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by Brett Davis

Toyota has just announced a recall that will affect 116,507 Toyota HiLux four-wheel drive petrol and diesel vehicles, built between January 2005 and February 2010.

The issue was raised due to a fault that may occur with the tailshaft centre bearing support bracket on four-wheel drive models. In rough conditions – especially continuous corrugated off-road surfaces and cattle crossings – and during on/off accelerator circumstances, the support bracket may break and detach.

Just 19 cases have been reported at this stage so Toyota is advising the recall simply as a precaution. No injuries have resulted from any of the reports either.

Toyota says it will notify all owners of the potential problem asking them to take their cars to a local Toyota dealer to have the parts rectified before any problems occur, free of charge.

  • Jabba the Hutt

    “Oh what a sinking feeling”.

    This endless list of recalls must be costing toyota a massive amount of money. $ Billions?

    • unbreakable

      The worlds biggest recaller is ford by far do your homework SHAK!

      • Matthew

        He never said that the worlds biggest recalled was Toyota. Learn to read.

  • Shak

    I was wondering when they were going to issue a Hilux recall. Now all they need is a tarago and Landcruiser recall and we have the worlds largest vehicle recaller.

    • Andrew M

      This isnt the first recall for this series of Hilux.

      Its previous recalls were before the shyte hit the fan which is probably why you didnt count it.

      • Camry lover

        I am of the opinion that this recall is not notable. It should not have been reported by Car Advice as it could suggest biased reporting.

        The journalistic status quo is to only report unprecedented proceedings.

        Car Advice would appreciably augment their already superlative reporting stature if such peripheral issues were left unrecounted.

  • nickdl

    So much for being unbreakable…

  • My Password

    Can we ever be sure that a car that we buy will not be recalled?

    BTW..Can someone tell me if we need to pay for the labor when we take the cars to our dealers.

    • http://www.ozmazdaclub.com Tien

      I don’t think you would

      Only one way to find out for sure is to ring them up and ask

      But it should be free of charge since they did fit a faulty part to a not very cheap car

    • PS

      any labour required with recalls will be free.

  • Smithy

    So if you use the “unbreakable” Hilux in the conditions that everyone would expect you to ….. it BREAKS! – AWESOME

  • Car Fanatic

    Oh how the mighty have fallen

  • MazMagic


  • Ben

    This will be very inconvenient for 80% of owners – FLEETS hate to have their vehicles off the road.

  • ryan

    oh c’mon 19 out of 116507 had an issue thats a whole .016%

    Toyota is doing you a favour and half the Hiluxs are owned by soccar mums or yuppies with to much cash so i cant see many of them being driven in “continuous corrugated off-road surfaces and cattle crossings”

    • Nat Redgrave

      obviously you have no idea what happens in central qld and western australia, mining, i would say thats where 80% of the hiluxs are on mine sites constant corrugations and probably where they are driven in off road surfaces all day

      • SteveH

        So you are saying with all of these issues caused by the roads around the mine sites where 80% of Hilux’s apparently are has caused a grand total of 19 failures. Whoopee.

        • Nat

          no im saying ryan that 80% of hiluxs are driven on mine sites and not by soccer mums and if you had been on a minesite and seen what some of the problems with toyotas then you might understand that its not limited to 19

    • matt

      you dont get out of the city much do you ryan?

    • Andrew M

      Most Hiluxs are fleet vehicles owned by many development companies and mining corporations.
      If you think Hiluxs are plentiful in the city, you need to look further.

