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The new German designed and engineered Ford Focus will make its way into Australian showrooms this year with increased safety levels, a new diesel engine, revised styling and no less than three body configurations.

Accompanying the hatch are also a versatile sedan model and summer coupe-cabriolet.

New exterior door mirrors incorporating a turn indicator are standard on all models and a new front bumper, as on the Focus Coupé-Cabriolet, has been incorporated across the range – excluding the performance orientated XR5 Turbo.


All models in the Focus range – CL, LX, TDCi, Zetec, Ghia and Cabriolet – now feature dual front airbags and ABS with EBD as standard equipment.

Driver and front passenger side airbags are added to the LX, TDCi, Zetec, Ghia and Cabriolet specification as is Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), Traction Control (TC) and Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) as standard.


The new 2.0-litre turbo diesel five-door model, which features a six-speed manual transmission becomes the first diesel-powered passenger car in the Ford Australia line-up.

“Today’s diesel technology is state-of-the-art and, in some aspects of motoring such as fuel efficiency and range, can provide performance benefits over and above petrol engines.” President Marketing and Sales, Mark Winslow.

Three new body-styles have been introduced: a new Zetec sedan with five-speed manual or optional four-speed automatic transmission, a Ghia hatchback with a four-speed automatic transmission, and finally a coupe-cabriolet with five-speed manual or optional four-speed automatic transmission.


The Focus Cabriolet has been designed in conjunction with Pininfarina, the same group who brought you the Ferrari 599 and Maserati GranTurismo.

The new Cabriolet is powered by the 2.0-litre Duratec four-cylinder petrol engine, which produces 107kW of power and 185Nm of torque which will return 7.5-litres per 100km on the manual and just 8.3-litres per 100km with the optional automatic.


“Focus Coupé-Cabriolet is an exciting, dynamic vehicle which offers sophisticated European styling in a highly desirable package and further extends the widening appeal of the Ford brand,” said Ford Australia President Tom Gorman.

The two piece hard-top roof retracts fully into the luggage compartment at the press of a button in just 29 seconds. A luggage separator blind will prevent the roof from retracting unless it is pulled across the luggage compartment to prevent the roof from folding on top of items stowed in the rear of the car.


The premium nature of the cabriolet reflects on its creature comforts which include fully automatic dual zone climate control, cruise control, automatic headlights, automatic wipers, heated power mirrors, glove box with cooling function and a Sony six-disc CD audio system with eight speakers.

“The enhancements introduced across the new Focus range add to its desirability and confirm Focus as one of the safest, most versatile and fun to drive small car models available in Australia.”

With so much choice, there is a Focus for every occasion.


Focus CL – $19,990
Focus Ghia – $29,490
Focus Coupé-Cabriolet – $45,490 (Manual), $47,490 (Automatic)


CL Safety Pack – $1,600
LX/TDCi Safety Pack – $1,300
Curtain Airbags – $400

  • Glander

    45.5k for the Convertible! God damn thats a little expensive!

    • me

      I own a 2008 Cab and had many teething problems. Thought I had bought a lemon, problems fixed! Love the Car. Not, I have to say for the faint hearted to get things done. BUT damm fine car.

  • jbot

    The convertible looks great with the roof down, but I think it looks awkward with the long boot with the roof up. Maybe its just this photo.

  • Myke

    The Astra CC is far better looking and is the same price aswell.

  • Adam [aka Mada]

    Do some people miss the point? the focus convertable is no more expensive than what segment it competes in! also consider it has a metal folding roof top.
    looks are sujective, i’d put my money down on the focus driving better than the astra, i guess it comes down to priorities, are you just like to pose or do you like a better drive?

  • Myke

    CCs generally aren’t driver’s cars anyway.

  • John

    nice…very nice…

  • Me.

    I was wondering when caradvice would put something about the Focus Cou’p-Cabriolet finaly something to take on the Opel Astra.

  • Andrew

    If you get a chance to compare the two, have a look at the difference between the roof mechanisms. The Astra’s is exposed and flimsy, whilst the Focus is sturdy and neatly covered.

  • Me.

    Hope Ford are working on a new hard-top Falcon with a covertable, then more conertable range for Ford Australia.

  • Tom

    haha how crazy would a convertible falcon be? It’d have to be one of the largest convertibles made, a family sedan cabriolet. The folding roof would be more like the roof at the telstra dome. Can’t imagine it’d be highly sort after though, I mean people who buy convertibles tend to go for the looks, and though the next falcon will be good looking, its not exactly chic.

