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by Brett Davis

Recent reports circulating are saying the European Opel brand might be heading to Australia as a separate entity to Holden. Reports say Opel has made recent successful efforts in selling in parts of Asia prompting the company to think about expanding to greater Australasia.

Many Opel models have been brought to Australian shores in the past and rebadged as Holdens, such as the Barina/Corsa and the Vectra. Opel is apparently pursuing a more global stance by introducing its name and company into countries like China, South America and Australia, by offering ‘European’ design and heritage.

According to a recent Autoblog report, Opel sold 4000 cars in China, which sparked interest in the company providing further European designs and models to the country through a widespread dealer network. Andres Kroemer, an Opel spokesman was quoted as saying in the same report,

“We will market Opel as a European designed car in the premium segment. There are a growing number of Chinese who like European cars and have the money to afford them.”

Opel will head to China initially and then shortly after, South America and Australia. We wonder what sort of clash this will present for Holden, although, most small Holdens now come from Daewoo and American, General Motors subsidiaries.

  • TomJ

    How does it make sense for GM to run duel brands, duel marketing expenses, duel dealership expenses (this may be offset by selling at Holden dealers) especially when Holden is the most established and loved brand name in Australia?

    I could understand with Caddilac, as they are luxury vehicles, but this makes no sense.

    • Stoney!

      same at one stage could have been said about ford, volvo, landrover, mazda etc etc. Ford were fingering all of them.

      • Shak

        Yes but they are all different class of brands. LR sells off road beasts, Ford sell to the blue collar worker, mazda sell to those looking for sporty family transport, and Volvo were for budding german buyers. Opel and Holden both have the same markets, but obviously when they come downnunder, and they will, they will sell models for around 3-4000 more than an equivalent Holden.

        • D

          Opel will be positioned as a ‘premium’ brand and be pitched against mainly VW and the other European marques.
          Both brands will be going after different segments of the market.

          • Matthew

            Exactly D, Opel will will be taking on VW and Skoda rather than the Opel rebadged products taking on Ford, Toyota and the likes. Did Saab work well out of Holden dealerships? No. Did Hummer? No.
            cant wait to see premium, quality products from the general.

          • jojo

            Just what the Australian car market needed….eeer umm another Euro brand. Maybe Opel should should have a look at slow Skoda sales before they consider pouring money (Which they dont have) into setting up a local distribution/sales/marketing arm.

          • Quality please

            Just what Australia needs another freakin asian car brand with ridiculous levels of quality and cheap plastic trims…I am all for OPEL starting up here as people here need to get back in touch with what quality is……

    • Devil’s Advocate

      This should be interesting to see. Two GM brands with their marketing and dealership expenses fighting to the death. Could be a proverbial blood bath. Nothing like a good old fashioned duel. …draw pistols at 10 paces… 😉

  • Andrew

    If GM will permit it, it seems a wise course. Opel have a number of excellent models which are not coming to Australia because of Holden’s pursuit of better margins and lower forex risk with South Korean made GM vehicles.

  • delux

    Odd move seeing as it may confuse people as their nameplates used to be branded as Holdens. Still I think they would well if they brought in their hot turbo versions and positioned them against VW/Skoda and the other premium euro hatches.

    • o

      not really only the astra shares the name.

      Id assume there initial lineup would be.


      Possibly the meriva

  • t39

    Good move by GM, Opel will appeal to those who avoid the Holden badge for fear of its redneck image.

  • c3vzn

    I’m all for it. After all, Australians only know of the Astra and maybe Zafira nameplate in the current Opel stable.

  • James007

    Opel and Holden are two different brands and represent two different segments of the Australian market.

    While Holden is chasing Toyota, GM will now have Opel to compete with the likes of Volkswagen and Honda.

    Because Holden insists on offering Australians cheaper motoring and a different range of cars from South Korea, then I can’t see the problem in Opel being sold in Australia for people who still want something more upmarket and have a soft spot for Holden badged Opels from the past.

