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Last week’s Australian International Motor Show saw the début of Toyota’s all-new LandCruiser wagon. The completely redesigned Toyota will signify the biggest change to the LandCruiser wagon in 10 years.

Toyota has replaced the 4.2-litre six-cylinder turbo-diesel engine with a twin-turbo 4.5-litre V8 diesel that pumps out more than 190kW and an enormous 600Nm of torque.

Toyota says that despite the massive power output, the new engine uses less fuel than the previous model. However if Diesel is not your thing, the new LandCruiser 200 Series, which is destined for Toyota showrooms in November, is also available with a 4.7-litre petrol V8.

According to Toyota Australia’s senior executive director sales and marketing, David Buttner, Toyota owed much of its strong market position in Australia to the reliability and capability of LandCruiser over almost 50 years.

“It has helped us forge a strong connection with Australia, as a result, Australia has also played a significant part in developing the latest generation of what is rightly regarded as the king off the road.” he said

Toyota has equipped the LandCruiser with the latest gearbox technology in its arsenal. Both diesel and petrol variants are available with intelligent automatic transmissions with sequential shift – six-speed for diesel and five-speed for petrol.

2008 Toyota LandCruiser Wagon

Both gearboxes feature Artificial Intelligence Shift Control (AISC) – software which determines the appropriate gear ratio by calculating road conditions and predicting the driver’s intentions.

The new LandCruiser has also met the safety inspectors which has led to a stronger body structure while Vehicle Stability Control (VSC – ESP) is standard on all variants.

Up to 10 airbags are offered including front, side and knee airbags for the driver and front passenger, side airbags for the outboard second-row seats and curtain shield airbags for all three rows.

There will also be a four-zone climate-control air con, allowing first and second-row passengers to set individual climate controls on both sides of the vehicle – with air being distributed through 28 vents!

Additional new standard features include

  • Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS), for greater stability on all surfaces and an extended suspension stroke in off-road driving;
  • “crawl control”, a world’s first – a system for negotiating surfaces such as rocks, sand or steep hills (petrol models only);
  • Torsen® limited-slip centre differential;
  • Multi-terrain anti-skid braking system.

Other new features include Smart Entry and Smart Start, Bluetooth™ mobile-phone connection, satellite navigation and steering wheel controls, however they are not available on all grades. Toyota will release full details of the new LandCruiser in November.

  • FrugalOne


    Best vehicle at the show!

    Best 4×4 0n the planet!



  • Alec

    The landcruiser is not what it used to be. Having owned a few, I think the last of the ‘real’ landcruisers was the 80 series. The 100 was great but if you wanted to take it off road you need a suspensions lift, front and rear bars and probably an extra 6-10 grand for mods!
    I could never see this 200 series off road, I think the new ‘real’ landcruiser is the newly introduced 78 series (???) wagon that is based on the trayback!
    Toyota is following the path of many other manufacturers with the trademark 4WD’s going soft and forgetting their is a market for a dedicated off road vehicle!

  • Alec

    not to mention its bloody ugly! And why have moulded, flush fitting bumbers when you know 50% of the market want to fit a bullbar!!??

  • http://. Colonel Klink

    Spot on Alec, I do sympathise with you with this directional change with Landcruiser. My other half agrees fully and she says “4WD, well for real one Discovery”. But one listens to other know-it-alls and Toyota because they have a huuuuuge range and sell 21,000 cars last month are the best and bulletproof reliability. Talk to Cruiser people and they will concur with your comments about spending extra to get from soft 4WD to serious 4WD. Toyota are not serious with Cruiser nowadays… but hey nice Xmas tree with every bell and whistle in a big beefcake body with malibu sized ugly grille!

  • golfschwein

    Ugly, frumpy and dated. Does anybody honestly think this thing looks 2 or 3 years more modern than a Discovery?

  • Astro Boy

    Look at this new landcruiser looks like a freakin huge piece of crap. Its just a massive kluger. This in no way looks more modern than a Discovery, only it has a positive reputation based on past landcruisers. This new one is going to be a dud. The current patrol looks 200% better. Jezus its trying to compete with the SsangYong stavic on ugliness, seeing that in the mirror will make ya want to get away. Alec i think the last true landcruiser was the 60 series, the best being the ones made in around 1988 to 1990 with the four square headlights, the eg the FJ62RG which is what i got a GXL, after they widened the track so they are more stable. and yes! the only true landcruiser at the moment is the 70series, although it is based on a design from the late 80’s. The landcruiser fanatics will go on about blah blah how indistructable the landcruiser is… they’re living in la la land, the landrovers and patrols are just as competent. I’m thinking the current landrovers and patrols will sh!t all over this new landcruiser in looks and off road ability with much less electric gadgetry to go wrong. Its now a oversized shopping trolley for obese people to carry fried chicken from KFC, not a off road vehicle.

