A new 2.0-litre engine, refreshed exterior and interior styling and price cuts on the low- and mid-spec models are among the highlights of the 2010 Toyota Corolla sedan mid-life upgrade.

The range-topping Ultima sedan becomes the first Corolla in Australia powered by the 3ZR-FE 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine. Mated to a four-speed automatic, the new engine produces 102kW of power and 189Nm of torque – eight percent more than the 1.8-litre unit.

Also standard on the Ultima is a rear-view mirror reversing camera display, Xenon headlamps and a rear spoiler.

The entire range benefits from the usual external facelift treatment, with new front and rear bumpers, radiator grille, headlamps, fog lamps, rear lamps and reflectors, side mirror mounted indicators and new colour combinations.

Inside, new instrument meters, silver and chrome highlights, upgraded seat fabrics and flat-bottom steering wheels set the new sedan range apart from the previous model.

The Ultima and the mid-level Conquest both get new 16in alloy wheels and a six-CD audio system with 4.3in screen, while the entry-level Ascent keeps its 15in steel wheels and single CD system. All models have MP3/iPod compatibility, Bluetooth, and USB and 3.5mm audio input jacks.

Ultima and Conquest score seven airbags as standard while the Ascent gets just two, with sides and curtains optional. Stability control and traction control are standard across the range.

The Ascent is available with two upgrade packs each worth $750. The “enhanced safety pack” includes side, curtain and driver’s knee airbags, while the “cruise pack” adds cruise control, premium gear stick and park brake, and steering wheel with audio controls.

The updated 2010 Toyota Corolla sedan range is on sale now for the following manufacturer’s list prices:

  • Ascent manual $20,990 (-$400)
  • Ascent automatic $22,990 (-$400)
  • Conquest manual $24,490 (-$260)
  • Conquest automatic $26,490 (-$260)
  • Ultima automatic $31,490 (+$800)

All prices are manufacturer’s list prices and do not include statutory charges or other on-road costs.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sammo.8191 Sam Moss

    This car would suit my granny!

    • http://www.facebook.com/martin.villegas Martin

      Na, even she’d think it’s still boring.

    • Andy Hertlis

      It’s more of Toyota’s white-good motoring. It will sell very well, just not to people that like cars.

  • ox

    Facelift is an improvement & finaly, a 2L engine.

  • ridley

    Still the same 4speed?

  • Baddass

    Yes! 2kw more than the previous engine! At last, the acceleation performance issues of the Corolla sedan are banished! Seriously, 102kw from a 2.0 in this day & age is weak. Toyota is so far behind the competition with the Corolla it’s not funny.

    • ox

      Careful mate, anymore power and torque and you might scare Sam’s granny

      • http://www.facebook.com/sammo.8191 Sam Moss

        It would be a big turn off for her I can tell you, and most other grannys for that matter!

    • vti07

      I say, bring back the Sportivo (or introduce 2.4L Corolla like they have in the States)… Even though the 2L unit would be more driveable than the 1.8L (more usable torque), power output from the 2L engine is slightly lacking compared to competition. Nevertheless, the car will sell like hotcakes.

      e.g. Cerato 2L 115kw
      Mazda 3 2L 108kw
      Civic 2L 114kw

      There are a couple of 1.8L which have slightly more than power than 2L corolla but less torque (e.g. Cruze = 104kw, Civic = 103kw).

      • AAA

        I don’t think Toyota overclocked the motor. They rather have reliability :)

        You gotta rev to 6500rpm to see the KWs from the Cerator or Civic. Below 6000rpm, they are pretty much the same if not weaker than the Toyota’s 2.0 :) … There’s no replacement for displacement :) :)

    • Simon

      Seriously, why would you want more power or gears in a Corolla? Would it make you buy one? I doubt it.
      It is what it is, vanilla motoring. Built for those that only want A to B. The best thing Toyota can do is make it more fuel efficient.

  • Jabba the Hut

    Wow that centre console is aweful. I am also at a loss as to why they are still using a 4 speed auto. This company claims to be innovative. Not. Yet another Crapolla to put make me drousy when I see it.

    • gt6

      I remember going to the ’05 Sydney motor show and laughing at the Mk111 Avalon sitting under a banner stating “innovative”. Massaged early 90’s platform with some basic safety features of the 00’s. Their marketing targets people who have absolutely no idea of what is actually “fresh” on the market. This shows nothing has changed in their mindset from their HQ. Their time at the top is severly shortend as a far more Tech-savvy generation is coming through who will expect far more than what this company is currently offering compared to it’s competitors.