    Plus, Opel have a sport brand in the form of ‘OPC’ that would be ready to go too.

    Holden need to realise that they can’t be the only GM brand that can be sold in Australia. It’s almost like Holden played a major role in blocking other GM products into Australia, just because they wanted to be everything to everyone from the GM world and by doing this, Australians never got the chance to sample some of GM’s better offerings.

    Holden should see this as a good thing.

    • Shak

      it was actually the other way round. GM was reluctant to sell dual GM brands in our market because they thought Holden had the market dominated, and any infighting would hurt them. But seeing as they are now relying on a cheaper product line, a new Brand in Opel will easily be able to take over the product line that Holden left behind.

      • Zandit

        Haven’t they already tried that with Cadillac?
        I don’t recall ever seeing that eventuate!

        • Matthew

          it didn’t work because the recession hit. It would be idiotic to launch a high end brand in that type of economic climate. Those models and UK bound Caddy’s were purchased by a NZ dealership and trust me, the sold like hot cakes.

  • Bold

    Bring corsa and a medium size Opel here, they will sell. And Holden don’t have anything good enough in these categories.

    • James007

      Opel could sell the Corsa, Astra and Insignia here and maybe the compact Meriva MPV and Zafira MPV.

      Would Opel still be able to use the Corsa, Astra and Zafira names in Australia??

      • Alexander

        I thought the Corsa name was never used in Australia?

        I’m sure they could just re-badge the Zafira and Astra, like Fiat did with the Ritmo as the Bravo name was already used by Mazda in Australia.

  • Millatime

    “…especially when Holden is the most established and loved brand name in Australia?” Please, enough sentimental rubbish! General Motors could’ve continued selling quality motor vehicles sourced from Opel, but instead chose cheap inferior Daewoo models for Australia. How gracious of them to treat you with such contempt!

    And you still profess love for them?

    It’s time to grow up mate.

    If this happens, what this will do is open peoples eyes to the fact that these “Premium” vehicles were once sold as Holdens, and then we look at the Daewoo dross being offered as Holdens now…!

    Thank you General Motors.

    • whatefa

      You mean the quality motor vehicles sourced from Opel that didn’t sell due to being somewhat overpriced as they were sourced from Europe? As opposed to the ones Sourced from GMDAT that are actually selling well?
      How gracious of you to overlook that basic fact!

      Thank you Millatime.

      • Mad Max

        Having driven all of the cars mentioned in Europe, I can tell you for a fact, they are not “premium” offerings. Yes the Opel cars look good, but like most Hyundais and KIA’s they don’t drive as good as they look. Why would Opel be seen as a “premium” car in Australia when they are seen as a cheap alternative in Europe? They have not won any “car of the year” awards recently and are known for patchy quality and very poor resale values. Read any European magazine or website. Like I said at the start, they look good and drive ok but “premium” they are not.

        • Igomi Watabi

          They sell cereal boxes made by VW and Peugeot etc here as “premium”, so why not products that from Opel, which are getting good reviews in the European press?

      • Millatime

        You’re very welcome whatefa, only too happy to tell things as they are.

        Your perspective is also curious. You seem to be blindly defending the company, and conveniently looking the other way when it comes to the quality of the product.

        Are you so in love with General Motors that you think its quite OK to withdraw the 4 star rated Opel Barina from the Australian market, and replace it with the 2 star Daewoo death trap?

        “Sourced from GMDAT” If theres nothing wrong with Daewoo product why did they change the name?

        • whatefa

          uhuh, and you seem to be blindly trying to tear strips of Holden for making a business decision that seems to have paid off in spades. If you want to raise supposed quality issues of the current Holden Korean lineup please post some links supporting your claim.
          BTW I believe Barina has a four star rating these days.

          • Millatime

            “uhuh, and you seem to be blindly trying to tear strips of Holden for making a business decision that seems to have paid off in spades.”