  • Australia’s Own

    Andrew Says:
    October 15th, 2007 at 3:22 pm
    If you get a chance to compare the two, have a look at the difference between the roof mechanisms. The Astra’s is exposed and flimsy, whilst the Focus is sturdy and neatly covered.

    Typical Ford lovers comment, I have just been to the motorshow and the exact opposite is correct. The Focus is the exposed and flimsy one. Go and have a look for yourself.

  • football meat pies kangeroos and Holden cars

    very true Aussie own

  • Starky

    Aussie Own, I just went to the motor show and discovered that Holden is crap. As if saying biased BS is going to convince anyone. Lol notice how Holden posters always have names that show how Australian they are? Its like they are trying to prove something…

  • Tony

    err..I thought focus had made an update in July with above features except Cabriolet. Is this a totally new version that I am not aware of?

  • Astro Boy

    Lawn Bowls, 2 Minute Noodles, Sloths and Holden Cars…. Everything equaly boring

  • jasjas

    The Cabroleit looks out of proportion, and not sexy at all Ford. I prefer the Capri!

  • Plutonus

    Is it just me, or does that lady in the convertible look seriously small?

  • Me.

    Tom, I think there was a covertible (American) Falcon in the 60s.

    “Football, Meat Pies, Kangeroos and Holden Cars” WAS A BULLSH!T SLOWGAN THAT HOLDENWOO MADE UP A LONG TIME AGO TO MAKE PEOPLE THINK HOLDEN IS THE ONLY AUSTRALIAN CAR, well Ford means more to that than Holdenwoo does.

  • Me.

    Aussie own loves the Holdens then arseholes like “Football, Meat pies, Kangeroos and Holden cars”, that ad is on unique cars and

    …But if holden is so Australian why does it have a lion not “Football, Kangeroos and Meat pies”?

  • Reckless1

    Bloody hell, the mental age of some posters is lower than a Ford nut’s IQ.

    Thank god I am not locked in a room with them……Injury to them would have to result, or insanity would quickly overtake one….

  • Me.

    Reckless1 you are a dumb Holden nut, you have nothing to say about the Focus, so why do you just taunt Ford fans here for no reason?

  • Me.

    Reckless1, You go to show how low all the Holdenwoo nut’s IQ is.

  • woz

    The ford Focus is a great example of inspired driving, my girlfriend owns the base Lx model with some extra’s and all I can say “fantastic” now if you dead beat Holdenwoo owner’s want to say your crapstra is better, well you all you have is Daewoo’s and lion badge’s to support the argument. Holdenwoo makes some of worst car’s I have ever seen or heard of, One after another crap crap crap…..

  • Me.

    On ACA, some woman brought a Holdenwoo asstra and it was a complete lemon!!!

    It was at the MT Gravat Holden Zupps Dealer in Brisbane and she was on the street with a T-shirt that had the word Holden crosed out on it. They were yelling out side the dealer along the street to the traffic, “DON’T BUY A HOLDEN!!” and offering lemons that had Holden writt’n on them.

    Goes to show how bad Holdenwoo and the crappy Zupps dealers are.

  • Myke

    Two of my family members own Astras and have never had problems with them, different models too (TS and AH). Plus the AH Astra’s build quality is exceptional, very different from any Daewoo based Holden.

  • woz

    Well that just sums up Holdenwoo maybe they should sell lemonade with the harsh, dry purchasing that comes with sour dealers, better still make it an options extra a lemon tree to plant in the backyard to go with your Holdenwoo lemon car….

  • Bavarian Missile

    I am waiting to see what Megan Gale says about airhead Jennifer Hawkins…………pffffttt Hawkins super model ! Right! Megan is gorgeous and like Elle will age well. Hate Hawkins shrilly bloody voice. Something guys can take on board,the deeper the females voice the higher achiever they are……….truth! Hate giggling females!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Me.

    HAHAHA!!! LOL WOZ, That Zupps dealer riped me off when buying spare parts from them, not only that, they scream the SH!T out of the new dunnydores up Mount Gravat.

    Zupps Holden – hope when people from Zupps type up in serch engines thay see this and give my money back. I paid for the part when it had no invoice then they sent me a letter in the mail to pay for it again at almost dubble the price that I paid for it the first time, FUKKK HEADS!!