  • milobob

    Pft. Where is the CVT Toyota? And what? 102kw? 189nM torque? What is this nonsense?!?

    Caradvice, You mention this: Ultima and Conquest score seven airbags as standard while the Conquest gets just two, with sides and curtains optional.

    I think you mean Ascent. Also later on I believe its the Ascent with those packs as the Conquest should come with them standard?

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au Tim Beissmann

      Spot on milobob. A bit of Corolla confusion from me. Amended now.

  • david jones

    woo hoo thats the most exciting news I’ve heard all day 4 speed auto right up to date Toyota!! The bowls club will be bursting with envy. hey I’ve got the new 2 litre engine and it has 2kw more wow!!!

  • Realcars

    One more time for the dummies!!!

    Buy a Lancer.

    • vid_ghost

      or a mazda 3

      • vti07

        Can’t wait for the SKY engines from Mazda to come out.

      • Andrew

        Or a Cruze

        • Stoney!

          Agreed buy a diesel Cruze instead, heaps more power, a 6 speed auto. Much nicer interiors and roomier to boot. Less bland looking too don’t ya think!

          Lancers are feral inside with hard plastic so no thanks.


  • Able

    A whole new engine and a whole TWO kWs more! WOW! Seriously impressive, this car will be the new thing around Eastwood (they’re very popular)! The front is just a Camry…

    Keep it, give me something with value, a Lancer! Or even a Cruze! Or a bus, that’d be nicer!

    • Nick

      For cars lover buy high spec BMW, Merc, ie if you can afford; else Toyota Corolla 2010 Ultima (with its luxuray level) is unbeatable in its range; and dont need to worry (for many many years or) till you can afford the real good ones.

  • matt

    3RZ, same family as the Hilux Hiace 2.7L ???

  • The Truth

    I think they’ve improved the looks quite a lot. But I agree on the power issue. Should be at least 110kw…

    But lets face it, no one buys corollas’ for their speed.

    • Jabba the Hut

      Why do they buy them? I am seriously baffled why people continuosly pay too much for the most inferior car in this class. Is it stupidity? Plain ignorance? Clever marketing?

      • Hyundai45

        just plain stupidity,

        • Lukaas

          yeah call people who buy corollas stupid.

          its like like calling people who buy hyundais cheap skates.

          Corolla buyers are actually the boring type who are conservative with money. They tend to buy cars for reliability and not for flashiness, cars are crap investment… yeah sounds like an uneducated bunch.

      • The Other Brad

        Because they’re “the world’s most popular small car”. They sell based on the sales that have come before. Brand image is a strong thing 😉

      • Simon

        I thought it was obvious, reliability and price.
        Think of who will buy this car. They don’t care for 6 speaker stereos, fancy transmissions, high performance or the latest gadgetry. They want to know every time they turn the key they will get where they need to. They do want to know it won’t cost a lot to run and has a wide service network.

        • Jabba the Hut

          Did you say price? They are overpriced.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=669447569 Kinson Cheng

            Yea? Compare to what? Find me a better equipped car for 20k (Ascent) for someone with a tight budget.

            Like Simon said, people that buys Corolla doesn’t care about all the flashy stuff, it’s all about reliability, running cost and resale value!

  • pirakavezok

    Engine capacity increases by 12% but power goes up by only 8% and this is mated to a 4 speed auto gearbox. Toyota, you are kidding us. For some reason, this car company is regressing while others are progressing. As a Toyota owner, I feel insulted.

    Anti-spam word : Hyundai. Yes, the car company that is clearly moving forward, every single day.

  • toxic_horse

    I see it still has that ridiculous dash/console thing does nothing but removes even precious interior space from a already cramped area.

  • vti07

    I think Toyota have underclocked the motor (maybe save the power upgrades for the all new model. I know they can do (much) better…

  • AAA

    Why not get the Mazda3 Neo base model. It comes with 6 airbags inc curtain airbags, switchable stability/traction control, cruise control and metallic paint at no extra cost. It has 2.0L as standard (1.8L on the Corolla Ascent and Conquest) and the auto is a 5 speeder (same 5 speed unit as the Mazda6 and CX-7, so it is one tough unit). Furthermore the rear suspension of the Mazda3 is multi-link and fully independent unlike the rear beam on the Corolla. I sound like a Mazda salesman lol

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=669447569 Kinson Cheng

      Well if you compare base corolla (ascent) to Mazda 3 (Neo), there is no doubt that Mazda is better equipped, BUT it comes with a higher price tag.