            Who has it paid off in spades for? The corporate fat cats in Detroit and Korea? Certainly not the Australian motoring consumer, and tragically not people injured and killed in sub standard cars.

            Thankfully the current Barina does have a 4 star safety rating, but dynamically it is woeful and the build quality is still sub standard.

            Why are you defending a foreign corporation, especially one that has treated the Australian car buying public this way?

            It is not at all necessary for me to post links supporting my claims regarding quality. If you, or anyone else reading this, wishes to research this it is simple. Just read ANY review from the motoring press from when General Motors replaced the European sourced Holdens with vehicles from the Daewoo line up.

            Take your rose (GM) colored glasses off first though.

          • whatefa

            People have been injured and killed in Holden’s Korean offerings? How so, because the brakes don’t work and the steering won’t turn? Yes the roadsides are littered with burnt out new Barinas that have killed thousands. This must have been all over the news. Again, feel free to post a link supporting your comment.
            So they are not screwed together properly either? Again haven’t heard any bad news about how they are put together, but feel free to hit us with a reputable link that isn’t to a Ford fanboy forum, Champion.

          • Millatime

            @ whatefa

            Are you completely stupid, or is it that you work for General Motors? Or have you simply been completely overwhelmed over a prolonged period of time by clever marketing, to the point that you now blindly support your favourite corporation, no matter what, and that they can do no wrong? I suspect at least two of the above are true.

            Again I say to you it is not necessary to post links. If you are too lazy to source road reviews of the Daewoo product sold here as Holdens, then simply read through all of these posts here. I’ll make it easy for you. The ones I have written are headed Millatime. The rest, one can safely assume, are representational of the wider readership.

            Overwhelmingly, the vast majority support the view that the Daewoos sold in this country, badged as Holdens, are inferior to the cars previously sold as Holdens sourced from Opel/Vauxhall.

            Overwhelmingly, champion, overwhelmingly.

  • Alexander

    According to most reviews I have read from the UK, Opels cars are atleast at the level of Skoda’s or even Volkswagen’s, so if priced the same as an equivalent VW, they should sell.

    Bringing Opels to Australia makes sense, because they have become too premium for Holden, so they cab stand alone as a brand…

  • Duckula

    WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO Bring it on, can then upgrade my old Awesome Opel Barina for a new one… :)

  • Shak

    This report was confirmed by GMinsidenews lat week. GM gave Opel permission to investigate new markets in Asia and Australasia to expand.


    can’t see it happening.maybe through hsv dealers.who else is going to market/service it?…

    • Shak

      Umm, they are coming dowunder as a standalone brand, so they will A) Sell cars themselves B) Service them themselves and C) Probably market them themselves, but it would make more sense to use the Marketing Gods at Holden to market their cars.

  • Golfschwein

    Interesting and exciting news.

  • Able

    Yes, yes, yes! DO IT! I’d prefer it to be Vauxhall though because A) the cars are already RHD and B) Autralians know the Vauxhall name already. A non-premium Euro position in pricing (like Skoda/VW) would, I think, work best.

    Next car after my Octy RS: Insignia VXR :).

    • filippo

      I think the Opel name sounds more premium than Vauxhall, plus the Vauxhall badge looks a lot like Holdens.

      Opel already sell RHD cars in Ireland and South Africa.

    • Mad Max

      The Skoda will be more reliable and probably offer a better resale Able.

  • jackster schmakster

    ..whats with the constant ‘EUROPEAN’ brand, design, etc.
    I read this nonsense many times, not just in this article..
    It’s poor journalism..why not just say that Opel is German, and be done with it..’European’ could mean Polish,Czech,Greek,Bulgarian,etc..not much design cred there now, is there?

    • Tomas79

      I’d have a Czech built Skoda anyday over a German built Opel!!

    • Mad Max

      Because a lot of the Opel factories are not in Germany. They are spread all over Europe. Opel are already investigating plants in the Eastern countries to escape from the high wages paid in Germany.