  • ImportJap

    Plenty of so-called ‘unbiased’ posters on here take any opportunity to slag Holden or Ford, showing themselves as hypocrites. Don’t be a keyboard warrior, if you want a rise out of each other, arrange to meet up, just leave it off here.

    The Astra is still Opel based, not Daewoo, and the TDi at least is quality, and Ford’s come a long way in small cars since the Kia sourced 95-2000 Festiva, incidentally the last Ford small car I drove (with a wonderful 1.3L 47kw motor). Compared to that the Focus is just excellent.

    Having driven both the Astra and Focus, all I can say is BOTH manufacturers have greatly increased quality over the past 10 years, especially in terms of power and trasmissions.

    Personally I’d take the Focus for interior, and the Astra for looks / diesel economy. Both cars were great in busy Adelaide city!

  • Reckless1

    I rest my case.

  • http://. KFC

    Missile, also got to watch out for girls with batting eyelids when you first meet them and the little girlie voice. And do agree with what you just said abou deep voice girls!

  • Me.

    Hawkins is sexy? FU.KKKKING no it’s not, I can give a list of Australian chicks I’d do before that ugly thing, yuk!!!!

    Zupps Holden is a big franchise in the greater Brisbane area where I live and is verry corrupted. Those arseholes riped me off, never getting parts from them any more!!!

  • Bavarian Missile

    I guess I am not the one that has to watch out for eye lashes….its you blokes!!!!!!!!hahaha

    Look at Amanda Vanstone……..ok not a good eg……Tracey Grimshaw! All the women they have ever had on 60 mins .

  • woz

    OK importjap, we get the drift or is drifting away all you know, the point I make here is 110% proof not flimsy heresay most of the post’s I post are from hard evidence even going as far to read forums of other makes, it shit’s me when Holdenwoo lover’s which are very biased keep big noting their brand and slagging off everyone else just to shit stir, I also have driving the Astra and yes it is derived from Opel but nothing special, I won’t list the problems we had I just can’t be bothered tonight If you like Holdenwoo That’s great but we have a licence called freedom of speech some like to use fist’s I like my finger tips control the talking…

  • ImportJap

    That’s fine mate, and I agree the Astra & Focus aren’t anything special, however they are much better than the models of yesteryear, and I appreciate that.

    I’ve owned both Ford and Holden, and did not have problems with them at all (perhaps everyone had Friday cars or perhaps I was lucky), and I’m aware of issues with both brands. I believe in free speech too, but personal insults aren’t constructive.

    Personally my hobby IS Japanese cars (and yes I do like drift sports), but I currently drive an Audi A4 1.8T, my first Audi, and I’m quite impressed.

  • woz

    I’m not one eye’d ford fan because I have had several other makes and currently now own a 03 Suzuki grand vitara and 05 Suzuki sv1000s motorcycle in my opinion Ford makes a better car than Holden we all know this battle will last forever and I think that is healty, debating is cool, minus the false facts, I like watching drifting too, the sport will grow in the next few years with more respect in Australia and the Audi A4 you own would be cool to drive they are in my top ten list…

  • ImportJap

    Personally I’d like to see the big makes get closer and closer in terms of quality, features, making competition tougher, meaning they really have to innovate to get attention, and meaning lower prices for us, hopefully :)

  • http://. KFC

    ME… Iam sure if you were at a disco and both Hawkins and Amanda Vanstone were batting eyelids at you, you would change your mind! The smaller the black dress the easier your decision perhaps, well put me foot in it there as one dress would be small and other would be a circus tent! LOL

  • Bavarian Missile

    hahaha I am not they way inclined though…….

    A disco? Now your showing your age……..Me too I still remember them,thats equally as sad! YMCA….

  • Andrew M

    the focus (in my opinion) is the best looking small car in all varients.
    i have only driven the previous focus before (you know the slanted headlights) it was a service loaner (so i mean I DROVE IT) and i was totally impressed with how well it handled and generally drove. i thought it was a bit of a slug too until i rung its neck.
    since they updated the looks (which are fantastic) and maybe even improvements in areas that was already commendable on the previous focus then wow is this a great car.
    i am actually tossing up between a sporty focus and a second hand fairmont ghia (which has shed $15K of depreciation already) as a second car (for the mrs)

  • http://. KFC

    Andrew M… I got the other half a 2005 BA MkII Falcon LPG sedan with 57K kms at Moorebank Auction (in Sydney) with ‘Fowles Manheim’ for 16,400 inc GST – you can get one under warranty still. They have many cars and you can inspect and take someone to inspect for you and it is great value. Another auction house mob is ‘Pickles’. Both have websites and seen plenty of cars like what you are looking for.

