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  • arsenalroc

    a more concise review ahead?
    looks the part but unfortunately the suburban mothers who get their hands on these will further knock down more motorcyclist :(. still i would love to have one:P

  • Dee

    Do i get the H3 or do i spend a bit more and import in the larger tougher H2?

  • Steve

    Will you be using the vehicle for it’s intended purposes or carting the kids to school, soccer and the YMCA?

    I like tough cars. I like tough 4WD’s too. But aren’t these things too wide for our roads and parking spots?


  • http://www.caradvice.com.au tony

    Arsenalrock, I shall be doing a more concise review of the H3 in December but Paul has the best off road tracks in Australia down in Kinglake Vic.

  • Reckless1

    Steve, you are showing your ignorance.

    The H3 is smaller than a Territory. Do you also contend that the Territory is too wide for “our roads and parking spots”. And unlike you, some people can only afford one vehicle – so if they love to go 4w driving at the weekend, and also have kids to take to soccer, what, in your infinite wisdom, do you suggest they do?

    Hummer H3 at 60,000 or H2 at 150,000 – that’s somewhat more than a “bit more” :) and the H2 is a bit big for inner suburbia.

    I just wish this baby was available with a v6 diesel, which it’s screaming out for. I won’t buy a thirsty petrol 4WD again, but I will buy a thrifty diesel unit.

    The Hummer is the perfect size, has the best factory off-road credentials (other than perhaps the Wrangler Rubicon) available and has a wow factor that can’t be matched, as reported. Damn that crappy engine !!!

  • Reckless1

    Gentlemen, I am wondering what a \”more concise review\” means – to me it means shorter than this one???

    Do you mean a more complete review is coming?

  • http://www.fuh2.com/ Wogboy

    Not that a H2, let alone a H3, have anything remotely in common with the original Hummer (which seems to be why people clamour for these things), and are, for the most part, redressed cheaper GM trucks…

  • Tony

    Yes Reckless, “complete” is the correct word.

  • arsenalroc

    yeap thats the word.. have read reviews saying this engine is far too weak…

  • Reckless1

    I don’t think 180kw is too weak, it’s just that a petrol engine with a torque curve starting in the stratosphere in a 2200+ kg vehicle with only a 4 speed auto will be a petrol guzzler.
    There’s plenty of power for every purpose, especially if you get the adventure pack with the rock crawler transfer gears. Just that very heavy thirst, 10 years ago wouldn’t have raised an eyebrow but is now unacceptable in my book.

    Buggerit……This is my second choice vehicle behind Touareg, but the H3 is a bit primitive with 4sp auto, too thirsty. The Touareg is just superb, but too good to bush bash…

  • trackdaze

    FFS, Its a Rodeo underneath. With a hopelessly underpowered engine to lug it around.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Serious mother of a 4WD, seen one at Brisbane enroute to Cairns by plane. To sum up…WICKED!

  • Chris

    Definitely under-powered. Needs a 3.0 CRD or something with More torque either way. It may look tough and be physically capable but the heart of it is the weakest link.
    All show….no go…

  • azza221

    I like the pic’s, some awesome shots!

  • Tonyn

    heard walkinshaw performance was going to have a play with there….. wonder what it will be like???

  • jbot

    Did you also see that HSV may look at Captiva? I don’t think it will happen, but it got a mention on carsguide

  • Luke

    You get what you pay for with this thing. That interior is typical of American cars. Designed 20 years ago, with plastics that would have felt cheap in a 1989 EA Falcon. Go buy a real car.

  • Corey


    I suppose a real car is what you drive???


  • Bavarian Missile

    Luke has a point…..American cars do have a cheap interior feel! Even in the Cadillacs Clarkson thought that even the base Euro stuff was better quality. Quality you would expect from Woollies I think he compared it too! Even the HERTZ Shelby Mustang we drove in the states a few months ago was the same!

    Still looks like an armored truck! Any one for robbing a bank?

