by Brett Davis

Just so it’s clear, this car won’t be coming to Australia, but we wish it would. Why? Because the 2011 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 R-Spec is the perfect car to really pound home Hyundai’s competitive edge when it comes to making decent products, and it really expresses their concern for making exciting cars that are reasonably priced.

The new Genesis R-Spec is powered by the same, 228kW, 3.8-litre V6 that’s in the normal Genesis Coupe, but the power is sent to the rear wheels via a proper Torsen-clutch limited-slip differential. The car also sees the addition of new 19 inch wheels, 13.4 inch Brembo brakes and stiffened suspension with adjustable camber settings.

Inside, there’s new bucket seats covered in black leather with optional red cloth inserts. There’s also a tyre pressure monitoring system, six airbags, iPod-ready audio package and a six-speed gearbox as per usual Genesis Coupe specification. The R-Spec doesn’t come with cruise control, automatic headlights or wood/metalgrain interior inserts though as these items are said to increase unnecessary weight.

With a power-to-ratio that betters a BMW 335i’s, it truly could be an affordable performance car. We can only hope Hyundai Australia one day announces a down under release, but unfortunately there has been no plans for any right-hand drive versions to be made.

  • RdS

    i wish hyundai tried harder to bring these here.. :(

    • xnov


      • xnov

        right-hand traffic is betterr


    Yeah Yeah Yeah.. just bring it to Aus , then we talk

  • Baddass

    “The R-Spec doesn’t come with cruise control, automatic headlights or wood/metalgrain interior inserts though as these items are said to increase unnecessary weight.”
    Naturally if an option isn’t available on the car, Hyundai would say it wasn’t necessary anyway.

    • TomJ

      How much weight does cruise control add? Surely its just an ECU loop feature, it would add the weight of one button.

      • Tom

        Requires an attachment to the intake manifold and a motor controlling the attachment as well

        • Ross_alastair

          ^^ that would only be for cable throttles. Dbw have electronic throttles already.

  • http://caradvice OSU811

    Not coming to Australia? What are they mad??
    why not is the question that needs to be asked??

    • Myke

      It is only available in LHD

      • TT

        Not mad, why ship them here, the market is soooo small.

        • j

          What about the UK? Singapore? Hong Kong? NZ? Other ex British colonial countries that are right hand drive?

          There’s a market… and since Toyota aint delivering on the FT86, Ford aint selling the Mustang here, and GM won’t sell us the car Australia designed (Camaro), give me some Korean front engine rear wheel drive coupe goodness!

  • Technofreak

    I hate Australia sometimes….so many good cars just don’t get here :(

    • pg

      yeah but other countries also dont get our falcons and commodores…
      not that their missing out on much… but 200-odd kw in base-spec cars, i aint complaining

      • Vibe

        Bet they wouldn’t miss the crappy quality, crap service and constant recalls.

        • Kerv

          One brand I wish was here is Infiniti… so much nicer than the Toyota’s Lexus

          • MAK

            And Lancia!

  • ridley

    the 80s just called, a nissan 300zx wants it’s interior back!

    Im not complaining, im fond of it

    • Jabba the Hut

      Wow, so the nissan had sat nav in the 80’s? I wish they had told everyone else.

  • Whitbomb07

    For those who want the Genesis Coupe here in Aus, jump on Facebook and join the group. ‘Hyundai bring the Genesis Coupe to Australia!’

    The only way Hyundai will ever be convinced is to show them a mass of numbers interested in it! There’s no point in a single person emailing head office every now and again. People power is the way to go!

    It’s only a few keystrokes and a mouse click away from doing your part to help try and bring the car here.



  • TomJ

    Its competing in a market, offering a 306hp v6 for the same money as its 420hp v8 counterparts.

    Sure, the 2011’s updated interior is nice, and its a dam fine car. But its just not powerful enough to play ponycar.

    • whitbomb07

      How much do the v8 420hp competitors weigh?

      All well and good having more power, but you got alot more weight too.

      Also didn’t you read power to weight betters a 335i?



      • TomJ

        The Hyundai Genesis v6 track is 3400lbs the Ford Mustang V8 is 3600lbs and has over 100 more horsepower.

        The genesis v6 is nice, the but Mustang 5.0L is on another level.

  • David

    Damn…nice car!

  • Hung Low

    Nice car that should be sold here. Its main competition would be the excellent Nissan 370Z which according to overseas reports is the better of the two, but the Hyundai may beat it on price making it an interesting comparo!