  • http://. KFC

    Correct me if Iam wrong but tops of front headlights, have they moved further up the bonnet where it meets on front guard. The look now is spot on! Dam nice and classy!

  • Bavarian Missile

    My younger brother has the previous model too,he also gives it a hard time! Great little car ,you will be putting the wind screen wipers on each time you get in though Andrew..hehehe

    Focus is more of a Chicks car than a Fairmont….old mans car! God I hate it when guys call there wives MRSSS. My ex deck hands used to call me that ……… GRRRRRR A charming greeting at 6.00 in the morning with a guy in a flannelet shirt and 3 missing front teeth,still smelling of yesterdays ABBS,gidday Mrsss I did say ex didn’t I ……lol

    I am tossing up also to get get a hack as he in doors doesn’t want to drive the Cobra as the every day user like the previous …….and I am not using mine . Have considered a Focus pick them up cheap !

  • Bavarian Missile

    Whats the go with guys buying Cars for their wives? Can’t they do it themselves?

  • Me.

    The only thing I hate about the Focus is the bonnet lock…


    Ford, FORD!!! Please, PLEASE!!!! Don’t, DON’T!!!!! Have that stupid system on the Orion next year!!!!


  • http://. KFC

    To sum it up in one word “NO”. My one actually is great as she knows it is not a VW amd can find motor, dipstick and all stuff. Just has tell tale signs of being hopeless at street locations or reading street directory. She too has seen DUD RUDD for what they are and the queue of ex-union guys shoring up Labor foundation and has gone off them. She was going to vote for KEVIN “I HAVE BABY LIPS AND LOOK LIKE I NEVER SEEN MANUAL WORK OR SUN TANS” RUDD! He is an accident waiting! Gee doesn’t he control his caucus well with such lacking of strong words = knives will be out for him!

  • Bavarian Missile

    Hey Me Yep………Brother had the same problem once….weird place to put it!

    Klink/KFC My one……..geeee! What is with the hand movements with Rudd,has he read body language books to,open palms believe me pfffftttt!

  • Me.

    Ford better not use the same thing the Focus uses.

    If anyone relys on oppinion polls for their vote this year is an apsolote scum-bag!!! The media is also subliminly saying that Rudd should win because they sick of old John Howard. I’m sorry this is off topic, but if we do what the media says, we should just stuff voting then.

    “The Corier Mail” said on state voting day that there is no point in voting for Springborg because of oppinion polls say Peter will win. And look what happend to the scum!!!

  • http://. KFC

    He looks like he is in the wrong place to me. Kind of like when Alexander Downer was voted leader and he was same then and he made joke with women who get bashed “The things that batter” and tried laughing about it. The best leader would of been Lindsay Tanner as he speaks his mind and takes not one backward step. Rudd has no body language and is a hermity type of nerdy guy! Funny when his wife was caught out with Work Directions. I have mates who are members in Sydney who always entice me to stand… LOL is my response as pack of morons.

  • http://. KFC

    Then he says more beds in hospitals and less red tape as duplication with states. Ummmm like old news and rehashed past. They must get rid of states if Rudd is serious but he is just baby lip looking prattle at best.

  • http://. KFC

    Pack of morons as seen them in operation and organising Missile.

  • ImportJap

    This is a political chat site now?

  • Bavarian Missile

    Just for a moment it was !

  • John

    wow…i cant believe how such a thread can veer off topic come back…veer off again…and eventually come back…

    must be a car thread!

  • http://. KFC

    Yes John I agree wholeheartedly. What would you say is the exterior tweaking and enhancements?

  • Me.

    Get over politics now and back to the car.

    There should be a coup’e-cabriolet XR5 Turbo, now that would be good, even though I won’t want one because they are just girls cars only. Falcon is more for me.

  • http://. KFC

    My views are that the front lights and its bumper bar design has raised the aesthetic appeal quite significantly. Its symmetry, flow and proportions are nice, so much so the overall look and balance of the car now when compared to its predecessor is light years ahead.

  • http://. KFC

    Hey ME, yeah more a shiela’s car but hey at least with Mondeo and this update will pinch sales off Holden and Toyota and Ford is in a great position as easier where Ford comes from rather then be in the so called bulletproof always reliable Toyotas!