  • Big Pete

    Trackdaze, you are a tool. The H3 shares modified chassis rails with the Canyon and thats all. The rails are shorter, stronger and have more braces, the suspension mounts and springs are modified – it bears little resemblence to the Rodeo at all. Do a bit of research and get your facts right before ytou go mouthing off. I own a H3 and it is nimble around town, easy to park and can still hit 145 on the motorway – while it wont beat your average commodore or falcon off the lights, the pick up is perfectly adequate. Off road it is second to none and last weekend I took mine places where young dorks in the lift kit hiluxes and landcruisers were floundering. Do yourself a favour and drive one before you make comments like its underpowered. It has plenty of torgue through the range – enough for all environs and its better on fuel than a Territory or Landcruiser, Cheaper too.

    Luke – since when has brushed alloy and chunky dials been cheap – its all down to taste. I guess purple shagpile and a mirror ball are more to your liling? Go check the latest BMW and the new Range Rover – Gee what a surprise – brushed alloy!

  • Benjie

    Big Pete:

    Since when is 14.5l/100km less than a Ford Territory? Ford Territory Turbo maybe…that’s about it.

  • Big Pete

    Benjie: I know the factory gave figures of 14.5l/100 but I worked my last two tanks out at just under 12.5 with about a 50/50 highway and city mix. Im pretty pleased with it actually as I previously owned a 6.0l VZ SS ute and the fuel economy on that was hopeless. While never owned a Territory I was simply making a point that the greeny do-gooders and naysayers dont seem to realise. The price, size, power output and fuel economy is comparable to a whole heap of other vehicles already available on the market here but they only seem interested in banning or slagging off the Hummer.

  • trackdaze

    So its a Rodeo underneath…& looks like a Hummer.

    HUMMDEO seems an appropriate nickname.

    The Majority are sold in city areas to city dwellers. Of that, the majority are the leather & lace model. Are we starting to get a picture of the buyer Demographic?

    The most offroad action these HUMMDEO’s will see is the traffic island jumping que’s. Mostly they will be consigned to Urban Assault activities.. Tailgating, Double parking etc etc.

  • Bavarian Missile

    HUMMDEO………..I like it……

    Now just have to get that Southern American accent happening and marry your sister ,ya’all cum back now,ha here.hahaha

  • Big Pete

    Trackdaze – give it a rest – it shares two componemts with the rodeo – the chassis rails, and they have been extensively modified as I mentioned earlier. If we use your suposition that it is a rodeo then the chrysler cross fire is a mercedes, the lexus 400 is a camry and the Audi TT is a Golf – these models use the entire drive train platform. In the 4WD world the new discovery is built on the old Range Rover chassis with some modification, while the new Rangie has a BMW motor – does that make it a beemer??

    I have taken mine offroad every weeknd Im not working, to various 4WD parks and through some pretty scenic state forrest runs. It has surprised many of the 4WD community with its capabilities – often going places they wont and I have driven up some awesome tracks, passing stuck cruisers and jeeps along the way. While I have pretty much finished my extreme off roading these days (I did all that mud runs and wallows stuff in my 20’s) the Hummer can hold its head off road with any other vehicle available.

  • trackdaze

    Dont forget the HumDeo is running the Rodeo torsion bar front, leaf spring back?

    Much better/more capable/better built metal out there for the money or less. & you dont risk being associated with the wannabe GanstaRapper’s.

    You are right about the TT’s,Camries etc
    the Pre 05 disco was related to the old Rangie…The award winning New Disco is correct me if im wrong a clean sheet. Using a hybrid seperate/monocoque chassis.

    & your right on the Chysler crossfire being the old SLK. but guess what?

    Your examples though do prove the point. Any attempt to recycle an antiquated platform typically produce… Rubbish.

    & now you’ve got me thinking about the pshycology of someone who buy’s a HumDeo and run’s with the tag “big” on the blog’s…..

    Compensation perhaps?

  • Big Pete

    Trackdaze – HA HA HA – I wish!! More like becuase Im 6’2 and 135kg.

    Your right about the Disco – I love em but too much money for me. The Hummer represented real value for money with good looks and good off road capabilites.

    While it does have the torsion bar front end and leaf spring back, it has different mounting points for the suspension, different shocks, springs and greater travel, an all toghther different animal that the rodeo/canyon.