  • Luke Brinsmead

    Cool, can you sense my sarcasm? Finally, a good value sports car, but you can get a nice preloved s200 for less with more credibility.

    • Luke Brinsmead

      Honda s2000 that is

  • Karl Krankschaft

    I know this has been said before but PLEASE Hyundai bring this car to Aus. It sounds like a winner and has performed well in reviews. 4.6l Tau V8 from the genesis sedan would be sweet. 280kw would make it hoon. I wish Kia and Hyundai would join forces and make a Kia version of this car because the Kia styling at the moment is unbelievable. Saw one of these at a field day in SA at a Hyundai stand. Looked Nuts witha capital N :)

  • toxic_horse

    Every car sold in the US has Tyre pressure sensor. its the law there.

  • Simon

    Not comming to Australia? I bet BWM just had a big sigh of relief!

    • TomJ

      Yes, because BMW totally cares about a Hyundai coupe.

  • xnov

    because australian people dont have money to buy it , very easy ! and we american driving big and great cars and we see australia wit cars old and expensive

    • The Oracle

      Why can’t you use correct spelling and punctuation?

      Also, from the American cars we see down here, I don’t believe anyone thinks we are really missing out on anything worthwhile.

      • Tinman

        Hey Oracle, you’re joking, right?

        • Shak

          No im fully in line with him. We aint missing anything from the New World, except for maybe the prices. other than that, i would like to say we just fine downunder.

  • Neutral

    This is gonna give the Infiniti V36 370GT a run for it’s money.

    • yowza

      the 370GT is only by import…. 40K import… for a luxury sports car…. by infiniti.

      I think, if Hyundai sold the genesis coupe here, it’ll be around 50K….. I’d take my chances on the 370GT as it has many more after market support and not to mention a much better name and parts.
      Thats just me.

      But this hyundai coupe would of been good for the australian niche market…. nissan would have to lower the 370R’s price by 5-7K…. hopefully anyways.

  • http://unwired SONNY JAMES

    Out of all you aholes, just one of you may buy one! and that does not warrant the expense of making and importing a righthand model to australia !

    • The Oracle

      Well, I don’t think I would have phrased it quite like that, but I agree with your proposition.
      The Aus, UK, South Africa, NZ and Japanese markets are too small in total to justify the expense. Maybe the next generation could be designed in RHD, but we won’t see this one.

      • Shak

        But by saying developing a car for one country cant be very cost effective either. Why nto export the car to the many RHD markets that want and NEED this car. Not just for the people, but also for hyundai’s brand image.

    • Flying High

      of course of course it is waaaayyy too small. Esp that 1.2 billion people odd market in India, which in every sense of the word is becoming an economic power house.

      Yep. For sure. Way to small to market it to LHD drive countries. Get a grip for crying out loud.

      • The Oracle

        How many of those 1.2 billion Indians are asking for this car? I don’t think the population is relevant, it is more about purchasing power. Imported cars in India have very high taxes, so except for the elite and very wealthy, it would be unaffordable. If you could afford it, you probably would buy a prestige brand of import.

        I still reckon Sonny James is right, very few on this forum who want to see one, would actually purchase it. Again maybe the next generation if it is in RHD, could be introduced as a premium offering to build the image.

  • Tinman

    If the steering wheel in Australia was on the other side, we would be able to buy the Genesis Coupe and Ford Mustang and Ford GT and Chev Camaro and Chev Corvette and Dodge Challenger and Dodge Viper, etc.

    • The Oracle

      You recall a few years ago Ford converted a bunch of Mustangs locally and they had trouble selling them. I think a lot were exported to UK and RSA. Holden couldn’t make a business case for the new Camaro either. There is a least one company in QLD who imports the American cars and converts them, if you really want one. Maybe they do special orders if anyone wants a Genesis.

  • Flying High

    Makes one wonder what it would take to convert and educate an entire country from driving on one side to the other.

    Given the standard NSW RTA way of doing things (actually most of the roads authorities here in Aus) education would he provided by the passing of a decree in parliament and then handing out substantial fines (read as ‘educational expenses’) for non compliance, often weeks after the alleged offence.

    You could also opt to add to the NSW State coffers by taking the matter to court, where you will receive a class in ‘1. RTA is always right. 2. You are guilty until you prove you are not which you can’t do because of clause 1.’ . This can be interpreted as ‘further education’.

  • Engineer

    “doesn’t come with cruise control…as these items are said to increase unnecessary weight.”

    How does cruise control add weight, unless if this thing doesn’t have drive by wire throttle in this day and age?