  • rentakeyboard

    I WANT an Insignia NOW

  • kirbstaroz

    Yeap I have been dreaming my next car opel Insignia

    If they are coming back to Australia I will purchase one after they launch heheheh

  • Arky


    Step 1: Holden ceases to bring in European-sourced GM cars and instead relies purely on local and Korean-sourced GM cars because of exchange rates. This seriously affects the perceived quality of Holden’s lineup other than the Commodore.

    Step 2: Exchange rates fix themselves a bit.

    Step 3: Leave Holden stranded with Daewoo product, and let Opel in here to compete over the top.

    Madness. It wasn’t very long ago we had the Holden Astra. Most punters probably think it’s still for sale. Suddenly they feel the need to bring in a different brand to compete with a local brand which basically survives on its local reputation by letting them bring in the good stuff and sticking Holden with the Epica and the Barina? All they will do is erode Holden. Haven’t GM learned their lesson yet with their brands competing with each other?

    • Save it for the track

      Did more than affect ‘perceived quality’ it affected ACTUAL quality. Classic example was when the switch happened from the last Opel sourced Barina to the ‘new’ Daewoo sourced Barina and the ANCAP went from 4 down to 2, not to mention all and sundry reviewers saying how less ‘dynamic’ the daewoo barina was compared to the Opel. As for Commodore, the perception of many about Commodores is coloured by nostalgia and patriotism, I find the interiors (plastics are crap, poorly designed & positioned A/C vents, just to name a couple), switchgear and design elements such as large B & C pillars, and abominable handbrake, appalling.
      Previous Opel product like the Vectra were close in size at some points (particulalry at the end) and I remember when the first vectras came out, though not close in size had traction control which the commodore didn’t. Pricing close to Commodore (or more in some cases) did the Vectra no favours. The Insignia seems a step up again over the Vectra, and I doubt Holden would bring back Opel product under their own banner. Traditional Holden buyers wouldn’t appreciate the quality and refinement, and the target market for such opel products are unlikely to look at Holden’s.

    • Mad Max

      So what happens when the European economy rights itself and the Euro drops back down to high 50’s or low 60’s again, as it was for the past 9 years? Suddenly Opel (if they ever come here) will have cars they can’t sell and Holden will look rather clever sourcing cars from Korea.

    • Igomi Watabi

      Smacks of a carefully-engineered GM plan, doesn’t it.

  • Opelman

    I am sooooo happy. Go OPEL!!!!!!!!

  • PerthDriver

    Yee-ha! 3 cheers and thrilled to hear this! Holden are fools and can keep their Korean offerings. The Astra is a drivers car and I’d happily pay a few $k more for the new one (it’s hot!). Holden must be spewing: they have been busily trying to sell inferior cars at similar price points. People are now going to realise! It might stack up for them now but there won’t be any long term brand loyalty. The Holden/Opels have built up a solid following in Australia and are loved by many of us who love the clunk of the door and German ‘tightness’ of the proposition. The Astra was the last ‘drivers’ car in the Holden stable! If Holden have any brains they’d keep them under their own brand. What do they say? Keep your friends close and you (potential!) enemies closer! Bring it on! New CDTI for me!


    Insignia looks nice.. Any one know exact specification? is it commodore size?

    • Opelman

      It is very similar to the commodore. The commodore measures 4897mm in length, and the Insignia measures 4830mm in length. Pretty close really, and a beautiful car. Get it in OPC form!!!!

    • Les

      Its Epica/Mondeo size, no one knows what specification will be in Australia (i would imagine less than other countries as with tradition (apart from Audi a8))in england comes with a range of engines and trim levels

  • mmmmmm

    why doesn’t Holden use Opel to fill up all the empty Saab dealerships?

  • Andrew M

    It will be quite interesting to see how this plays out.

    I assume the government over there might be behind this, and once they establish themselves may ask to have Opel released.
    Dont be surprised if the government already has signed some sort of agreement with GM that would release Opel once it became self sufficient.