    While I’ll give you the lexus and crossfires are crap – I sort of like the TT, as did Top Gear and it won a stack of awards – including gay car of the year in 2006 !! – valid lifestyle choice and all, just not for me!!

  • William

    HA HA HA is BIG PETE allowed to drive I didn’t know blind people could were allowed, oh he must drive it on the farm, I see now it makes sense. TT you mean the fried egg
    on wheels.I think the “gay” car award for the year goes to Hummer.

  • Big Pete

    William, your post doesnt make sense – what werre you thinking, drinking or smoking when you sent it?

    The Audi TT was awarded the International Gay Car of the Year in 2005 (sorry out by a year) and the Merc coupe won it in 2006.

    Whats your point about fried eggs and farms? and what led you to the assumtion I was blind? If it was some half veiled attempt to suggest I am homophobic in any way then you are sadly mistaken.

    If you want to vote for the Hummer in the IGCotY then you will need to get info on how through members of your gay community. A couple of my best mates are gay – I can find out for you if your interested.


    Well friend if you like the look of the Hummer you have to be blind ,same goes for the TT. The TT the thing looks like a fried egg with wheels. The Farm reference is due to blindless,that is the one of the places, a blind person could drive, legally.
    I still think the gay car of the year, should go to Hummer and I wouldn’t vote for it, not worth voting for.
    Your Orientation is none of my business.

  • Big Pete

    William – while I accept everyone is entitled to an opinion and you have voiced yours, making ridiculous and inflamatory statements is adding nothing to the conversation.

    Like my Gran used to say “If you have nothing worthwhile to say, say nothing.” I suggest you take this advise, and some lessons on the proper placement of the comma and sentence structure, to heart and move on.

  • Matto

    hey Big Pete im with you man i own a h3 aswell and love it.Yeah i got 22’s on it and don’t go off road much but thats what i like.
    So i think these idiots who criticise people on their cars should get a life.
    Because really since i’ve had the hummer the ladies are flockin…..I’m not complaining….LOL

  • trackdaze

    Big Pete, Exhibit A on who’s buying these things. Do you really want to be associated with this lot?

    Ladies huh Matty? Look it up in the Dictionary it’ll say something about refinement, of discerning character…
    Hey, did you see santa got the sack for saying…..HO,HO,HO? 😉

  • Big Pete

    Trackdaze – Each to his own champ – there are planty of Territories and Discos around with 22’s on them that will never see the dirt either and lets not mention the lowered pimped up utes and hiluxes.

    There is no questioning the head turning ability of the Hummer and if thats what floats your boat then full marks.

  • Matto

    Its my money and i can spend it how i see fit!!.
    Who gives you the right to judge me or anyone for what they drive.I ain’t on here annoying you.

    Big pete i’m also in Brisbane and bought mine through Zupps they did me an awesome deal and i am thoroughly happy.

    I normally go for a cruise down the southport spit on a sunday and hang out with a bunch of other 4×4 owners and we all have a chat about our machines.They have luxes,jeeps,discovery’s you name it and i don’t see any of them givin me any stick,there all for personal choice.

    You should bring yours down one sunday about 3-4pm.

    My old lady owns a 2007 Discovery 3 V6 SE and my old man has a 2003 Range Rover Vogue 4.4 V8 and believe me i get better fuel consumption then them,considering the old lady has the V6.Which is most comparable.

    Is there any H3 or HUMMER owners clubs in Brisbane??
    We should organise a drive day??

    Also if there is any other H3 owners who want chrome or any accesories for there 4×4 contact these guys they got the lot:
    Powerful 4×4
    Ph(07)3103 9541
    These guys know there stuff

  • Big Pete

    Matto – Im actually off this weekned so might head that way if I get the chance. Thanks for the invite.

    I dont know about a H3 club but we should get one organised and a drive day would be great. I’ll give Brisbane Hummer a ring tomorrow to see if the company is planning anything.

    Cheers Mate

    Might see you Sunday.

