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Ford has confirmed that its all-new Ford Focus will make its production-ready debut at the Paris auto show in both five door and estate guise.

Ford has also confirmed that an ‘exciting performance model’ will step in to replace the current Ford Focus ST which has been axed from the European line-up due to stricter Euro V emissions regulations.

The new generation Ford Focus ST is expected to use a 2.0-litre EcoBoost engine – Ford speak for turbocharged – in place of the venerable 2.5-litre five-cylinder engine.

As part of the ‘One Ford’ global strategy, the new Ford Focus will remain relatively identical throughout all 122 world markets.

The new Ford Focus will launch in early 2011 in the US and UK, with delivery to other markets including Australia to follow not long after.

  • filippo

    Very sleek! This new model could not come soon enough.

  • ChineseDriver

    Dont like the exterior, but look at that super cool interior!

    • smokin’R32

      I cant get used to the amorphous blob tail lights on the hatch, everything else I’m fine with. They should have stuck to the vertical bar look or something closer to the fiestas tail lights.

  • delux

    Ford speak for twin turbo & direct injection.

    • sean

      only one turbo on the 4 cylinder

  • Glen

    Fantastic interior, looks a lot like the mondeo and its a nice interior. Being built in Thailand Ford should be able to price this focus competitively compared to i30. And my money would be this would be a much better car.

  • fishman

    Will we get the wagon? Sure hope so…

  • Bazza

    Like the look of the Wagon varient in the background of the first photo. Assuming it is a wagon varient as it looks a little small to be a mondeo

  • Bazza

    Okay, yes, reread, it is a wagon or “estate” varient. Estate with ecoboost would be a great package

  • Hendrik

    Australia at this stage is getting the Hatch and Sedan because both are confirmed for production at the brand new Thai Focus plant.

    Wagon/Estate, im unsure as yet.

    Also, the new 2.0l 4-cyl Ecoboost Focus ST (XR5) will be released around Christmas in europe, output is 186kw.

  • jay

    Couldn’t Ford have saved a lot of development costs by taking Mazda’s 2.3 turbo and slapping ecotec badges on it?

    So what happens to Volvo’s C30T? Does that get axed because of EuroV emmissions?

    • Hendrik

      The Volvo T5 has been around since 2002 and yes it wont pass Euro V. The 2.3 Mazda turbo engine isnt that great…

      The ecoboost 4 and 6-cyl range has been in FoMoCo development for many years and is way ahead of most of the current stock available including anything from PSA and GM.

  • Damian

    I hope we get some German built ones on the initial release because South African build quality is third-world, at best.

    • Clueless

      South Africa are no longer buildng Focus after the current C307 model ends. We will eventually be using Thailand source Focus

  • Tristan

    My old car has died and I need to survive without a car till this Focus arrives. Hurry up Ford. PS. Love the tail lights and the interior. Its the front thats ugly.