    • Al Juraj

      An aftermarket cruise control kit is nothing more than a small box, a switch/stalk and a few wires.

  • Al Juraj

    We miss out on a lot of cool cars like the Mustang, Camaro, Corvette, Challenger and a bunch of 4WD Bimmers cars. Many performance vehicles are American biased. Even a Japanese Lancer Evo X has its handbrake on the wrong side. The market is big there and to buy a car costs much less money. You can buy an M3 in the US for 335i price here.

    It’s a shame Hyundai has a chance of bringing another great car to Australia in pursuit of whitewashing its cheap, iffy image. Korea is LHD and RHD nations like the UK and several regions in Asia are still not sold to the brand.

    There are too many factors contributing to the lack of great rides here. The small market, cost of conversion to RHD, shipping to a land so far away, and tax with a capital T cause us to miss out on these. To get a Mustang 5.0 here with steering on the correct side would set you back nearly Godzilla money, and the latter is already a Porsche competitor.

    But once we do get these things, we’re not allowed to drive them the way they’re intended to. Speeding is like murder here.

    • The Oracle

      Well put.

  • crazy

    So why did hyundai bother bringing in an underpowered tiburon which didnt sell to well, but not bother with this monster which would indeed sell volumes??

  • yowza

    I dunno…

    people on this forum assume this car will automatically sell “well” for Hyundai.

    Considering Australia only sell approx. 3000-5000 “sporty” cars a year, maybe exception of SS and XRs.

    Nissan’s 370R and GTR are different case that they are LHD from Japan already… a few tweaks here and there and its Australian compliant….

    American designed specific cars cost an arm a leg to re-tweak for Australia…. and Hyundai and other manufacturers WILL not design a car from base for Australian market specifically… especially sports cars…. outside of the local GM and Ford… Toyota in the future.

    Ask your self this…. If you HAD 50K….

    Would you buy a Hyundai coupe…. or…
    – WRX
    – Golf GTi/R
    – Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo (with 5-8K left over)
    – Holden SS (with 5-8K left over)
    – Import an R34 GTR or EVolution IX for 40K
    – The list goes on…

    it doesnt make sense for Hyundai…. market here is already saturated…

    Why do you think Toyota’s future coupe wont be sold here unless its considerably cheaper than the 370R… I believe thats the main obstacle at the moment… trying to find that market. And if Toyota brings it here for 50K, 180kW+ turbo, RWD….. surely Toyota’s past cars and reputation alone will give them advantage over Hyundai…. in the end Hyundai doesnt have much incentive to bring it to Oz…

    • Whitbomb07

      Out of your list:
      – WRX
      – Golf GTi/R
      – Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo (with 5-8K left over)
      – Holden SS (with 5-8K left over)
      – Import an R34 GTR or EVolution IX for 40K
      – The list goes on…

      How many of them are RWD performance coupes? The only vehicle similar to the GC is the 370Z.

      Considering Australia still very much has the mentality of ‘There’s no replacement for displacement’ A RWD V6 3.8lt would be tempting for many who:

      – Want a RWD vehicle (scrub Golf, Evo, WRX)
      – Do not need a sedan or ute (scrub Falcon and SS)
      – Want a lighter/better handling vehicle (scrub Falcon and SS again)
      – Do not want a Turbo charged performance car (see above re Australian mentality, scrub almost everything from your list Golf, WRX, Falcon XR6T, EVO, R34)

      Now if you can’t see that there is a market from those results you’re crazy. Simply there isn’t any competition against what the GC is bar the 370Z and you have to take into account how much more expensive it is.

      I don’t think anyone has ever said that the GC will be highly profitable, you will never have as many go out the door as the i30, but there is a market where money could be made. Not only that but simply it’s presence in a showroom will help push the other Hyundai vehicles out the door in even greater numbers.



  • Dave

    I drive a 2.7L Tiburon and love it. I will buy a 3.8L Genesis Coupe in a second.

  • fusion01

    Did you mention the 2 litre turbo? I don’t think so, unless mistaken. With approximately 200kw and 370 nm it’s not far off the 3.8 litre NA model while being a whole lot lighter and giving superb fuel consumption figures (based on performance). Also less prone to understeer due to smaller engine at the front. I’m all for bigger engines purely for the note (my current BMW 135i is everything the Golf MK5 GTI was not in that regard) but boosting a 2 litre turbo to this level has serious benefits. The 3.8 litre / v6 seems almost jurassic in comparison.