  • H for Hummer

    Can anyone tell me if the H3 will tow a double horse float..I have wanted one for about a year now , when I heard they were coming out, but i just read tonight that they dont tow…I am devastated ..some one give me good news…

  • Big Pete

    H – Have checked the user manual and the H3 has a towing capacity of just over 2 tonnes. I dont know what a horse float weighs but I have a 4WD trailer and the H3 is very civilised with it on the back. I havent had any dramas.

  • Bavarian Missile

    Depends what you class as civilized I guess!

  • Big Pete

    BavMissile – do you ever have anything positive to say about anything? Now you are attacking my trailer – its a normal 4WD trailer that hundreds, possibly even thousand of people own. It tows like all the the ohers but now because its behind a H3 there is suddenly something sinister about it and the way it will behave or the effect it will have on the H3.

    You have made your view on the Hummer perfectly clear on this and just about all the other Hummer blogs around. So you dont like it, good for you. By the way it is selling and the nearly 6 month waiting list to get one, plenty of people disagree with you.

    I suggest you jump in that Bavarian Missile of yours and point it at the nearest long drop, thereby removing the need for the rest of us to listen to your drivel.

  • Pete

    Well i must say that i have had my H3 since October and it is great. It does have 22″ wheels and it has been up the beach (Double Island) regularly. Hummer seems to have this bad name due to the H1 and H2 for size and heavy fuel usage. Bavarian missile you must be in the very small amount people who don’t like Hummers, i have been stopped at traffic lights and everywhere you go people just want to look and they all say the same thing “SCHMICK”. Any one who is thinking of buying i would tell you just go for it.

  • Bavarian Missile


    Me I have a lot of positive posts on this site……I am allowed an opinion as you are!Sorry but from those that I talk to regularly on cars……all think a similar thought!

    Mate just cause there is waiting list doesn’t mean there popular in this Country!!!!! All those in the GOOD OLD USA would love them………and Im sure there ordering them by the dozen……so you have to wait here!!!!!!

    As for people stopping you and telling you look cool….I guess that was what you were after!!!!

    Mate as you have nothing else to contribute on this site except for blowing your proverbial Hummer horn I guess your the one thats going!!!!! I’m here for the long haul……

  • Big Pete

    Bavarian – you are a twit – why wouldnt I be pro Hummer – this is a Hummer blog after all. All you seem to be able to do is look for negatives and bag every body.

    I couldnt care less what people think about my car – I bought it because it was the best value and most capable 4WD I could find and the fact that it is something different in a very beige and Japanese dominated market was a big plus. Like Pete has stated, the car sure darws a lot of attention, so far none of it negative, but most of the knobs who yell things out and wave are about 20 with their hats on backwards and not the sort of people who I hold in any high esteem. Ive seen them do the same at Lambos and Ferraris as well.

    Have you ever actually driven in and H3? seen one up close, know anyone who actually owns one or taken the time to do any sort of valued research about the vehilce you are so passionately opposed to? or are you just one of those morons who believes everything they read in the paper?

  • greg

    This thing looks horrible, the more you look at it the worse it resembles bad engineering, US troops are scared to drive them on the battle field fearing penetrating explosions. as we know Hummers have been deemed useless military vehicle’s. If people think this thing has good credentials, well you have rocks between ya ears, you know what I’m saying bro, PIMP MY RIDE yoyoyoyoyoyoyo bling bling fully sick hahahaha….

  • Big Pete

    Greg – you sure talk a lot of rubbish. Where did you get your info – from stupid comments in the movie “Black Hawk Down” I guess.

    While the first generation “soft skin” military varient HMMWV did not offer the same protection against IEDs and mine attack that say an M113 might, survivability was still rated higher than an open jeep which they replaced in 1985. The later variants have been “up armoured” in response to the changes in modern warfare, to the point where they offer remote firing roof mounted 5.56 machine guns so the gunner stays in the vehilce. They have also been retro fitted with various armour packages decrease cabin penetration and improve survivability from IED attack , to the point where many lives have been saved by the vehicle.

