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While Ford has no plans to release the 2011 Ford Explorer in Australia, it’s a great sign of things to come for the American manufacturer.

We have also been keeping an eye on its development due to one of the powertrains being fitted to the vehicle.

The 2011 Ford Explorer will be released to the public with the same 2.0-litre turbocharged, directly injected, four-cylinder EcoBoost engine that will find its way into the 2011 Ford Falcon. Ford was also spied testing the 2.0-litre EcoBoost engine in the Ford Territory, although it has made no plans or announcements regarding its availability.

The following Computer Generated Image (CGI) gives you a great idea of what the 2011 Ford Explorer will look like when it’s released closer to the end of this year.

Expected to share Land Rover’s Terrain Response traction control system, the Explorer will use a unibody construction to greatly reduce weight. The weight reduction is expected to yield fuel economy gains, making a smaller 2.0-litre engine capacity more realistic.

What do you think about the 2011 Ford Explorer? Would you like to see it sold alongside the Territory?

Illustration by Josh Byrnes.

  • Valet Dabess

    i think they could have made it look better. it looks ok


    The front is all Ford Edge.

    • nik

      the style is all range rover, the front is the only thing that lets it down and this is coming from a ford fan :(

  • Martin

    I think they could make it look a little more aggressive with the headlights, but yeah, it looks alright.

  • Bundy

    Me thinks they have just put the front from the ford fusion concept on a explorer ???

  • Tony M

    The question is not whether the Ford Explorer will be sold next to the Territory but whether the frontal and rear features of the Explorer will be copied onto the Territory?

  • Shak

    Well it looks much better than the current one. But i think if they sell this here it may steal tezza sales as many soccer mums like to look like they are driving American tanks and not our sophisticated Aussie battlers.

  • HNC

    I think they could sell side by side if the Territory stays as AWD and RWD as the Terrain Response system is a true 4WD system and by all accounts the Territory is not capable for this due to suspension etc, one of the best handling on roaders but off road is a different story.

  • Marc

    Ford should just have built/imported the Tezza into the US and re-badged it as the Explorer. We all know that its the superior product.

  • Reckless1

    The Yanks are going to swarm all over this – until they discover a 2400kg vehicle only has a 2.0 engine….

    • JLS

      Yea and its going to get 28 MPG.

  • AB

    I have always liked Explorers but am disappointed this new one is switching to Front Wheel Drive.

    I dont get FWD in large cars, especially SUV’s!

    • Smithy

      AB, this will NOT be FWD. I dont know where you got that miss-infirmation from (or just BS trolling?)

      Anyway, I was of the understanding that whilst Explorer IS inline for Ecoboost, it is infact the 3.5 liter(sic) V6 version NOT the 2.0 4 cyl.

      Someone at C/A needs to check this article for accuracy.

      • AB

        Yes all reports are suggesting it will be a FWD or AWD layout as per rivals like the Kluger (Highlander)

        This would make sense as all US products planned to use the 3.5 Ecoboost and 2.0 Ecoboost are to be Front Wheel Drive or AWD!

        NO BS Trolling form me mate, particularly sinse we have owned Explorers!

        Check your facts next time

        • Smithy

          OK checked again. 2011 Explorer based off Taurus platform.
          (Was thinking that was the “Edge” and Explorer was still different).

          (And AB, sorry to jump to conclusions, but you know how it is with some of the trolls on here).

      • Andrew M

        Explorer will be inline for the 2.0L ecoboost.

        If you look up the ecoboost motor as an item itself the explorer has always been said to be getting the 2.0L

  • Sketchy

    It looks fantastic, an huge improvement on the outgoing Ford Explorer and it could definitely supplement the Territory.

  • Long Live the Load lugger

    I think the T6 Everest would be a better option, the current one based on the Ranger is not a bad truck, it would better built and better off road.

    More stories about wagons horray!

  • Nick

    doesn’t look the greatest and the quality will probably be pretty low, and it will probably drive like a truck, but hey, i still want one, i also think holden should reintroduce the suburban and bring over the vauxhall insignia.

    territory is good but is ageing badly. interior is still BA!

    i think the explorer is less soccer mum then the territory, more manly.

    • SemperFi


      Suburban and Explorer certainly have a big market down under!

      Territory’s design was a up-sized Escape with poor interior. We do need some more reliable and tough looking FULL SIZE SUVs on our road!

  • http://bugatti marshmallow

    Hope they sort out the handling this time round , what a wallowing whale the last one was , yes i know the yanks love it , but not down under , the terry creams this .

  • Matt

    We may not be getting the 2011 one , but I’d say the chances on getting the next one as a Territory replacement are pretty good

  • Rickster

    The updated Territory will probably adopt some of the family styling cues eg door recesses etc from the new Explorer sothe transition to local versions of the Taurus and Explorer in 4-5 years time will be smooooth! What if Ford Australia became the centre for RHD versions of these vehicles then. Depends on the Oz dollar situation I suppose.

  • israel

    eu esse carro lindo

  • israel


  • Luce

    Paint in camouglage and it will look like an army vehicle

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    This is the first Ford vehicle I have owned in over 20 years, but it will not be the last. Because of the experience with my Explorer, I just replaced my GM pickup with a new Ford.

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    Truck is strong in every way, styling,performance, fit and finish, comfort, and handling.