    Surely GM isnt that stupid to multi market after they just went through the courts and pledged to change its ways.

    I can honestly see Opel parting ways with GM in a couple of years, me thinks this is the first step

    • matt

      you always have my train of thought andrew. as well as replacing daewoo in S korea with chevy…. alot more seems to be happening in the GM world then they are letting on.

  • PO15KA

    This will not work! as much as i am an OPEL fan it does not make sense to run “dual branding”…unless OPEL will be sold as a prestige brand (like HSV is being run as performance brand)

    what Holden should do i sell selected OPEL models but have an option (and stock spare parts) for potential buyers to choose if they want the car delivered as for eg Holden Insignia or Opel Insignia (i am talking about badging, etc etc)

    • Opelman

      OPEL will be independent of Holden. Opel will be pitched against other Euro rivals like VW, Skoda etc. Astra competes with Golf, Insignia competes with Jetta etc.

      Holden will never sell OPEL cars under Holden now. It has realised that it is more profitable for them to source cars from Korea, much like Ford is starting to source its cars from Thailand, South Africa, as its cheaper.

      OPELS should not wear Holden badges, never suited them and never will. The current line up of Korean cars is right for Holden – cheap, nasty, and common

      • Mad Max

        Nasty, cheap and common? Thats exactly the way Opels are perceived in Europe. They are rental cars, taxi’s and company hacks. They are NOT perceived as “quality” or “premium” cars in Europe.

        • Opelman

          Its the same for any car if it is in its home land. In Germany, Mercedes are taxis, as well as VW Passat’s. Alfa Romeo are cop cars in Italy and so forth.

          When stacked up against a commodore (Australian), or any of the Korean offerings from Holwoo, i cant say i have seen any Barina / Kalos, Epica’s winning any quality tests, because they are cheap and nasty, and for motoring enthusiasts, they just simply laugh!

          The 2010 Opel Astra has been cleverly sculpted, and shaped to enthuse and excite. I cant say any of Holden’s current line up of vehicles has done that!

  • Anthony

    This could be interesting.

    In Europe,the Insignia is directed against the Honda Accord Euro,while the Astra is being compared to VW Golf/Jetta models.

    A step up from Holden ???

    And very diffirent buyers ???

  • http://baji192.wordpress.com Baji

    I don’t get it. GM couldn’t make a business case for importing the Opel products and selling them under the Holden badge. Now that Holden are gettting all the uninspired appliances from Korea, it makes sense for Opel to be launched in Australia? If it were inevitable that Opel was coming downunder, why didn’t it just come downunder as a Holden?

    • Mad Max

      Good grief, a voice of reason at last! Do you all think that Holden have not investigated having Opel here under the Holden brand? If there was a hint of a business case for having it then they would have introduced the cars as the auto industry is all about moving metal.

      • matt

        coz holden and opel are different companys, holden used to BUY astras then resell them…. the astra was cut because holden couldnt get the price down from opel…. no GM business case at all… they WERE trying to operate them as individual company’s

  • Goodfa

    Why doesn’t Holden bring in the Insignia to replace the Epica. The Epica is not selling very well anyway.If they brought in the Insignia with a lower profit margin to try and keep it competitive it should sell as it is one of the most stylish mid size sedans around.
    I for one would buy one as long as it was not overpriced.
    Although the Insignia will probably take sales away from the Commodore.

  • Jon

    Love it, bring ’em here.

  • Frenchie

    These models will not be cost competative with other vehicles in their class. But at least it will offer the consumer a choice.

  • zahmad

    Can anyone tell me what models of the Opel brand are built in China atm? Bringing these in should be possible and should provide a good pricing regime for Opel/Holden.

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au Jim Goose

    I’ve always believed that one ‘General maintainance’ brand is enough! I guess it will mean we’ll be seeing cars Holden should have been giving us. Australia is a small market with too many brands on offer per capita,and I just don’t think they should waste their time. Chrysler/Dodge could be on borrowed time.They need to think this through. Every segment they try to tap will be well covered by the Jap/Koreans.