    As an ex serving member of the ADF my experience and first hand knowledge of these vehicles and the praise the US forces give them, coupled with the increasing supply to both the US military and the Allied nations of the world, suggest the HMMWV will be one of the most successful vehicle in military history. Harldly useless as you suggest.

    In response to your suggestion the vehicle lacks credentials, I assume you mean off road ability. Again I ask – on what do you base your assumtion?? I researched the H3 thoroughly before purchasing one and fouynd they had been specifically designed with moderate to extreme off roading in mind – without sacrificing too much on road ability or comfort. They are rated capable of climbing 60 degrees, traversing 45 degrees, have the best apprach, departure and ramp over angles in their class, have the best water fording capabilities in their class as well as one of the best ground clearances and an engine designed to deliver low down torgue as required, coupled to one of the most up to date electronic transfer cases available.

    I have been off road in mine many times since I bought it and have yet to find terain to trouble it. As I have previously stated, I have taken my H3 places where landcruisers and young tools in the jacked up Hi-Luxes have floundered. It out performed a brand new Nissan Patrol Turdo deisel just last week – all this in the base model!

    Next time, do us all a favour and do a bit of research before making stupid statements designed to inflame an already unrealisticly overheated debate about what is nothing more than a very capable mid sized 4WD.

  • greg

    Do you really think I talk rubbish when American troops have publicly said Hummer platformed military vehicles are unsafe in the heat of a battle and don’t stand a chance when encounted with mines or large ballistic penetration, I do also find an arrogance when you say your H3 overshadows Landcruiser’s, Patrol’s, Hilux’s, I wouldn’t fall for that tripe talk unless they had a vigorous comparison review, even if it means some entrant 4×4’s needed raising a fraction, standard gear in a new 4×4 does not match aftermarket accessories and I bet my bottom dollar H3 have simple suspension setups, trying to tell me that underpowered H3 (fully laden your H3 then see what happens), would go further than a Jeep Wrangler, Defender, or a Discovery which is voted best 4×4 on the planet enough times, the only award Hummer H3 will recieve is bling factor and everyone who is halve educated in your Hummer world will tell enthusiast’s H1 is the original and greatest, full stop…

    Back to military vehicles, as you have failed to mention the Bushmaster, a far superior transport than Hummer for our troops including manufactured in Australia for tough conditions anywhere on the planet, pity not road registered for the public but I would love to crush an American Hummer with this beast, so lets look at some Bushmaster specs shall we…

    Crew comfort and safety
    Carrying capacity of up to ten fully equipped military personnel including commander and driver
    Ample floor to roof height and generous cabin space accommodating 95th percentile males
    Excellent visibility for driver and crew
    Outstanding levels of integrated ballistic and mine blast protection for the crew
    Advanced seating and safety harness designs
    Passenger amenities include airconditioning and cooled water storage facilities.

    High Manoeuvrability
    Excellent cross-country mobility and handling characteristics
    The Bushmaster was designed for the most daunting Australian terrains but is equally suitable in a range of environments and conditions such as highway, mud/snow and sand and emergency conditions.

    Arvin Meritor all wheel drive independent suspension
    Coil springs, wishbones and double acting hydraulic shock absorbers complete the suspension package with differential locks front, centre and rear.

    Caterpillar six cylinder, turbocharged electronically controlled emission compliant diesel engine providing up to 330 hp (240 kW) and exceptional torque at low speeds
    Choice of ZF or Allison automatic transmissions
    A high cruising speed of more than 110 kph (66 mph)
    Extended on road cruise range capacity – only requiring refuelling every 1000 kms (600 miles)
    An optional central tyre inflation system that allows the driver to adjust tyre pressures in transit
    An optional self recovery winch
    Maximum ease of repair and maintenance with modular power pack
    Variants of the Bushmaster include:
    Troop transporter (standard variant)
    Command and control
    Direct fire support weapon
    Combat engineer

    Pete and Hummer H3 can eat my dust, Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi……

  • Big Pete

    Greg – you are right – the Bushmaster is a serious piece of kit but should probably be compared to the Americans Bradley not the HMMWV. The Bushmaster seats 2 crew + 8 where the HMMWV is basically a 4 seater and is more a general purpose transport like our landies but has been modified for various other roles. I think both fullfill the roles they were designed for very well and again I state thet while even the US Army confessed there were problems with penetration on the earlier varients, the later models(HHV armoured)have excellent reports and anecdotal evidence supports greater survivability than before. Like the bushmaster they too have varients including Ambulance, mortar unit etc.