      An issue is still an issue no matter how much you want to talk it down with percentages.
      Ford has just recalled the Ranger for an issue that has affected .003% of vehicles, but so what, an issue is still an issue.
      At what percent does an issue become unacceptable in your book??
      I bet you only measure time in days rather than hours so you can say it took you “1” day to do something instead of “24” hours. That way you seem more efficient by reflecting a smaller number

      • ryan

        Sorry for having a dig about soccar mums and cashed up yuppies, but if your not a minimg company or one of the later, its pretty hard to buy a newer or new hilux yer?

        all im trying to say is toyota just like ford found an issue and is fixing it, and so they should, i dont think toyota hiluxs are sh$t because of this. i have had my current hilux for a long time and its been a bloody good ute, camping fishing and carrying lots of gear, and ive been to heaps of cool places in it and its never let me down.

        if people think that a particular car is never going to have an issue your kidding yourselves, its how small the issue is and what length the company goes to fix it that matters..

        • Ben

          OK, now we get he picture: ryan (note the lack of capitals) himself is the cashed up yuppie he was refering to, and thinks that all other g#y Hilux drivers are like him.

        • Hung Low

          Ryan, this is an issue that can cause a major accident and kill its occupants and other road users! What do you think happens if a tail shaft falls onto the road whilst still attached at the diff? A warning light on the dash?
          They found 19 but there are probably 1000’s of Hilux’s out there still to be identified with the same issue!

    • nickdl

      Most soccer mums wouldn’t be seen dead in a Hilux. You’re thinking more Prado/Kluger.

  • Car Fanatic

    Ford may have more recalls Mr Unbreakable, but at this rate Toyota will not only be the worlds largest car manufacturer, but the king of the recalls in due time.

  • jon

    I owned the previous model HiLux and did 175000k trouble free. Great vehicle. Sold it now and I am waiting for another great 4×4, THE AMAROK can’nt wait.

    • Nat

      agree that amarok will be an awesome piece of kit a long time comming but i guess worth the wait what a top bit of gear it will be if only they were brining the 3.0L turbo diesel into australia

    • Stu

      I also own the 2004 model. Done 285,000 and never missed a beat, working or playing.

  • bobr

    Wait a minute i just spent $60k to enter the TUFF COUNTRY where “NO TOFU IS ALLOWED” only to learn that it might fall to pieces on a gravel road.
    Hold on i just remember ,i didn`t,i bought vw t5 dualcab 4motion tdi instead,while knowing about the “TERRIBLE UNRELIABILITY of VW products”
    Stupid me.
    120000km trough anything(h20,mud,sand,tarmac,westgate freeway,hungry jerks drive trough) without missing a beat.
    I`m the lucky exception then i guess.

    • Nat

      good work what a good car those t5’s are my dad has one just a long wheel base transporter and i havent travelled in a car that handles so well its just awesome love it aye top car and he has done 150000kms in 4 year so it gets a good work out and never had one problem at all not one, and another little story i heard that the toyota hiace van isnt allowed into any european country because it doesnt meet the safety or emissions standards so thats how good toyota is aye??? yet they seem to flog them over here not for me thanks european all the way


    What season is? Duck season. No it is RECALL season!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1435885244 Yani Hendriawan

    if it wasn’t for caradvice i probably wouldn’t even know that my car needed to be recalled

  • Millatime

    Unbreakable eh? So, um, should someone be calling the ACCC, or maybe the Advertising Standards, to complain about false advertising??

    This bracket BREAKING recall is to be added to the bonnet catch that was BREAKING causing bonnets to fly up, in addition to disc brake rotors that were BREAKING and falling off…

    • b88lee

      umm the bonnet flying up was for the Ford Ranger recall also announced today but no one seems to care too much. everyone seems hell bent on Hilux bashing

      • Millatime

        ummm, check Hilux recalls about 2 years ago, you’ll find they were replacing the bonnet catches.

        At least you’re not disputing the brakes!

        • Jabba the Hutt

          A friend had to take his back for transmission problems too. They ain’t what they used to be.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000229920376 Stevo Terry

    The way things are going Toyota’s production line will end up as a continuous loop.

  • Hilux owner

    When are they going to recall the crappy Fujitsu stereos they put in the Hilux? I’m just about to get my 3rd one under warranty….