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Ford must be a little scared now with the VE Commodore out and about soon, for once Ford’s BA series Falcons look outdated. Nonetheless, Ford have announced the facelifted and updated Ford BF Falcon MKII.

BF Falcon MkII builds on the strong engineering foundations laid by the BF Falcon and SY Territory programs, while also delivering a host of fresh exterior and interior styling elements that further refine the Falcon’s contemporary design.” Mr Gorman said.

Ford says that the BF Falcon MkII, will come with the popular German made ZF six-speed automatic transmission as an option on all petrol Falcon sedan models. Falcon XT, Futura and Fairmont sedan customers can option their vehicle with the six-speed automatic transmission. The six-speed automatic should help

  • reduced fuel consumption,
  • increased functionality & precision
  • performance

Falcon XT customers opting for the six-speed automatic transmission will notice an improvement in fuel consumption of more than six per cent when compared to the BF Falcon four-speed automatic equipped vehicle, with an accompanying Australian Design Rule (ADR) 81/01 fuel economy test figure of 10.2 l/100km.

Fuel economy on petrol BF Falcon MkII XT, Futura and Fairmont sedan models with the four-speed automatic transmission has also improved. As a result of further drivetrain efficiencies that have been achieved on these Falcon models, fuel economy will improve by a further two per cent, dropping 0.2 l/100km to 10.7 l/100km.

Ford BF Falcon MKII Rear

For claims that although it really wishes no one would get the Falcons withthe four-speed auto, they have indeed tried to refine the four-speed automatic

  • Improved transmission thermal management – faster warm-up and reduced friction losses allow it to reach optimum efficiency earlier, improving fuel consumption during cold starts and on short trips (a common usage pattern for many drivers)
  • Revised Powertrain Control Module (PCM) calibrations in line with the optimised transmission thermal management
  • Improved aerodynamic performance (reduced drag) of the new front bumper design

One of the more interesting things about the new MKII Ford Falcon is that Dynamic Stability Control will be available on Falcon XT, Futura, Fairmont and XR6 as part of an optional sports pack, which includes the six-speed automatic transmission, Sports Control Blade Independent Rear Suspension and 17-inch alloy wheels and tyres. This should be a definite if your after a new Falcon. Falcons already come standard with traction control.

The extensive engineering program undertaken at BF Falcon delivered significant gains in the areas of fuel efficiency and refinement, as well as more useable performance from our Barra 190 six-cylinder engine,”

“In the last two years we’ve delivered a seven per cent improvement in fuel efficiency on the Falcon XT. The availability of the six-speed automatic transmission on Falcon XT with the BF MkII program has taken the level of improvement even further, to more than 11 per cent.” Mr Gorman said.

Ford says that their DSC comes with four levels ranging from comfort to sports, to cover the variety of engine, transmission and body styles available across the Territory and Falcon vehicle families.The calibration of the DSC system when fitted to a Falcon XT, Futura, Fairmont or Falcon XR6 will match the system currently fitted to the Fairmont Ghia, with DSC interventions being tuned to the overall sportier nature of the package compared to Fairlane and LTD variants.

Ford BF Falcon MKII Interior

In addition to the wider availability of DSC and the six-speed automatic transmission, BF Falcon MkII also introduces a host of exterior design and interior styling upgrades within the Falcon line-up.

Fairmont Ghia now comes with European-inspired sports luxury exterior look, reflected in its new, dark accent headlamp treatment, tapered bonnet, chrome grille, bejewelled fog lights and front bumper finishes, and new seven-spoke 17-inch sports alloy wheels.

An exposed chrome exhaust, XR-style side skirts and rear bumper, and contemporary block font ‘Ghia’ badging give the Ghia some differentiation to the standard Falcons. Inside, the BF MkII Fairmont Ghia comes with black chrome instrument cluster, chrome air vent highlights and black onyx Interior Command Centre and China Beige leather seat trim, suede feel seat backs and door trims, and new front seat headrests. I am not so fond of all that Chrome!
Fairmont, Futura and Falcon XT also receive notable upgrades to the exterior design, as do Falcon Ute XL, XLS and RTV models. All feature a new tapered bonnet, updated front bumper design and new headlamp treatments, along with revised rear bumpers on sedan models.

A new interior environment sets the BF MkII range of Falcon XR and Falcon Ute XR models apart from their predecessors, with a new “Chicane” metallic yarn seat trim, new instrument cluster design and satin alloy inserts in the instrument panel.

The new seat trim can also be customised with a wide range of stitching and embroidery colours, which will lend the interior a subtle or high impact finish, depending on personal taste.

Five new exterior paint colours will be introduced to herald the arrival of BF Falcon MkII, including two new hero colours and a new Chromaflair® colour for the XR range, while another two colours – Seduce and Ego – were released in the lead-up to the new model… A colour named Ego? Hmm…

  • daniel

    I dont think ford will do better than HoLdEN!!! EVER

  • Paul

    Yeah I agree… you cant beat the Omega’s 4 speed tranny or its non-standard air conditioning. What does Ford have… silky smooth 6 speeder, 190kw and a host of other features. And thats comparing the old Falcon to a new Commodore… prity sad the Commodore is still inferior

  • http://N/A Tom

    That’s why Holden Always Win

    • Adam

      Ford is 10 times better that Holden you fools & I can proof it. Why do you think its the best option for a taxi becuase its reliable. Holdens are always at the mechanics.
      Been there seen it all.