    I also agree the L3 and the Wrangler Rubicon are both excellent off road vehicles but the L3 is too expensive and the Rubicon too basic with rotten on road ability. There isnt another Jeep available in Aust that will come close to the H3. There have been many reviews of the H3 both on-line and in some local 4WD publications that acknowledge its capabilities. Again your arguement that modified vehicles would eat it for breakfast is flawed – Im sure they could/would. The facts are in its standard form, it is extremely capable – supported by both review and personal experience. I see no arrogance in stating what I have witness first hand. I have taken my H3 places where we have had to recover a Landcruiser and a Patrol from the same party, all driven by experience people. I have also taken it places where cowboy yobs have there vehicle buried and look on in amazement but then I often suspect thats operator error and half the time a granny in a RAV4 could negotiate the obstacle.

    For the record, I have no bling on mine!

  • Rokhopper

    Been reading all the replies and – except for the dribble, it hasn’t been bad. By all means do a review, but keep the B#llsh#t down.
    I’m a hardnut for Patrols. In my opinion, for strength and reliability u can’t beat the GU drivetrain. (As I said this is my opinion and this is mean’t to be a review on the Hummer.) Most of my mates like myself don’t run std rigs. The guys have Patrol’s, Disco’s and Cruisers. All have min 4″ lift, some with trick comp suspension and min 35″ Simex centerpedes or Maxxis Trepidores. I’m lookin at getting another vehicle and have glansed at the H3. One thing stopping me and what I am curious about is what aftermarket suspension is available and what articulation u can get out of one of these. From what I’ve seen, the std suspension doesn’t move very much. Electronic 4wding is one thing but keeping all 4’s on the rough stuff is the only way go. Are the lift kits for these the same scenerio as other vehicles that don’t run live axle. Raise the car – lessen articulation. Also how do u go with availability of diff ratios.

  • Rokhopper

    P.S Got the 4.8 GU so I’m used of a gas guzzler. The H3 KPL is better than mine so thats a plus. It may be designed by yanks, but built in S Africa. I Don’t mind the shape and interior, and the Adventurer does come with a factory rear locker(gotta love the locker), but the cargo area is pretty small. hmmm

  • Marty

    Hi all im getting married next year in brisbane may 2009. Does anybody have or know of anyone that has a really nice Hummer with leather interior and can carry comfortably 3 adults in the back. Could you email me at martinlwoods@hotmail.com with maybe a quote or more details that would be great.


  • Robyn

    My daughters Year 12 Formal is in October 2008 in Brisbane. She would love to ride to the formal (Wynnum to the city) in a Hummer. Is there anyone out there who would be interested?

  • ClownFight

    I’m checking out the reviews on the H3 because there’s a few bargains to had. I have a Mazda CX-7 right now that is useless off-road and uses 16Lt per 100k. What I like most about the hummer is the feeling that if a weed affected greenie driving his/her Toyota Prius runs into me, all I’ll get is a nasty fright. Don’t wory too much about the enviroMENTALISTS and their anti-Hummer nonsense. All that really is, is a front for their anti-USA / anti-Capitalism / Gay-Vegetarian / Marxist campaign. The fact that the greenies moan about a Hummer even though it uses less petrol than a little mazda shows just how much research they do when calculating their magical climate change graphs . They can’t even get that right yet we’re supposed to believe they can predict something as complex as the weather 50 years from now. Yeah… right.

    A car is a car and they’re meant to be fun. The H3 looks like fun to me. I don’t care what the Greenies think about it, anyway, their cannabis addled brains are too affected with their ‘end of the world’ paranoia to be taken seriously.

    I think I’ll buy a yellow one.

  • Taks

    The price is relatively similar to pajero, land cruiser, prado or whatever 4WD. Why don’t I see any Hummers in Brisbane?