    • James007

      So they should just let the Japanese and Koreans run the Australian car market then??

      Not having a go at you Jim Goose, but I’m sick and tired of people saying Australia is too small for another car maker and a European one at that, to set up shop and have a crack at the Australian market. So why can’t they??

      If you think Australia can’t surpport another car maker, just wait until the Chinese car makers flood the Australian market, and I know which car brands I’d rather have and see in Australia.

      It’s about time people started looking outside the square!

      Opel will be a Volkswagen competitor not a Holden competitor, so I don’t know what people are going on about?? Holden had their chance to keep importing Opels, but they couldn’t make it work. This will now leave the door open for Opel to maket their vehicles under their owen badge and at a price that will reflect their vehicles.

      • http://www.caradvice.com.au Jim Goose

        Now pay attention Bond….all i’m saying is they’ll have a lot of competition.Japanese and Korean brands rule because they give the buyer what they want-quality middle of the road cars. Don’t dislike Opel,I know very little about them,but what can they give us that we don’t already have? And does GM want them taking sales from Holden?

        • matt

          so jim… communism hey? YOU DRIVE ZIS CAR NOW!!! lol free market buddy… and we sell a million cars a year now with even ford australia and holden posting profits, if our market was so small we wouldnt sell skoda’s, mini’s, mahindra’s or protons. our market is growing!

  • Accountant

    anti spam word *opel* lol. the more choice the better. Australia is one of the most competitive new car markets in the world, we should keep growing it, its better for the consumer

  • Banicks

    What is it with you guys and Holden = Korea.

    Their only Korean product is the Cruz. Get over it. It’s coming onshore beginning of next year to be Australian made, bringing all Holden cars to made in Australia.

    Frankly Opels are completely crap. My mate has a Vectra, it is always breaking down, and he has to wait months for replacement parts from Germany.

    Like other Euros. Their price-tags will not justify against their competitors. Y’all are talking about quality too, The Holdens, HSVs and Fords currently have better build quality than the new Audi’s and VWs I have seen.

    Euros cannot survive in the Australian economy or environment. Hence the high cost of them, and service and repairs and parts.

    • Arky

      Only Korean product is the Cruze? Heard of the Epica and the Barina?

      But agreed that talking about Opel as some kind of prestige Euro brand is silly. Opel and Vauxhall are just European versions of Holden; general family transportation, mainstays of the taxi, police and rental car markets, all of that.

      • Jack

        Not quite, Deawoo models have been re-branded as Chevy’s in Europe and England, and bar the Commodore, their lineup is remarkably similar to that of Holden. The Chevy and Holden brands have been used to replace Daewoo in many markets to take advantage of better brand image and customer loyalty

    • James007

      Someone needs a reality check …..

      Holden imports the Barina, Cruze, Epica and Captiva from Daewoo in South Korea, the Colorado Ute comes from Thailand and the Combo van is the only Opel badged Holden left in Holdens product lineup.

      What were you saying???

      • James007

        ….. rather the Combo is the only Holden badged Opel left in their product lineup ….

      • Banicks

        Too many ignorant Euro fanboys on this site man. I’m out.

        • matt

          ignorant? lol just coz you were wrong…. only korean made holden is a cruze… you forgot 80% of their line up lololololololololol

  • Richard

    Renault have tried what Opel want to do and have failed so far.

    It takes marketawareness, money and time to setup a brand.

    Opel has zero market awareness here in Australia.
    Good luck is all I can say.

    • Matthew

      Of course new brands wont have market awareness. Im sure Toyota didn’t when it started up and look at it now.

    • filippo

      Although market awareness of Opel is low, I wouldn’t say it is zero. Opel could easily establish themselves by piggy-backing on the products Holden once rebadged. I’m no marketing genius, but how about this for a campaign?