    • obaia

      Tom Bathurst cars are nothing similar to a factory bought car.
      except the body skin.

  • FourPointEleven

    If Ford suck so much, why have you made it all the way to the bottom of a Fairmont review?

  • RAMJ3T

    Holden is shit they are ugly, ford is known around the world for producing quality built cars, the fairmont ghia is sex on wheels the front is amazing, i congratulate the ford design team.

  • Keith

    I have a Ford Fairmont purchased Dec 2004, one of the first MkIIs, and I’ve had two main problems. The first is the steering noise/vibration at idle. The dealer says it’s a normal noise in Fords. Even after Ford came out with a modification to the power steering hoses, it still remains. I contacted Ford direct and the customer service person said it was a quote “characteristic” of the vehicle. This means they can’t fix it. IIn my words that means a design fault they can’t fix.

    The second is a noise under the front suspension on take off only. Example: It’s a bang when taking off from lights. Dispite getting this noise every time I take off, the Ford dealer can’t find the cause, and therefore, it continues to annoy me.

    • Dazmac

      Prob with steering rack is “over” torqued mounting bolts, resulting in them becoming loose. Replace bolts with new, tighten to correct torque. Don’t bother with trying to get “ANY” car manufacturer to admit to “overtorqued” bolts.

    • Commy man

      So you have a crook FORD DEALER. It happens with all makes.
      Go elswhere. I did with all my problems with my new dunnydoor.

    • Robert

      Hey try this, My BA was making the same noise and this is what it was ( Tail shaft centre bearing was stuffed and every time I took of it was making the shaft make a lot of noise,

  • Oz.

    Daniel + Tom = XXX… I’ll take the facts thanks!

  • RAMJ3T

    I have owned a BA Falcon Futura Series I for three years. Over three years I have had only minor problems, never anything major, even till yesterday when I sold it, it was always great to drive. Now I have purchased a BF XR6 MKII, which Is a testiment to ford design in every way. It as anyone would gather is a huge change from the BA Futura, and I love it. Almost probably will always own fords for the rest of my life, I trust their vehicles and love what they have done from the BA onwards. GO FORD!!!

  • Ian Graham

    I have a 6/2006 BF Futura, lovely car except for the front suspension noise that sounds very springy in certain road conditions, the vehicle has had the front springs renewed & it still prevails, Ive been told that the shock absorbers rub on the inside of the springs due to a design fault that causes the springs to bend like a bananas causing this noise. An independant suspension company advised me that Ford are aware of the problem, however, as it is not considered to be dangerous, I’m lead to believe that until one complains enough nothing will be done…has anyone experienced a similar problem.

    • matt

      I got a ford falcon bf mk2..only trouble I got is this irritating noise…but I haven’t done anything so far..was planning to take the car to mechanic in a couple of days

  • Frugal One

    Well have cracked the 5000km mark already, adding them kays quick as you can see! :-)

    Anyway, the BF Mk11 C/Chassis ute is a good unit, cheap to buy [for what u get] and averages

  • Abhey

    I bought ford fairlane ’06. It gotZF six-speed automatic transmission. I dont know when to service it. Ford dealer told me these transmission does not need servicing, but I drive this car as the taxi and already done Km140000. Have anyone got advice on that.

    • Robert

      Hi, the way i look at it is, unless you are having a problem and you are not doing may ks, get a service done every two years,but if you are doing a lot of ks get it done every year no mater if it running good. Being a sealed box you need to keep it serviced and don`t beleave what food says they make them to break if you don`t look after them.

  • Graeme McVitty

    Writing to ask if any one has a nice high-gloss book, with lovely pictures etc, on the Ford BF Mark 11, Fairlaine Ghia, which I am hoping will show clearly many shows from all angles both external and interiour and will include all of the options for exterior paint work and the variety of interior materails.

  • Andrew

    I just picked up a BA MkII XR6. I didn’t notice on the test drive, but there is a “clunk” (noise and feel) on take off. It happens everytime, unless you take off very s-l-o-w-l-y. Never happens any other time, even when accelerating hard. There is also a vibration that comes in at 110k. I had tyres, wheels, suspension and alignment checked, and they are all good. The brake pads have 40% left, but the discs need machining, noticeable only under heavy braking, so might leave it for a while. Has anybody had an experience like this? Should I pursue the problem, or learn to ignore it?

    • Tony the mechanic

      The “clunk” is the ABS self testing, is completely normal and sign of the system working properly.
      The vibration under brakes will be out of round or poorly mounted tyres (note NOT necessarily out of balance). This ofeten shows up with poor quality or older tyres.

