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by Brett Davis

Toyota is again facing more scrutiny on the quality of its products in the US. As reported by Automotive News, the company said yesterday it is now facing steering rod inquires filed to the government by a federal grand jury. This prompted an investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in America.

Although it’s unclear at this stage exactly what the potential defect entails, reports have only uncovered that the problem is down to a steering relay rod. Toyota is keeping quiet about what models it potentially affects too but Toyota’s US department, Steve Curtis, has said Toyota will cooperate with the investigations.

Toyota has been under the attention of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Transportation Department due to faulty steering rod issues before. In 2004 and 2005, the company had to recall 977,839 Toyota utes and trucks in the United States because of a steering relay rod that was prone to crack.

The company also paid a $16.4 million fine in April, in relation to late defect notification responses regarding accelerator pedal issues.


    talk about murphys law.whats the worst thing that could happen to you once your car’s motor has decided to run stuck at 6500rpm,how about no steering?…

    • Torque

      Maybe it is time for Toyota to bring back those breaker brothers ads, no special effects required.

      • J

        Nice one! :-)

        Poor Toyota – now they don’t stop, go or steer…

  • The Oracle’s Headache.

    Someone at toyota broke a mirror or ran over a black cat.

  • http://carAdvice The Salesman

    Will anything stick to TEFLON TOYOTA.

  • john

    Everything happens in three’s, so what is next for toyota this year.

  • Van Ariel Disease

    Oh how sad…….The truth has finally caught up on Toyota. For years they have lived on the FALSE reputation of being a trustworthy company and building reliable cars…..now we know better. Its about time the public and media got stuck into Toyota and guve it the bad publicity it really deserves. Could you imagine if all these problems were at Ford? My god !!!! Imagine the hatchet job the media would be doing on them!! Why do Toyota deserve better from us when they have been dishonest and un-trustworthy with its customers, alot of them dead because of covered up faults with their Toyota, than other car companies? Its about time they got what they deserve.

  • Save it for the track

    Yep, and what about the ‘known’ (on the internet and in the right circles) sludge problems with certain other Toyota products…
    Toyota = overrated whitegoods on wheels

  • Extra Medium

    Oh what a feeling, Toyota

  • The Other Brad

    US only problem once again?

  • b88lee

    Every time something to Toyota happens its reported..and just about all times its not even in Australia!!

    What about all the other makers that keep recalling cars in Australia. Volvo have had multiple recalls this year and they also pride themselves on safety.
    Same sorta situation with Subaru Liberty, Outback and Forester.

    • The Other Brad

      From memory the only problem was some software bug (now fixed last I read here) with the Prius. The rest have been US-only problems?

  • Sexythang

    toyota is problably one of the two company’s that can afford to pay these type of fines. with the ball rolling, all the vultures will try to take thier shot. imagine trying to fine ford or GM. they’d problably get out of paying by declaring bankruptcy.

  • kangen

    CA are you going to start publishing all international recalls now? Next thing we know CA will publish TATA recalls in India. Who cares!

    • http://caradvice.com.au Brett Davis

      Hey mate, we’re just telling the news of the day. As I’m sure you know, not AS much happens in Australia as it does overseas so we do report the ‘big deals’ going on in other countries sometimes, especially in places that are considered, politically, close to home; the US.
      We also think it is necessary to give a heads-up on big issues that could eventually affect us, too. Even if indirectly.

      • The Oracle’s Headache.

        Kangen clearly loves toyotas, otherwise he wouldn’t have bothered posting in a “who cares” thread. TATA don’t sell nearly 200,000 cars a year in Australia. 😉

      • ST

        Yes, it’s news but the heading is very misleading. Why can’t you add “in the US” and be clear and precise. It’s like saying, “Tainted baby formula found” but only referring to the product only sold in China.

        CA is not here to sell newspapers and you’re only making CA feel like the New Ideas/Woman’s Day of cars. Step up CA! Be the 1st choice of Australian Car Industry’s source of information because you’re acting like the last choice.

        • http://caradvice.com.au Brett Davis

          Good point, ST, fixed. It wasn’t intentional.

      • kangen

        bear in mind, your readers are not only reading articles from your site. i have been reading on US car news site as well on daily basis and I can’t even find this news on that site. thanks for your reply by the way brett. cheers.