      95% of Corollas sold are ascent, it’s obvious that ppl that buys corolla doesn’t care about all the flashy stuff on the Mazda 3.

      Plus, when I test drove the 3, the leg room at the back is RIDICULOUS! Corolla has heaps more rooms at the back, at least double

      • V8 Mate

        Sorry but the Corolla is only for people who believe in the Toyota marketing and ten year old reliability myth…..Why anyone even worries how much power or gears these things have boggles me. If you want a proper car go and but an FPV Falcon and be done with it.

  • Bob

    While this 2.0l is new for Australia it is old else where. Japan and Europe get a new 2.0 with valvematic technology which produces 116kWs and 196Nms (not used in Corolla/Auris but other models) or in the Corolla/Auris a 1.8 valvematic with 106kW and 176Nms. These use CVT.

    I can only assume Australia will get these new engines and transmissions (or new versions) when an all new Corolla is due which would still be 3 years away. I don’t understand why Toyota can’t update engines/transmissions within a cars lifecycle.

    Im surprised the Ascent sedan do not have side airbags as standard considering it is standard on the Ascent hatch.

    • Hyundai45

      new corolla 3 years away!?


      never knew that, that’s good news to me lol

      • Bob

        Well considering that the corolla came out in 2007 one can only assume it is 3 years away if the lifecycle is 6years.

        I think the next three years is going to be difficult for the corolla with so many better more advance rivals in the market. The 3 is already outselling it and the i30 has in one or two months this year. When the Australian cruze comes along the corolla has very little hope (not to mention the Focus which will be here next year).

    • Toyota Guru

      Bob I was going to post the same thing. Toyota Australia, where is the Valvematic engines?!?

    • Golfschwein

      Way, way back, the rumour was that a Holden boss was overheard saying ‘We design down for the Australian market’.

      When you have a look at the cars sold here, the attitude that Australia can have metallic black, grey, silver or dark blue with a grey interior and 4 speed auto is still rife. Toyota enjoys playing it as much, probably more, as the others.

  • mark

    That 2lt is pathetic…..Our 2007 civic produces 103kw from a 1.8?

    i agree with who ever it was bring back the sportivo corolla and style it as well as the AE112R

    • Stoney!

      Yeah and how hard do you have to rev it for the V-tech to kick in to get a slice of that power lol. Wouldn’t surprise me if the corolla still has more power at lower rpm. Not defending the Corolla by any means but, civic… LOL!


  • AAA

    The 2.0L is only for the $31,490 Corolla Ultimate. The Ascent and Conquest still get the same 1.8L.

  • j

    The corolla line died after the AE series powered by the 4A and 7A engines.

    Unless Toyota sells the 3.5L AWD Blade Master G (Corolla Seca in Japan) here, I don’t care about the Corolla anymore.

    • maximark

      They are going to bring the AWD Blade to Australia soon.

      • Bob

        I’ve also heard about the Blade possibly coming here. However whether it will be the 2.4l or 3.5l, we’ll have to see. Either way I doubt it will be AWD. In Japan the 3.5l only comes in FWD.

      • The Other Brad


        • maximark

          This info was from an article in The West Australian Motoring a few weeks ago.

          • The Other Brad

            Ta, time to look about.

  • aurion lover

    Once again the mighty toyota moves to the forefront with an updated coronary .

    And people have the audacity to say golf/jetta interiors are boring , this is the worst on any car sold in OZ .

    That grill looks suspiciously like an imprezza

    • Stoney!

      I wouldn’t call Golf or Jetta’s interiors boring. What they are is inoffensive, comfortable, and sophisticated looking at night.

      This just looks cheap and nasty, the plastics over the glove box and the like look rock hard like in the pathetic yaris.

  • sandy stone

    Iam patiently waiting at the nursing home for comment from the guru “CAMRY LOVER ” , is this my next car or not .

  • Hung Low

    Exterior – Woeful
    Interior – Nasty
    Drive train – Outdated
    Handling – Crap
    Image – non existing

    Why do these sell at all is boggling enough! Obviously Corolla owners have a lot in common with sheep!

    • JooberGTi

      Brand awareness = no competition.

      Toyota is massive in terms of brand and thats what sells, it pays to actually sponsor alot of things. As someone else mentioned a majority of the population don’t give a crap about cars whatsoever, and will buy on the conservative, reliable notion.

    • Simon

      The same reason Commodore sells so well.

  • Ad

    Still ugly, 6 airbags not standard and a 4 speed auto. Why would anyone buy this when the Mazda 3 ticks all boxes. The Lancer and Civic are also better, maybe even the Cruze time to step up Toyota.