    • Jimi-mechanic

      That vibration is called “Disc shudder” which is common unless you get slotted front discs. and as for the “Clunk” I would advice you get you diff bushes checked. to have both fixed you’d be looking around 700$ but worth it as it would save your suspension :)

    • Robert

      The clunk could be the tail shaft centre bearing has died and the tail shaft is floating around hitting the floor when you take off, that what it was on my BA also do a diff oil change that helps. If it is the tail shaft centre bearing make sure whoever fixes it,they put in a new rear gear box seal before they put the tail shaft back in as the gear box has a chance to leak at the seal if the don`t replace it with a new one, the rear gear box seal is only about $10 so get them to put one in or you will be up for a lot more money to take the tail shaft out and replace the seal later when it starts leaking oil.

  • Andy

    I just picked up a 2006 BF MK II LPG which has done 94000 ks. I did not notice at the test drive but I hear a an irritating noise from front left suspensions when taking off. This noise never repeats during a journey but only when I take off after a long stay. Is this something I should worry about? Should I take it to the dealer? Have anyone ells experienced the same problem?

  • Andy

    I just picked up a 2006 BF MK II LPG which has done 94000 ks. I did not notice at the test drive but I hear an irritating noise from front left suspensions when taking off. This noise never repeats during a journey but only when I take off after a long stay. Is this something I should worry about? Should I take it to the dealer? Have anyone ells experienced the same problem?

  • Aleks

    Omg will this noob stop using different names to write that he has a clunk in his suspension, you are an idiot and its easy to spot its the same person. Don’t try to discredit ford because you are to stupid to diagnose a problem yourself.

  • deborahh

    i own one of these in 5.4L guise, power is there, but there torque is everywhere. the 5.4L 3V engine just keeps on pulling in a very smooth yet aggressive manner smoothed out with the 6 speed ZF. all this on a tall 2.53:1 diff ratio, i tested it several times using gps and it did 6.4s 0-100km/h constantly on 35 occasions. slightly slower than my brothers VZ Berlina 6.0 that beats it by two full car lengths, but this baby just feels I’d say 40% stronger from idle to 3500rpm than the 6.0L VZ my brother has.

  • http://adrrules steve


    • Hung Low

      Ask one of your friendly Police officers to write up a “defect” notice on the car!

  • Sonny

    Regarding the ‘clunk’ when you take off from the lights, I have heard it can be loose calipers . However, when starting the car and intial take off, The shuddering noise heard from the front brakes is the ABS self test and is completely normal. should only occor on initial take off and not after every start/stop.

  • dean

    05 ba falcon problem with traction control,when you take off on shingle or on a wet road there is a rumbling noise comeing from under the dash any ideas

  • Don

    My mechanic says that the rough idle of my 04 Fairmont MkII is caused by a problem common to my make and model, a faulty intake manifold gasket. I’d sure like to confirm what he says before bearing the expense. Any suggestions?

    • Craig

      I have just had the inlet manifold replaced made no difference what so ever. Did you find an answer?

    • Robert

      Don I had a rough idle in my BA 04 model when I started it but went away after it warmed up, I fixed this problem by switching to premium fuel,which cured the car after about 2 months. The car runs great now and I always will use Premium fuel now, it keeps everything clean in the motor and running sweet, it only costs another $10 a tank of fuel to use premium and give better fuel economy and more power.

  • Ross

    My 2007 Ford Falcon BF Mk2 sedan having now done 130,000 has all of a sudden developed, for no reason, a problem that the security alarm activates itself. How do I fix this problem ?

    • mike

      help. i have just purchased a bf 2006 mark II 78,000 km, but the panic alarms goes off at all hours of the day and night by itself.Please help as I need sleep, any advise would be appreciated regards mike

      • E

        Mike – This is happening to our ba falcon (2004) – did you find out what it was???? Very bleary eyed this morning, and have disconnected brand new battery.

        • kylie

          it will be the Bem module behind the dash which is the computer for central locking, windows, demistors, that might be the problem for your alarm going off.

      • john

        we had trouble with our BF locking and unlocking by itself. It got so frequent it flattened the battery. An auto electrician friend couldnt find the problem but spoke to a lifelong ford dealer from the country who got us 2 new key pads. problem solved . Now if some one could solve my annoying front end rattle

      • scatman

        Id say its darkeys touching your car, you need some type of gun or even pressure pack that can shoot a corrosive substance at them.  That will fix your problem

  • Daaaaaaave

    My bf mark 2 xr6 (slightly worked) eats Holden v8’s for breakfast

  • peter

     fuel gauge works then drops to 3 ks any idea why it does this

  • Sue

    I want to know the truth about the FORD BF 2006 transmission. If it gives hesitation in reverse after a normal service ,does it mean the transmission needs replacing.Or are my mechanics playing with me. I have spoken to four mechanics about this problem and all say trade it in, it cannot be fixed without paying a lot of money. It is a good tight honest car I rely on it to do a lot of miles but I dont want to be stranded mid state with a car in limbo costing a lot of money.

  • BF man

    My BF 05 XT falcon with the 4speed auto kept up with the omega commodore in a drag race the guy next to me was looking at me saying wtf had I switched into the sports mode I would of easily left him my brothers had a good laugh with me Ford imo have done well love the 4ltr straight 6’s strong n realiable

  • mike

    is the steering arms the same on both BA and BF falcon

  • rhys

    how do u remove gearbox