  • http://. Colonel Klink

    Yum, geez better be hot and spicy!!!

    Mate how true…LOL that was great to read til end and laughed til I cried!

  • http://. Colonel Klink

    Does anybody know how many buckets of KFC could fit in the rear volume with seats up??? LOL

  • Me.

    Colonel Klink, talking about KFC hey? Maybe your name should be called “Colonel Sanders” insted of Klink. LOL!!

  • http://. KFC

    Mate done, name change to KFC and not Colonel Klink or Colonel Sanders as sick of long typo!

  • http://. KFC

    ME… mate you cracked me up when I read your post! LOL. Humour is something a lot more needed on here!

  • Me.

    KFC Hey?

  • Bavarian Missile

    You two are clowns………….. I do agree though sometimes it gets a little serious! How many posts do you guys think you have made each,would be good to have a counter ha!

  • http://. KFC

    Missile, I do say exactly what I want but love humour. Being off building sites I do talk jokey, cliches and jokes and that is it! Mate I do I agree with you about DUD RUDD (like Kevin07 – like what is he James Bond now!), as long as there is a caucus and unions flexing there muscles with many ex-prominent union guys there I cannot remotely entertain him seriously.

  • Bavarian Missile

    Talking of building sites wheres my little mate Andrew tonight ? He is normally like clock work home by 5.00 beer in hand and answering Toyota blogs……..hahaha .Sorry Paul couldn’t resist!

    I still think Johnny will get back in, he has a team Rudd is a one man team ,Julia Gillard needs to take deportment classes and stop speaking like shes from the country! Nothing wrong with country folks but she hardly comes across educated to the rest of the world.

  • http://. KFC

    Missile, I worked on retirement buildings as Foreman at Panthers and also built Harvey Norman opposite courthouse at Penrith…. I do not like power of uinions to come on site cause any contractor can have a lazy month working and gets whingy whiny troublemaking and phones unions – thats all it takes and boy they stuff what can unfold from there like putting thermometers out and when at 38C stop work, one time I had apprentice setting out around 400 holding down bolts for strucural steel and they take a lot of thought and setout to get in true position prior to concrete pour. LOW AND BEHOLD… apprentice had shovel in his hand to clear some soil to set laser up for levelling and whinging scot brickies labourer (like most HANG OUT FOR BLUDGE AND OBSERVES TO CAUSE UNION TO COME TO SITE) rings CMFEU and I nearly got threatened with a $20K fine and the whole site went backwards. Do not get me wrong UNIONS ARE GOOD UP TO A CERTAIN LEVEL; BUT THERE NEEDS TO BE A LEVEL WHERE THEY CANNOT GO PAST AS CAUSE UNWANTED TROUBLE, TORTURE, UNPRODUCTIVE WORK SITES TO SUPPORT SCAB BLUDGERS. As long as labor revisit there foundations of having wannabe wallies like Combet, Ferguson and god knows who else as they will be there they will not ever get my vote no matter what – EVER!

  • Bavarian Missile

    Unions……………wow ! My brother was a big supporter of Unions when they were in the mines! They said the Unions keep them safer! Crap made no difference ,people were still dying with bloody unions. Its the cowboys in any work force that cause the problems and they are normally the laziest workers there.

  • Darcy

    Its a fugly car… 100 was good- currently own a 80’s and loving it.

    i hope its not like this for the next 10 years. Toyota has lost their edge

    this car has really killed my day… made me depressed

  • azza

    The new toyota landcruiser is so today.

    in my opinion is i LOVE landcruisers they are just the best4+4 ive ever seen.

  • CRUZ E

    The new 200 looks ok but way to much plastic and electronics for a true off roader.

    I have a 80 series and this is the last of the real off road weapons.
    I have spent many thousands of dollars to make this vehicle the unstopable unit which it is and proven.

    I am waiting for the 76 series to be proven and this will be my next project to build the ultimate 4X4 .

    Have fun and keep the shiny side up.
    And if you cant play nice smile has you go under my cruiser.

    Cruz E

  • Duck

    ^What about the 100 series Land Cruiser?

  • mehmet emin

    it is the truth that the quality is the first, but land cruiser do not seems to be a creature.i can’t understand that many engineers worked to improve this serie unfortunately with an ugly and fat face. is it seems energetic. not man. don’t make this car awful again.