.0L SX saloon in 2001, the second was a C5 Mark II V6 Exclusive in 2007, and I’ve just traded this in on a C5 Comfort Tourer. The fourth was a C4 Grand Picasso that my wife currently drives. All have been exceptional quality and it’s why I’ve gone back each time.

    Just my opinion, but with Citroen you need a dealer who knows the marque because they are a bit different especially the C5 with its suspension. The dealer I go to is Citroen-only and has been around for decades – Continental Cars in Sydney’s south.

    There are a few things that mildly annoy me, e.g. the French just don’t do cup holders very well. The C5 Mark II’s were too shallow, and in the current C5 it’s very awkward to get to inside the centre console. The Xantia had none! The current C5’s white text on beige buttons for the stereo is hard to read for those of us who need glasses. But these are minor things and Citroen get most of the other stuff right. I think they’re great cars.

    • Lionel Minter

      I have a C5 Exclusive 3.0 Sedan with every factory extra. It’s a year old now and is a wonderful car, especially on long trips with the incredible suspension and the seat massager – as is said “supreme wafting comfort. Unfortunately the dealer I bought it from (Damelians) closed down recently. They were a multi dealership and I agree with Pete’s comments on Continental Cars (go there). I have a recurring issue with the factory Satnav system which periodically looses all audio. Damelians were never able to sort it. Mine is in black and certainly turns heads. But I’d prefer a C6 alas nothing was available. Also the lack of suitable drink holders in the front is simply idiotic.

  • Gabriel

    Looks like the 2004 models were not up to par from reports of malfunctioning self-levelling suspension etc. But the 2007 model, which I have, is rather excellent, and has given me rather good service thus far. I am serriously thinking of upgrading to the new model in early 2012, after the family was bowled over by the current model late last month.