  • Gene

    Hey, flat bottom steering wheel! Very sporty!

  • m2m

    Gotta admit though, Corolla’s do have the smoothness factor. Probably because they’re too slow to do anything crazy in it. But i’d take one over a… Tiida? lol

  • Anthony

    The Corolla is so disapointing.Boring to look at,dull to drive,no image at all.
    I was going to buy the new Ultima,but deceided to rather upgrade,and spend a few thousand more on a new Accord Euro.
    What a diffirence,I LOVE LOVE LOVE this car.
    Could not LOVE LOVE LOVE a Corolla…

    Even the Volkswagen Jetta base model is far more desirable.

    • AAA

      As long as u’re happy ~


        for less than the price of the base model ascent and you can fit into the car I suggest a Fiesta LX OR ZETEC while they are still being built in Germany.Yes I am aware they are one size smaller but wow At least it ain’t no granny car.Don’t make the same mistake as me and do what I did four years ago and buy a Tiida.the resale values on those are crap

  • pirakavezok

    and Toyota has the audacity to call it an “upgrade”…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1435885244 Yani Hendriawan

    when i hear facelift i think hm… so the guys that designed the corolla failed and thought hey, let’s just stick a bigger engine in there and make it look prettier. it doesn’t work.

    they release a car. us > “it’s kinda ugly”. hey let’s give it a facelift. instead of a facelift just fire the damn guy that designed it and hire someone new

  • Lukaas

    The hatch just looks so much better…. the sedan s pointless I think.

    Atleast the hatch has that “youthful” look, that the under 30s (females mainly) are attracted to.

    The sedan, is petty much for people who want something smaller than the Camry….

  • Paul

    The corolla is just crap, had one for 2 weeks while car was being repaired, found it uncomfortable, to much hard plastic and a lot of tyre noise, fuel economy poor for a small car. My AUIII is a lot more comfortable.

  • phase3

    people do (and will continue to) buy toyota’s because they don’t care about driving. all they want is a car that they know (think?) will still be running without a problem a few years from now.

    toyota have built and maintained their reputation for reliability and that’s all a lot of people see. proof of that is that toyota australia was pretty much untouched by all the problems that toyota had recently.

    when i see a toyota, i don’t see a stupid person, just someone who couldn’t care about driving dynamics, just (perceived) rock-solid reliability.

    • yowza

      Thats true for most of it.

      People here who bags on the Corolla just dont get it…

      They force their own taste to the majority..

      IF SPORTY, GREAT HANDLING, POWERFUL CARS are ideal as daily vehicles…. then everyone will buy one… But no, sports cars are niche market.

      There are millions of people in Australia alone, that travel around 600km a week for work…. imagine that on a 370Z…. it’ll cost you a fortune to maintain and not to mention, resale value takes a hit… on a Corolla on the other hand… you can put 1000kM a week and not feel bad about it..

      In the argument why Corolla out sells other “daily” drivers… its because Toyota (and Honda) are still the top 2 most reliable manufacturers out of Japan. Mazda has improved but still not as reliable… Nissan makes fun and exciting cars, but they are not on the same level as Toyota and Honda in terms of reliability.

      Whether you think Toyota’s image is “perceived” or “true”… the fact is…. they are and have been one of the most consistent manufacturers in terms of owner satisfaction globally…

      Yes Toyota Australia does need sporty cars to help their image.. but in Japan, Toyota is fine.

      In the next few years… these vehicles should come here.
      – Sporty Corolla (Japan model variant)
      – Sports Coupe (FT-86 variant)
      – New Aurion based sedan (Sportivo brand)
      – New vehicle to fall under the Yaris (i20 competitor)

      And the design/styling of the above vehicles are improved so that to compete aesthetically from Europes (VW) and other manufacturer’s current/future vehicle line ups.

  • phase3

    i don\’t think that comparing a corolla with the 370Z is a valid comparison.

    the problem with toyota is that their cars pale in comparison to other cars in the same class – drive a focus (even the end-of-life current model) and it’s miles ahead of the corolla, in terms of handling, ride etc.

    toyota also have seemed to stop caring about inovation, but more with a “just enough” mentality and relying on their admittedly brilliant marketing department.

  • Pizza the Hut

    I rented an Avis Corolla hatch last week and did about 800km in it through rural Victoria and Melbourne. The 1.8L was a little gutless for overtaking on the highway, so you really had to be extra careful with your judgement. It was something I really tried to avoid doing after the first time. The electric steering was quite lacking in feel, the handling was OK, but too much body roll, though the ride was quite good. Front seats were OK for a couple of hours driving at a time, but the back seat lacks room and the boot was quite small. Fuel economy was about 8.5L/100km according to the trip computer, certainly not fantastic. The space behind the centre console was really useless. Difficult to reach into and too small to hold anything larger than a phone or iPod, which you really need at hand anyway.