      “Remember before the Daewoo Lancetti/Holden Cruze there was the Astra? Remember when Barinas used to not be pieces of sh!t? Remember the Zafira, the only 7-seater available that wasn’t a 4wd or a bus? Well…”

  • j

    Can’t wait for an Opel Corsa VXR turbo (or whatever it’s badged)

    Cheap and cheerful rival to the Fiesta XR4.

  • Eric

    The main reason people by Opel and Daewoo car are because they have a new badge that reads Holden.

    Take the Holden badge off and you will end up with another low volume euro car with POOR resale value.


    • matt

      rofl leave the badge on and your still greeted with crap re sale values

  • vti07

    More choice is better.
    Nissan can bring out Infiniti, Honda can bring out Acura and Hyundai can bring out the Genesis brand.

  • vti07

    I suspect a lot of people will retrofit Opel badges to their Barinas and Vectras.

    • ST

      Welcome to 10 years ago. It’s not a new thing

    • Arky

      Eh, plenty of tools already retrofit Chevy badges to their Commodore utes. Don’t see why they’d start using Opel badges just because Opel start importing here.

  • crownleyian

    Hey the last time I checked Opel was going to become independent, also their colors are yellow, black and white, not red and white.
    They are the most successful GM section maybe just maybe this is a good deal after all for GM. They do have their own brand with different subdivisions in the US why not world wide?

    Why is everything a protection of Holden, must I say the Commodore?
    The Commodore should show it’s pants world wide because it is the best Large car in all levels world wide (as a reasonable best priced car).

    Ahh I am not a Commodore fan!

  • Mmmm

    The problem with Holden is that they’ve got it into their heads that their cars are cheap and value packed, when the brand is mainstream. Opel sells along side Ford and Mazda in Europe as does the Vauxhall brand in the UK, so Holden and Opel are the same in segment, especially since Holden is targeted to compete with Ford, Toyota and Mitso, brands that have a mainstream decent model range.

    The only problem is that Holden’s cars have gone way down hill in terms of quality and image in the many years. All the South Korean cars aren’t very good except for the Cruze (but that’s a global GM effort), and Ford’s cars are pretty good (Fiesta, Focus, Falcon, Mondeo, etc.

    Holden isn’t cheap and cheerful like Kia or Hyundai, they were always positioned to compete with Ford, Honda, Toyota, Mitso and this is the category Opel falls into. The difference is, is that we see a turn of events. In Europe now, Opel has regained its strength after a miserable couple of years selling the Vectra, older versions of the Astra and so on – (these models never caught on in Europe), now they are selling very well becuase they have targeted their range to compete with Ford – their direct competitor.

    I think ultimately, Holden’s downfall is replacing Peter Hanenberger, their MD with an American who couldn’t care less about quality but more about cost cutting. Holden was in its prime with Peter with the Astra (which won COTY awards and Best Car awards), as well as the older Commodores, etc.

    Now that the game has changed and the customers want more value and more quality from their mainstream manufacturers, Holden can’t keep up, and because of higher import costs from Europe, they need to go cheap, and its driving them down.

    Commodore is great but Falcon is better, and bring Opel here, I’d buy an Astra, or Insignia, any time.

  • Billy

    Agree with comments from Mmmm.
    I also think there is brand awareness won’t be a problem. Any people have been, lived or come from europe and reside here. I believe it will be a short term challenge.
    Can’t wait for these cars to hit our shores!!!!!!

  • http://carsales.com.au Ima Hogg

    Yes can not wait. I would buy an opel any day over a holden.

  • MikeyMike80

    Hold up…. they only mention the Barina/Corsa and the Vectra as being the only Opel cars rebadged as Holdens…….what about the Opel Omega, Opel Commodore C and Opel Senator, they were rebadged as VB, VC, VH, VK, VL, VN, VP, VR, VS, VT and VX Commodores.

  • MikeyMike80

    I wonder what Holden will do for cars once all the companies that actually make their cars for them actually start selling in Australia under their own name…..