  • http://. KFC

    At least with my name change Iam known WORLDWIDE and it is dam easier to type it in! Col. Klink in the army comedy shows he was in think was a fat bugger with a helmet with spike on it wasn’t he???

  • http://. KFC

    …Turbo will come and so will the FPR enhanced versions!

  • Me.

    KFC, I think you mean Shiltz as the fat man with the helmet. (or however you spell it)

  • http://. KFC

    Yeah, he was that.

  • http://. KFC

    I will open up a subject topic and want to guage what people think (please comment without smartalec responses too):

    Q/ With all the SUVS and pseudo pretend big 4WD’s or big vans do you think that there should be less on the road as they are more unecomical the conventional wagons or the like? These vehicles put unecessary strain on petroluem usage and increase in green gases / pollution and as most on bitumen (not off road) what can be done about it?

  • http://. KFC

    All Iam trying to guage is what is important, is it small cars we are heading to like this Focus or is it other way? We seem to always revert back to HERO cars as being like the pinnacle as well?

  • Toyota Paul

    Ok looks identical to current focus (very subtle styling changes) and the convertible is ugly. If your gonna spend $45k for that, your 3/4 of the way their…. just get a 350z convertible.

  • Toyota Paul

    Or not even that, 2nd hand Z with not many kms for the same price…. 50x better looking…..50x better performance.

  • Andrew M

    styling changes? what styling changes?
    i dont think they have done any i dont know why people have suggested they have moved headlights or what ever.

    missile yeah i know the perception of “oldies” car with a fairmont, but i have seen some damn nice fairmonts around.i would have to at least throw some nice wheels on it. thats all it takes to turn it into a sportster.
    great example is an EF fairmont. ive seen plenty where they drop them on their belly and throw some nice wheels on and hey presto they look pretty damn hot. i say EF because i reckon the front grill looks better than the EL grill

  • Bavarian Missile

    Will it be auto though? What model Fairmont?

  • fil

    To ‘Me’ from yesterday at 10:19pm: What’s the problem with the key lock on the bonnet? I rented an old model Zetec in Wales and found it to be quite a sensible idea. It beats reaching your hand under the bonnet to find that damn elusive leaver. And let’s be honest, how often do you actually open your bonnet? Once every few months at most.

    If you want a stupid invention, try using the ridiculous electronic indicator on a new Astra. That’s what I’d call an every-day annoyance!

  • Andrew M

    id prob go BA or BF fairmont. yep it would have to be auto. i think manuals woould be almost non existant in fairmont form. manual falcons are hard to find ive had 3 manual falcons so you notice how many are autos when you have one that isnt

  • Going Ford, Is The Going Thing

    What I mean by the way that it’s bad about the badge is it should be somthing “to stop to look at and like” because it’s a Ford. But that badge system means that it’s not an offical badge.

  • Bavarian Missile


    So find her a manual anyway or an XR8 ………

    SNOZZZZZZZZZZZZ,depends what you like I guess,too slow for me!

  • Four letter word begining with “F”

    The Focus CC looks crap, it doesn’t have the stance or quality euro BMW look of the Astra Twin-Top.
    The Focus I saw at the motor show looked cheap + nasty.

  • Reaper

    Does your name mean “FOOL” or F%CK”head ???? Cabriolet isn’t everyone’s cuppa tea. astra and Focus are about on par. Oh but I forgot the Focus has a Ford badge so any holden biased wankers are gonna put the boot in.

  • Going Ford, Is The Going Thing

    “Four letter word ‘F’”, It’s not ment to take on BMW. DickHead!

  • Bavarian Missile

    Hey Andrew ……try Tassie……….people like manuals there!

  • Going Ford, Is The Going Thing

    Four letter word begining with “F”…
    F Stands for FUKK your self!!!
    Go back to “Holdenwoo toilet forums” better than been a one off person that comes here to just taunt us all.

    Go to the Holden forum and tell them that Holdenwoo looks like SH*T. C’MON, C’MON GIRL!! YOU CAN DO IT, IT’S ONLY LIFE THERES NOTHING TOO BAD, IT’S JUST I’M SEEING THOUGH IT FROM THE INSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • matt

    WoW!!! that girl in the car is realy small or that car is really big, she looks really funny. hee hee hee! shes a midgit..its a migits car of choice!!!