    If I was buying a car in this class, I would prefer to look at a Mazda3, a Focus, Golf or some of the others suggested. They all have better dynamics and more room wfor a big boofy bloke like me. When you take into account pricing and standard features, the Corolla doesn’t seem very competitive to me.

  • Schuss

    Hmm the 2.0L engine in the Clio gets 150kws. Gone are the days where Toyota were Technologically advanced.

    • idlebrain

      Do you know the price of 2.0 Clio?

      I would go for golf GTI or civic Type R rather than Clio 2.0

      Hang on, we are talking about the corolla which is under $30,000, right?

  • http://ozmazda.com ozmazda

    We can all bag it out but we know that it will have its followers and the Govo/Fleets will snap them up as well…
    If it came down to private buyer the Corolla will suffer..

  • Stoney!

    Wow, you get more power and torque than that out of the GM 1.4 turbo. Not to mention nicer interiors, in both Astra and cruze!


  • ridley

    Cant wait to get my hands on one, an extra 6 K for 2 more kw, and that trusty old 4 speed.

    so worth it! :(

  • Fenno

    I remeber in the 90’s that Mazda were faced with hardship and decided the way to go was complete conservatism until they could find their way again.
    Could this be the start of the same effect now that Toyota are showing some chinks in the armour?

  • Steve

    I recently test drove a 2010 Corolla (pre update). Compared to our 10 year old family Corolla and a few gadgets aside, I actually could not seen much difference! I gotta hand it to Toyota though – they sure are reliable!

  • Steve D

    I traded a 2001 corolla and the 2010 model is pathetic compared to the older better looking model. Far less storage space, boot on the hatch half the size of the 2001 model, very cramped inside the driver’s cabin, feels like driving a box with 4 wheels, absolutely no-where to put coins, CDs, and the two glove boxes are hard to reach and have minimal space. Assume it’s safer having the stability and traction controls but otherwise it’s slower and far less pleasant to drive – I miss our 2001 corolla big time. The speedometer is hard to read as is the orange illumated display which shows unintelligible useless info (eg average speed WTF ??). This new one is a total piece of KR@P !! As a hard core toyota buyer I hate it and am very disappointed!!

    • m2m

      This is why you testdrive…

  • dudu

    instead of comparing this and that, why not export Australian cars to Japan? otherwise shut your mouth, toyota build cars for people to drive not for play!

    oh i forgot you auschueilias don’t have your own car, the only holden is european car under general motors, being a country so reliable on wheels, what a shame.

    stay underneath and ride kangoroos, don’t drive cars anymore.

  • Dean

    Just a note that same website for a Holden Astra half the comments were on people complaining about problems they’ve had with the car. This forum has just complained about toyota being conservative and bland and over-hyped as to the quality of their cars. I’ll take the silence on problems as some indication that toyota deserve their reputation, or at least they don’t agitate their customers enough to make them complain on forums. Some more actual owner feedback would be appreciated.

  • Sami

    I am disappointed with all those comments about Corolla. It is fact, Corolla is not a sexy car like Mazda 3 or 2 series. And it doesn’t have the prestige name of Honda. However, years have proved Corolla stands out many ways, resale value, reliability, peace of mind etc. Corolla has a engine does +300.000km without any cough or oil burning like those sexy cars do. Well, it doesn’t have the power like Mazda. BUT, if you want power why play with these small cars. These are not built for power anyway. And if you have +$30 grant go and buy an old 1990-1996 Porsche 911 (964 or 966 if you are lucky). That will do the trick commodore driver only dream about it. It is all about you to decide what you want. I recently purchased a Corolla 2011. I bought this car for safety reasons but nothing else. So many things (including side airbags are standard now) hard to compare. If you are old (like me) you need two cars like I had. Porsche for a buzz and corolla for shopping. Don’t waste your money trying to get power with small cars.

    • Herb

      Couldn’t agree more – talk to an independent mechanic and 9/10 will tell you the Corolla is a winner, mainly because it doesn’t try to be too cute and innovative. Holden Cruse by contrast – oh dear, wait till what you hear in a year or too.

  • Sara

    having a 2nd hand  96 corolla for last 10 yrs  nearing 300k ,never let me down.
    Corolla all abt reliability and runnig cost. not for fun driving.